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The New NARS Matte Multiple

NARS Matte Multiple in Laos
NARS Matte Multiple in Siam
NARS Matte Multiple in Anguilla
NARS Matte Multiple in Anguilla
NARS Matte Multiple in Exumas
NARS Matte Multiple in Siam
NARS Matte Multiple in Exumas
NARS Matte Multiple in Laos
NARS Matte Multiple in Siam
NARS Matte Multiple in Siam

Shimmer is a divisive topic. Haters can spot even the faintest opalescence from a mile away; proponents dust, dab, or paint it on with the puckish enthusiasm of a kindergartner. When it comes to sparkle in makeup—glitter, pearl, gleam, fairy dust—there’s nothing quite like direct, unbridled sunlight to separate the men from the boys. Or, more rather, the “haves” from the “have nots”. And sometimes, a have not is a great thing. This is that time.

NARS’ latest addition to their stable of cult products, the Matte Multiple, is free and clear of shimmer. It’s a cream cheek-lip stick that, when dabbed on with a finger, quite literally melts into skin, leaving a powdery, sheer finish. We know this because a few weeks ago we spent two days with four of the colors, some SPF, model Charlotte Carey and a backpack in Tulum, Mexico, as a sort of road-trip/test/romantic getaway to really get to know a product. (Nothing like traveling together to really test a relationship, right?) A bright poppy red called Siam was the perfect complement to a ‘90s Kate Moss-esque ivory knit slip dress we picked up from the shop at boutique hotel Coqui Coqui. Laos, a buildable, classic rose, became our throw-on-and-go staple, and the chalky bubblegum Anguilla was the perfect match for pastels (read: tunic and ocean).

But it was Exumas—a pinkish apricot that Charlotte dubbed her absolute favorite—that proved to be the most versatile, and also struck us as looking the most “now.” Whatever that means.

And in the place of shimmer, after a morning of yoga, lunch on the patio of Posada Margherita, and a walk under a 5 o’clock sun that gives off some of the most beautiful freaking light of anywhere in the world, there was just the subtlest sheen on the tops of cheekbones. The Matte Multiple: matte but not too matte; looks even better at the end of the day. Vitamin D not included.

Charlotte Carey photographed by Emily Weiss in Tulum, Mexico on January 17th, 2014, in collaboration with NARS. Dress and tunic from Coqui Coqui; Jewelry by Inez & Vinoodh.

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  • Isutave Isutave

    luv this piece....from a nars fans....xoxo isutave!

  • http://www.hanmedhatten.blogspot.com www.hanmedhatten.blogspot.com

    Lovely looks. i do love Nars cosmetics a lot

  • Lauren

    Not a bad gig!

  • Jane S

    They look beautiful. My problem with the multiples since their inception has been that they seem to disappear on my skin before I've finished my second coat of mascara. Even faster in warm humid weather. So is this formula longer lasting?

    • Teckie

      Jane, what colors have you tried? My favorite shade is Palm Beach. It's an amazing cream bronzer for the summer and stays forever with a light dusting of powder bronzer over the top. Maybe you just need to set it with something? I live almost year-round in major humidity so I feel your pain!

    • http://www.merradywickes.wordpress.com/ MissWix

      Dry skin tends to "eat" cream products, so make sure you're well moisturised. Conversely, very oily skin must set cream products with a powder, or they'll melt right off.

  • Lauren

    Which shade does she have on her cheecks in the first picture? I love the contrasting blond hair/dark roots with the olive skin :)

    • Abby

      Based on the adds in the sidebar, would appear to be Laos. I purchased all of these except Cappadoce (I'm fair) and they are AMAZING. Sephora has a video with Siam that is stunning.

  • Diana Gillean

    Okay, headed to sephora now :)

  • Jen

    Need this product! Will be heading to Sephora soon :)

  • lena

    Love these photos! Which color is which in the pictures?

  • http://insertwth.com/ Denisse

    This looks so nice! And I'm not even a blush kind of girl. I think I might have to check these out next time I head to Sephora.

