The Best Sports Bras

Under Armour ‘Armour’ Sports Bra
Calvin Klein Modern Racerback Bralette
Adidas Seamless Bra in Slime
Lucas Hugh Ion Sports Bra
Anita International Extreme Control Sports Bra

Sports bras are an unfortunate, slightly uncomfortable requirement when it comes to female fitness. A few reasons to invest in one: you went to the gym to work out, not to have men stare at your Kate Upton-esque jiggle while you try your best to conquer the StairMaster; your boobs need to be flattened and contained so they don't get in the way of the upward motion as you pump your iron; because any sort of bouncing activity (jumping jacks, treadmills, pot-holes while biking...) causes pain, and holding your arm against your chest while your trainer yells at you to “double speed for 30 seconds!” looks and feels plain ridiculous; and, lastly, because none of us want saggy boobs when we’re older (the painful tightness of sports bras helps prevent ligament damage). So, sports bras, we begrudgingly welcome you into our lives. But with endless but often uninspiring options out there, what to choose? Some picks below:

1. Under Armour ‘Armour’ Sports Bra: For the ladies with larger breasts, or even those on the smaller side that tend to participate in “high impact” exercises (running, biking, aggressive team sports), give this Under Armour bra a shot. It has a higher neckline to downplay cleavage, removable cups to avoid high-beam nipples, and a hook-and-eye closure for easy, no-sweat-in-your-face removal.

2. Calvin Klein Modern Racerback Bralette: Truthfully, this is more about fashion than function. A great option if you want to channel ‘90s Moss and Mark(y-Mark) in your low impact—yoga, Pilates, horizontal running—workout, or if you just bought some overalls and want some less-than-a-crop-top, but more-than-a-traditional-bra coverage.

3. Adidas Seamless Bra in Slime: Because neon is the greatest. Seriously, everyone looks better with neon against their skin. And when you’re staring in the mirror trying to perfect your posture during squats, looking good certainly will help with the embarrassment we all feel while doing squats. (Does anyone not feel like a total fool doing squats?)

4. Lucas Hugh Ion Sports Bra: Another option suited for a lower-impact sport—maybe with the warmer weather, you’ve decided to take up long walks in the countryside with your adorably large Irish Wolfound in tow—a bra with a bit of flair will be a welcome change among the many black options we all have stuffed in the backs of our bra drawers.

5. Anita International Extreme Control Sports Bra: Here comes another one designed for bigger-busted beauties. Has anyone else tried the double-up bra option—you know, wearing a normal bra under your sports bra to help ease the bounce? This bra is built for maximized support and will keep your boobs snug without squashing them so badly that breathing becomes difficult. Jeez, the things us women have to deal with.

—Elizabeth Brockway

Photo courtesy of Patta.

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  • Claire

    Perfect post - I've been begrudgingly researching sports bras recently. Your prevention of saggy boobs reasoning has given me the final push I needed.

  • Emma Hager

    I really like the thin-strapped ones that can be found at Target. I actually prefer them to ones made my major sport brands like Adidas and Nike.

    • Vivian Darkbloom

      Agreed! They're so cheap and comfortable, and they look pretty cute (the ones I like best look a lot like that Adidas one).

  • Prince & Sullivan

    Never thought a sports bra could look so cool!



  • Colleen Garrity

    I know Lululemon gets a lot of hate, but they have some FANTASTIC and simple sports bras, and they're stylish enough to wear as sporty crops.

    • cmunro

      The TaTaTamer by Lululemon is great for the bustier set. Of all the ones mentioned, I would say it's most similar to the UnderArmour one.

  • kathS

    um yeah, ordering that calvin klein :I

  • Colleen, Alix

    Thank you for nice post, sport bras are really important and can be pretty! Agree w/ Emma I exercise everyday and my best sport bras are from Target!!!

  • Laura Brasinha

    Having a somewhat big pair, I super recomend Panache Sport Bra. It's a tad expensive, but good Lord! It holds the ladies like nothing else without putting them inside my ribcage

  • Misia Galka

    The Calvin Klein bra was my first ever bra, had them in black and white. I'm on the hunt for a good sports bra, will check out the target ones that the other girls mentioned. At a 32c I don't need something super supportive or expensive. I've also seen some really cute/functional ones at Winners/TJ Maxx, they always carry good workout clothes for a lot less.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I did a post on sports bras over at my blog. I used to be a fit tester for Nike and we compared a lot of other bras to theirs. I'm a DD+ category tester and I can tell you after Nike scrapped their prototype the next best was the Panache bra. If you have bigger boobs, you need that bra!

    • Sasha

      As someone who wears 28GG, I agree! The Panache is the best! These other sports bras that don't come in real bra sizes just don't work for me because the band is too loose. Having a natural "drop" to my boobs mean those bras don't work!

  • Venusian*Glow

    No mention of the Panache Sport? It is available till a H cup.

  • Amelie

    You did a Mistake, the picture of Karlie Kloss has been made by Gilles Bensimon and not David Sims, in Saint Barth ;)

  • Cat

    I personally adore the berlei electrify sports bras!


Under Armour
Under Armour 'Armour' Sports Bra
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Modern Racerback Bralette
Adidas Seamless Bra
Lucas Hugh
Lucas Hugh Ion Sports Bra
Anita International
Anita International 'Extreme Control' Sports Bra