Misty Copeland, Ballerina


“I’m a soloist for the American Ballet Theatre [ABT]. I was the first person in my family who was ever interested in dance, or fine art of any kind for that matter—I came from a very humble beginning in San Pedro, California. My family didn’t have very much money, so ballet wasn’t even on my radar; I just found it randomly when I was 13 at a Boys & Girls Club. We were practicing in a basketball court in gym clothes with some old socks on. Even though it terrified me at first, I found that I really liked it. The local ballet teacher that taught the class told me that she'd never seen someone so capable who hadn't any knowledge of dance, and then told me that I could be a professional. I remember, I actually laughed because I had no idea what that even meant. But I ended up moving in with her family and trained with them for three years. Then, when I was 16, I moved to Torrance, California to train at a more advanced studio, and by 19, I joined the American Ballet Theatre in New York. It all happened so fast—it was pretty unheard of that someone could train for so few years and become a professional at one of the most elite dance companies in the United States.

Finding ballet gave me passion for the first time in my life. I was always very shy and just wanted to fit in; I never day dreamed about what I wanted to be when I grew up. But dancing gave me a connection to my personality that made me grow. My mission became to bring dance to the modern generation. I never dreamed of being promoted to a soloist—or being a role model—but I started to get such positive feedback from the black community... I felt like I was representing them in the ballet world. Prince reached out to me [to perform with him], and we ended up working together for four years. He called me and was like, ‘I think you’re extremely gifted, and I love the fact that you’re a black woman and you’re doing all of these amazing things. I would love to work with you.’ We shot the video for his cover of Crimson and Clover. We performed at Madison Square Garden and all over Europe—it was an entirely different audience than the Metropolitan Opera House. That opened so many opportunities. Now, I’m publishing a memoir [Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina], and I have a contract with Under Armour. It’s mind-boggling.

But joining ABT also made me much more aware of my body and of my skin color. In 2001, I was the only black woman in a company of 80 dancers. I had never thought about that growing up, but I suddenly felt very rare and started worrying, ‘Am I going to make it?’ There had never been a black woman who was also a principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre. On top of that, I had to accept that it was OK to look like a woman and be a ballerina. I have breasts and a butt, which is not the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s aesthetic of the feminine, soft ballerina. Training is harder now, so our bodies are more athletic. It wasn't until I owned the fact that I was different that everything started to happen for me.

Every single day became about commitment. I dance every morning from 10:15 to 11:45, and rehearsals are from Tuesday through Saturday, from noon to seven. They say that if you miss a day of class, and it takes three days to get your body back to the way it was. I started learning how to eat for health—I can’t just drink soda and eat empty calories and still maintain a dancer’s body. I still eat whatever I want, it’s just about moderation. But I don’t eat red meat anymore—just fish.

I need to make sure to take care of my skin, too, because I’m almost never wearing makeup. I’ve been a Proactiv user since I was 19. I love it, but there’s something in it that bleaches my towels! Backstage, I use Neutrogena Makeup Wipes. And at night, I love Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask because it’s heavier than most moisturizers. I feel awful when I travel, so as soon as I get back to my hotel room, I put on Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask. It foams up and looks crazy, but when I’m done I feel really hydrated.

My everyday beauty routine is basically putting my hair in a bun and wearing lotion on my face. We wear so much makeup on stage that if we wore it during rehearsals, too, our skin would hate us. And the buns are pretty awful on our hair. We use so many bobby pins—it’s insane how many cases of bobby pins I have—and I get a lot of hair breakage. One trick I’ve learned is to use conditioner instead of hairspray to make my hair stay back—I use John Freida Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Conditioner, and also the Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Shampoo to wash it.

Since I’m usually not wearing any makeup, my eyebrows are the most important to me—they need to look good. I see Irina at John Barrett Salon to wax and tweeze them. She’s amazing. I had a panic attack when she had her first baby—I was like ‘When are you gonna be back?’ [Laughs] At home, I fill in my eyebrows with MAC Eye Brows in Spiked. It’s not very harsh. I tried eyebrow gel, but I realized I don’t need it. And gel can flake, too. But I always keep an eyebrow brush in my purse.

