The World’s Best Towels

Scents & Feel handmade Fouta Herringbone With Two Stripes
Yoshii Linen Border Towel
Coyuchi's Air Weight Bath Towel
Frette’s Superb Bath Towel
Hästens Blue Check Bath Towel
Restoration Hardware’s 802-Gram Turkish Bath Towel
Ralph Lauren’s Palmer Towel

Recently, a hairstylist told Emily that her double-processed hair would have a better chance at survival if she dab-dried it with paper towels. But, being good, environmentally-conscious millennials, that factoid spurred an in-office conversation about what kinds of fabric towels would be gentlest on your head, and furthermore, which towels were the best in general?

Towels should be a luxurious experience! They're the swaddling blankets that take you from the womb of your shower into the cold, cold world of your apartment/house. Wrapping myself in a towel is a ritual I so enjoy that I’ve been known to spend as much to an hour post-shower luxuriating in what I refer to as "Towel Time." So, testing weight, grams per meter (the towel equivalent of thread count), durability, absorbency, and general good looks, I found the best towels on the market. Try some, if only because it may be the most action your naked body sees all week.


Most Versatile: The Scents & Feel handmade Fouta Herringbone With Two Stripes towel's chic, clean, classic hamam design gets my vote of confidence for the bathroom, the beach (it's 6.5 feet long), or under an Ariel Dearie floral arrangement on your kitchen table.

Best for Hair: The insanely lightweight cotton/linen blended the Yoshii Linen Border Towel features one smooth, striped side, backed with white terry on the other side, and is without a doubt the most absorbent and fastest-drying towel I’ve ever used. It’s among the home accessories that give Japan its reputation for good design, and it weighs about as much as a single seaweed snack, so if you’re going to wrap your hair up, this would be the towel to use.


Most Amiable Towel: Comprised of 550 grams per square meter of environmentally friendly and responsibly produced organic cotton, Coyuchi's Air Weight Bath Towel probably possesses the smallest footprint you'll come across in home linens. It's even designed to dry quickly in your dryer. That being said, it doesn't sacrifice on quality, i.e. it's as nice to your body as it is to nature.

Most Likely to Grow Old WithFrette’s Superb Bath Towel is a stalwart midweight that you'll only need to invest in once in your lifetime, because unless your dog eats it, or your washing machine goes haywire, this 100% cotton terry towel will probably outlive you. Not to mention that these are the ones that outfit the bathrooms at the Carlyle, the Ritz, and the Pierre.

Most Likely to be in Charlotte and Trey’s Apartment: Hästens Blue Check Bath Towel. The Swedish manufacturer of upper crust horsehair mattresses (on my bucket list of Things to Pine For) has just dropped a towel line in its signature navy and white plaid. This a nonverbal signal to in-the-know guests of what you may or may not have going on under the sheets (spoiler: I do not have a Hästens mattress). The mid-border loop for easy door-hook hanging doesn’t hurt either.


Most Undercover Luxe: The first time I ever tried Restoration Hardware’s 802-Gram Turkish Bath Towel, I was visiting a friend’s family home, and felt so pampered and glamorous that I made a mental note to build a home of my own around towels like this later in life. Then I saw that it was from Restoration Hardware and made another mental note to buy immediately. Check that off the life list. #DreamBig #Blessed

Most Likely to be Worn The Longest: Ralph Lauren’s Palmer Towel is thick. It’s thirsty. It’s plush like a Furby. It’s HUGE (if you get the Body Sheet). You will not want to take it off. And it's warm enough to wear to bed, so go for it.

—Mackenzie Wagoner

Photos by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Talia

    Lands End Towels are also great and guaranteed for life. Plus your mom will get them monogrammed and give them to you for Chanukah.

  • marshmellows

    thank you!!

  • Lilly

    I love all the Rikumo face towels. Since I got them, I have never reached for any other face towel. They are so soft and perfect to take my cleanser off! Completely worth the money. They stay perfect even after months of washing them.

  • Teckie

    What a unique post. I have to say... I'm tempted to try the paper towel thing if it really means no breakage!

    • hollan

      The best to keep down breakage/ wrap your hair in a man's cotton t-shirt. (guessing womans would work/ I steal my "hero's" ) Started doing this and it works...Who knew?

  • Sarah

    It's all about the washing! Fluffy towels are made in the spin dryer :) I'm always disappointed if a hotel towel isn't up to scratch!


  • lolauren

    Oh my love this! I'm getting married and spent way too long attempting to find the best towels for the registry...and now I may need to overhaul the list again. There is nothing more luxurious than a great towel.

  • ThoughtsofGlam

    towels are such an over-looked product. But I think when you find the right one, you realize what you'd been doing wrong all those years buying the sub-par ones from target.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I always dry my hair with an old 100% cotton t-shirt in a men's XL. Makes a great wrap, leaves my hair damp dry, and never causes extra frizz.

  • Jorge

    If you had to buy one.. Would you buy hastens ? Frette? Restoration hardware? Or coyuchi?

  • AK

    can you do a post on the world's best sheets? :)

  • Rebecca

    Check out doga towels! They are the softest, most naturally antimicrobial and beautiful towels on the market.

  • Liz

    Check out lunasidus towels. They have best 100% Turkish Cotton


Scents and Feel Herringbone Fouta Towel
Yoshii Linen Border Towel
Coyuchi Air Weight Bath Towel
Frette Superb Bath Towel
Hästens Blue Check Bath Towel
Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware Turkish Bath Towel
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren Palmer Towel