  • Julia

    The shade Vientiane + a duo fiber brush = the most gorgeous, dewy, sun-child tan I've ever experienced.

  • http://nomadic-d.blogspot.com/ Nomadic D.

    Gorgeous. Holy crap she looks so beautiful. And I'm stoked that I pretty much have the same hair now! (http://bit.ly/1frexui) Now if I just buy that multiple I'm sure I'll look just like that stunning model. Right? Ha. Ha. But seriously, I'm totally enticed. I love most things Nars and I love the concept of the multiples, but in my experience they don't last very long on my skin. Wonder if the matte one is different? Will have to check it out. In spite of the fact that I'm pretty sure it won't make me magically supermodelesque ;)


  • http://lazygirlglam.com Thu

    these photos are marvelous!



  • http://nomadic-d.blogspot.com/ Nomadic D.

    Oh also, which shade is she wearing in these photos? So damn pretty...

    • ITGLacey

      She's wearing all of them, but the first pic is Laos!

      • murt

        Would be great if you could provide info on what shade she's wearing in each picture - she looks beautiful in all of them!

  • Katie

    Brilliant idea, test-driving products in places like Tulum. Charlotte and the photos are both gorgeous!

  • Rachel

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. That first shot is to die for. And where can I find those rings? I love the NARS Multiples, but so happy they are finally adding some matte options. I've never been a shimmer kind of gal.

  • Elle m

    Those are some gorgeous photographs.

  • Nicole B.

    Beautiful photos!

  • http://novelofabrain.blogspot.com/ Kelly McShane

    I have been on a total matte kick lately! Definitely joining the movement and trying this out :)

  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com/ Clever Girl Reviews

    These bronzers are really great on just about everyone except for us pale people. The blush ones work well on pale skin with a light touch though.

  • Guest

    Your photography is hitting peak here, really perfect

  • njanisch

    After reading this I went out and bought the 'exumas' color and I love it! I normally wear 'torrid' blush by Nars, so this was a great match/update to that. I've never worn a multiple before and have always been cautious because I am acne porn, but so far so good and the texture is great!

  • ikillplants

    This is potentially the only way to improve one of the best products ever invented, in my opinion. Mattifying the Multiple. Absolutely picking them up. Thanks, ITG for labeling the colors--Laos is gorgeous!

  • Sydney

    Gorgeous shoot. I am OBSESSED with her hair.

  • http://instagram.com/cherryredgirl Cherryredgirl

    Mmmmhhh!!! Interesting, I've never tried the multiples because of the shimmering but this one is intriguing me.
    I'll give it a try although creamy make up usually disappear on my skin, we'll see....

  • Jennifer

    I have been using NARS velvet matte pencil for cheek for years, finally they made a matte multiple!

  • http://www.thelipstickchannel.com/ Esther & Grace

    love products that multi-task like this one!

  • bambi

    it says at the bottom that the jewelry is from Inez & Vinoodh

  • Diarrha Ndiaye

    This was genius--marketing genius. And, yes, now I must try. Sold. Too bad #Tulum is not included.

  • http://4districtstyle.wordpress.com District Style

    I'm all about multitasking products, but are there any videos out there that show all the ways you can use The Multiple stick? A tutorial (like the YSL touche éclat one profiled a while back) would be really helpful here!

  • http://thinkincouture.com Alissa

    I'm loving the sound of this product and will def be trying in out!

  • Ilo

    So freaking pretty

  • Abby Kidwell

    Love this! I bought this is Siam over the weekend. Obsessed!

  • Roxanne Jeffers

    I LOVE multiples! i always leave one in my purse. Just bought another Nars one from here for less than 30$ :) Click on my link I get referal points! http://2via.me/jj3AmTj111 .


NARS Matte Multiple in Siam
NARS Matte Multiple in Laos
NARS Matte Multiple in Anguilla
NARS Matte Multiple in Exumas