Sometimes I’ll use the eyebrow pencil as eyeliner. But really it’s about the lashes. On stage, I wear false lashes from Duane Reade—they’re the best false lashes I’ve found. If I’m going to a gala, I’ll use the thinner brown version, because they’re not as drag-queen-y and harsh. But if I’m just going out to dinner or something, I’ll put on Maybelline Full N’ Soft mascara. It’s very black.

On my skin, I wear Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Powder, and for bronzer, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in a few shades darker than my skin tone. I’ve been using MAC Powder Blush in Peachykeen for, like, 10 years. It’s my favorite. But I also love Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm for my lips and cheeks. I have every color, but Chunky Cherry Number 5 is my favorite. It’s what I’m wearing right now. Otherwise, I like neutral, natural colors on my lips, like Dior Addict Lipstick in Beige Dandy.

I swear by Crest Whitening Strips, too. They work! I use them very rarely, but I love them. I also moisturize my body like crazy. I like something simple like Olay Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin. And I have to keep everything shaved. I think some dancers wax, but for the most part we shave. My favorite razor is the Gillette Venus Embrace—it has this moisturizing gel built into it, which is nice because I don’t use shaving cream, just soap.

In terms of fragrance, I wear Polo Ralph Lauren for men. It’s pretty strong, but I love it. One of my dance partners was wearing it years ago, and I asked him what it was and I’ve been wearing it ever since. I keep Dove deodorant in my purse for when I’m in the studio for between-rehearsal touch-ups when I’m a little... ‘ew.’ [Laughs]

It’s funny, you would think that ballerinas must get a lot of pedicures and manicures, but we’re not allowed to wear polish on stage. Plus, we actually think of our calluses as trophies. We work so hard for them, we don’t want them taken away—they’re like armor. Just standing in pointe shoes hurts your feet like crazy, so imagine dancing in them for eight hours a day. I was trained to not wear padding in my shoes so that I could better articulate my toes, they bend to the shoes. I go through a pair of pointe shoes nearly every day. We can go through up to ten a week! When I finish a pair, I sign them and American Ballet Theatre sells them on their website."

—as told to ITG

Misty Copeland photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on February 9, 2014. Follow Misty on Twitter and Instagram. Buy her new memoir, Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina, on Amazon.

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  • http://brushandbullet.com Teresa @ BrushAndBullet.com

    It always blows my mind when they talk about the number of pointe shoes they go through. Incredible!

  • Bella

    Misty is living every little girl's dream, and she is obviously born to do it, because it really is unheard-of for a dancer to *start* at 13 and reach the top!. She's also a great natural beauty. Amazing what passion and doing what you love can bring you. I'm definitely checking out her book!

  • Natalie

    The thing that ITG does so incredibly well is the diversity of the women profiled here. I'd never heard of Misty but I loved reading this - and there's so many times I've read a great profile on here and thought exactly the same thing. I love that not everyone featured is 'Celebrity X' or 'It Girl Blah' or 'Urban Hipster Fashionista ABC'. Great job.

    • Kasia

      I totally agree. I'd never heard of Misty before but now I admire her.

  • stonecoldcuddlewhore

    As a former and long time dancer, the fact that she not only achieved her position not only as a woman of color but as someone who started dancing so late in life, never ceases to amaze me. And my GOD, if someone at ABT or NYCB had a body like that when I was young, I think it would have done wonders for many of us more muscular or busty (by ballet standards) ladies. So many barriers and look at her now. She's such an inspiration.

  • Coleen T

    She's my hero

  • kt mo

    i am so happy to see a dance artist on ITG i can hardly stand it. i'm a dancer and sometimes choreographer, and it's so easy to feel invisible in the realm of art and style/beauty (which is insane, because dance melds those 2 worlds like nothing else!)

    i don't even know that i can articulate myself fully right now, because i'm too touched. brb sending this link to everyone i graduated with and dance with. Thanks, ITG!

  • Mady

    Her story is pretty incredible, a testament to "it's never too late" and to the important role that the people who first recognize an individual's potential can play in his/her success. I'm in awe of this woman.
    The one thing that made me a bit grumpy reading this interview though were her comments equating looking like a "woman" to having "breasts and a butt". She likely didn't mean to insult anyone, and I certainly didn't take it to heart, despite having small breasts and all. But let's all just stop saying things like that.

    • Adriana

      Exactly. There is no one way to look like a woman.

