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Amazing Restaurant Bathrooms

Vanity Nightclub, Las Vegas
The Publican, Chicago
The Hunter S, London
Sea Circus, Bali
Michael's, Santa Monica
Morimoto, NYC
Ned Ludd, Portland
Gitane, San Francisco
Maggie's, London
Hinoki and The Bird, Century City
Chez Spencer, San Francisco
Barbecoa by Jamie Oliver, London
The Breslin Bar and Dining Room at Ace Hotel, NYC
Hiltl, Zürich
Australasia, Manchester
New Heights, Shanghai
Earl's Kitchen and Bar, Toronto
Jimbo & Rex at Crown Casino, Melbourne
The Forge, Miami
Little Nonna's, Philadelphia
Club Sugar, Santa Monica
Canlis, Seattle
Gold Rush Steakhouse at the Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo
wd~50, NYC
Intercontinental Mayur Vihar, New Delhi
Smith and Mills, NYC
Hermitage Hotel, Nashville

Don’t you love the surprise you get when you’re at a new restaurant and you take a trip to the ladies’ room to find that it's not gross? Pleasant, even? You're greeted with the delightful smell of a great scented candle, and the hand soap turns out to not only be non-generic, but Aesop? It always makes me take note, and a little reluctant to return to my table. From Molton Brown hand products to mints and heated towels (and sometimes even just reliable locks), it’s easy to make a mark with the little details. That said, it’s the grander elements that really give some washrooms wow factor. It’s difficult to beat a toilet with a skyline view, but no matter where in the world a restroom is, if it's beautifully designed from the sconces to the floors, you're more likely to take your time reapplying lipstick.

—Katherine Cotter

Katherine Cotter is a NYC-based home and garden consultant.

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  • Shirin

    I have a thing with finding nice toilets too. The toilets in terminal 21, Bangkok. Thailand. There's different major city themes for each level!!

    • Savannah

      Thailand can have some of the coolest bathrooms, but also some of the worst! Haha

  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    The bathroom at Nopi London is a veritable (tiny) funfair hall of mirrors - to the point where it becomes rather confusing working out if there's a toilet behind the mirror you're looking at or not! And the bathroom at the Lansdowne Club is a total old school powder room, a la The Women (original version, thank you) with sit down vanity tables and chairs.

    • Victoria

      Agree with NOPI!

  • Lauren

    Cool post! I was looking for the picture of the Boom Boom Room bathrooms at the Stamdard Hotel in NYC. I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked into the stall and found a floor to ceiling sky-high view of all of NYC - truly memorable.

  • Thu

    BangBang in San Diego!

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    There is another cool one in Portland at Sinju. It's a sushi place with a cool bar in the Bridgeport Village area. It's similar to the one in Santa Monica and Morimoto.

  • Liz M

    Have been to the Hunter S, such a cool pub! There's pictures of naked men hung on the ladies' loos hehe. All rather tongue in cheek. You missed out the best toilets, however- Sketch in London! Futurtastik space egg heaven

  • Pshaws corner

    There's a bathroom in this restaurant in Korea where each stall is about the size of a room and contains a couch as well as a vanity and flat screen TV hahaha

  • Chloe

    The bathrooms in Sketch, London are like something from A Space Odyssey!

  • mlle p

    Every room at the Madonna Inn is trippy, not just the bathrooms. Well worth a stop if you're anywhere near there.

  • Putricaya

    Sketch London.

  • SWF77

    Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires.

  • Kim

    Bang Bang in San Diego has a bathroom wallpapered entirely in photos of Ryan Gosling. There always seems to be a line for that one....


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