Madonna Releases Video For Her New Japanese Skincare Line

Booking tickets to Japan.


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  • Jane Tippett


  • George

    i was like nahhh until :59 - 1:04

  • Ria B

    Speechless...and yet intrigued. (Am I victim to the power of marketing?)

  • Lexi

    That commercial is like something SNL would do!

    • Jules

      Totally agree

    • Susan

      Haha, yes.

  • Lynn Tindale

    Amazingly Awesome...
    Love the Packaging

  • Lo Espinosa

    @Lexi This DOES feel like a parody, doesn't it?
    Like obnoxiously whispering "obsession"

  • Victorious_me

    this is a hilarious joke right? this is like, more ridiculous than Brad Pitt's Chanel No 5 ad...

  • Bella

    I used to love Madonna when she first bounded onto the scene and I was in junior high.We belted out her anthems, wore inspired clothes, tried to get her hair. I loved her initial reincarnations. I started to feel sorry for her when she continued to feel the need to flash ber 50 year old butt, however well toned, around on stage. And I mentally wished her farewell when I saw that her face been totally, unrecogniseably remodelled.
    I won't even be watching the video, I just wanted to say this.

  • Lauren

    does anyone else think american horror story??

    • cg

      yessss all the whispers of "skin", dear lord

  • Michael Schwartz
    • Jess

      Haha brilliant!

  • Amanda

    girl whaaaaaaat are you doing

    if I want expensive Japanese skincare, I'd buy Tatcha

  • Amanda GREY
  • Alicia Webster

    no thanks....

  • Sara P

    Very Madonna but nothing new. Actually quite ho hum. Wouldn't tempt me to buy.

  • Peter

    Does it treat the aging effects of secondhand embarrassment?