    • Charmystique

      I can see how it could've come across as a stereotypical comment of how women should look like. Pretty sure she her comment was in context to how ballet dancers should look like. Sadly there's a stereotype for that too. When I used to dance, my teacher would weigh us every weekend, and those who put on weight had to put $5 in a jar.

  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com/ Clever Girl Reviews

    I'm completely in love with her. She's breaking down barriers! She uses 'everyday'products which I like to see, instead of just nothing but top end or exclusive stuff many of us don't have access to. I'd love to see more inspirational women like this on Top Shelf!

  • mafer_dm

    I LOVE (underline that, please) with how normal her beauty routine is. Like, that, right there, those are things most of us can actually afford! She's beautiful and a total role model.

  • Julie

    Being a ballerina was my dream job when I was smaller, and even if I never abandoned the discipline - I still train about seven hours a week, which is nothing compared to professionals - , I love to hear about someone actually living it. Misty Copeland is wonderful and it is great to hear about such a diversity of women here on ITG.

  • http://www.lelalondon.com/ Lela London

    What an absolute inspiration. She is a dream. <3


  • JR

    SAN PEDRO, California

  • Charmystique

    Talent and gorgeousness in one perfect package. I love her drive and how she's going places.

  • Sarita

    So, I actually squealed a bit when I saw her on the front page just now. I find her to be so inspiring! She's working on a documentary right now with Nelson George called "A Ballerina's Tale," and I am waiting patiently for it to be released.

  • Restless Blonde

    "Finding ballet gave me passion for the first time in my life. I was
    always very shy and just wanted to fit in; I never day dreamed about
    what I wanted to be when I grew up. But dancing gave me a connection to
    my personality that made me grow." That's amazing!

  • Sabah

    Beautiful story, Beautiful woman

  • factorygirl

    Thank you for covering such an elegant young woman. Great "Top Shelf"!

  • Lili

    Huge fan here. Thanks for featuring an inspirational woman!

  • Lauren

    Urgh, can I have her legs please - beyond perfect!

  • Amanda

    Love it, love her, love everything going on here.

    Also massively impressed by her accomplishments and jealous!

  • Jess

    Wow, she's got a great story, obviously a natural talent. Love her simple beauty routine! And can you say leg envy? Legs for days!

  • maggie

    is anyone going to talk about the fact that she wears a men's perfume? because I think it's amazing! I've always wanted to wear that perfume it smells so good but then I thought people would make fun of me

    • sashi

      Wear whatever you like! The Mens/Womens catagories are just ridiculous marketing.

  • felineloulou

    i could cry reading this! i love ballet so much and thoroughly enjoyed this. so so beautiful!

  • J

    Who made the dress she wears and what material is it?! silk? Beautiful!

  • Tori

    please do a daria werbowy top shelf!

  • Guest

    Miss Copeland, I just want to say that I adore you. I really don't care what makeup you wear or anything like that (although it's interesting;) the fact that you EXIST is enough for me.

    Many years ago, (1970s) my ballet teacher told my mother "your daughter's good. In fact, she's very good. But I think you should stop the lessons now, because there's no such thing as a 'colored' ballerina. She's only going to get her heart broken."

    And that is the story of how one girl put down her pointe shoes for life. I know that there must have been many others like me.

    When I heard that you had become part of the ABT, I cried like a little kid. For me, you are the dream deferred. I wish you every success imaginable.

  • Janine

    Isn't she gorgeous? I always wonder, what do ballet dancers do about their bunions? Once they no longer dance, do they live with them? Have surgery? I don't dance but have these terrible issues. Thank you ITG!

  • http://www.styleable.co.uk/ StyleAble

    I love her! She is so elegant and natural. An absolutely flawless performer as well.

  • Rachid Ait Ougard

    Its always amazing, she have a good future :)
    I'm too like this video http://keeplayit.com/view/video=YSfHTsQBJuA

  • Jessica

    I love every sentence of this!

  • Janet Lee

    To have amazingly toned physique with boobs and curvy butt would be my dream body! I have such admiration and respect for ballet dancers. Your talent and dedication are incredible.

  • Janine

    So lovely. It's funny, I think she's very thin! I think because previous primas were skinny, skinny, skinny...that she seems like she's bigger but I think she's this perfect size. Prima from long ago - they looked like they'd crack in half.

    Misty is strong, gorgeous. I hope I can see her dance someday (in the theater).


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