Wedding Bands For All!

Elizabeth Brockway
Catbird Classic Wedding Band
Piaget Possession Wedding Ring
Eva Fehren Diamond & Blackened Gold Zipper Band
Love, Adorned Vintage Ornate Gold Band
Ileana Makri Eternity Ring

I’m not getting married any time soon—unless I find myself the damsel in distress in a real life rom-com scenario. Maybe I’ll meet the guy during my new weekend activity: rock climbing. I’ll climb the wall, get stuck, and he’ll grunt his way up to save me. Swoon, married. Or perhaps I’ll find myself inexplicably in love with my best friend after years of knowing each other—roll credits! Neither of these seem close to likely, much to my mother’s chagrin (there’s not a lot of saving going on at Brooklyn Boulders, and my best friend is gay, so...). But just because my love life might be lacking, must my jewelry selection suffer? Why should the legally wed hold a monopoly on the most delicate, simple, and unassuming finger adornments? Even though I may not be heading down the aisle in the near future, I’m thinking of investing in my very own not-wedding band.

1. Catbird Classic Wedding Band: Let’s start with the basics. While a classic wedding ring worn on that particular finger may deter potential suitors, the simple metallic band shouldn’t be reserved solely for those enjoying marital bliss. Stack two together to further remove yourself from the typical usage.

2. Piaget Possession Wedding Ring: Diamonds. What girl doesn’t like diamonds? An added benefit: the ring spins. Maybe this will be the glamorous cure to my incessant knuckle cracking. Sparkly fingers crossed.

3. Eva Fehren Diamond & Blackened Gold Zipper Band: I’m back to diamonds. Sorry. But how cool is this ring?

4. Love, Adorned Vintage Ornate Gold Band: Going vintage is a great way to get jewelry with a bit of personality and a story (whether you know it or not).

5. Ileana Makri Eternity Ring: April—the month of my birth—is just around the corner, and how lovely it would be to receive a gift comprised of my birthstone: diamonds. This ring is great because it's a bit less polished—literally and metaphorically.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Cecily

    Love it!

  • Kattttt

    They're lovely. On the other hand, I dislike actual wedding bands on actual wedded hands quite vehemently. A bit too much conservatism and 'supposed to', not enough fun and aesthetic consideration...


    I love the one by Ileana Makri, they're all beautiful though!

  • Anonymous

    I hope you're not wearing rings while you're climbing, a degloved finger will ruin rings for you for a long time. Once you find a ring, what you really want is a nice necklace to keep your rings on and tuck into your shirt (perfect excuse to buy a necklace too!) while you're climbing.


Catbird Classic Wedding Band
Piaget Possession Wedding Ring
Eva Fehren
Eva Fehren Diamond & Blackened Gold Zipper Band
Love Adorned
Love, Adorned Vintage Ornate Gold Band
Ileana Makri
Ileana Makri Eternity Ring