How Do You Pronounce That: Beauty Edition

Do chic French women embarrassingly fumble over the articulation of "Chubby Stick" the same way us Americans butcher "Touche Éclat"? We'd like to think yes, probably. So while we're hard at work creating the next installment—a video for French ladies on how to say "Great Lash" and "Mane 'N Tail"—enjoy our guide for how to pronounce all the brands and products that our tongues can never quite figure out.

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  • Megan McClen

    Toosh ee-clet?? I've been thinking I sounded so sophisticated saying eh-clat this whole time.

    That girl is adorable I could listen to her talk all day.

    • Julia

      You're close... It's ay-klah not ee-klah. The é is like in the word "cliché" ... The t is silent. It is B-ee-oderma (not B-eye-oderma), tho.

  • Simone

    beeing french, this video is really funny! and elizabeth brockway is very cute!

    • ITGLacey

      Hey! Elizabeth produced the video (& is also very,very cute), but the girl in the video is Annie!

  • Julie

    Hahaha you should probably have done it with a French girl (I volunteer!). But Elizabeth looks veryyy cute though.

    • Juicyanso

      Hahaha! I'm in too

  • The Channeling Board

    LOVE this. Went to City Pharma this weekend (I first read about it on Into The Gloss) and I made a fool out of myself trying to find Caudalie's Beauty Elixir.

  • Rachel Phipps

    I simply adored this video. Okay, most of these that are obvious I was down with as I can speak some French, but I still learnt loads!

  • Nina R.

    I know Annie wrote that sorority/culture piece, but could we have a Top Shelf from her?

  • malteseproverb

    So Touche Eclat DOESN'T rhyme with "fuzzy cat"?

  • anniefan

    this girl is a star.

  • Lara

    Very helpful, but I miss one I always embarrass myself when asking for: Klorane (the dry shampoo) Any hints? Maybe one of the nice French girls around here? :) xx

    • ITG Annie

      I love these responses. ITG readers are so helpful! Maybe we'll do a pronunciation round 2 down the line...

      • Lara

        Absolutely, ITG is the only site I always check the comments section - they're always interesting and engaging and very helpful :)
        I love every single video you guys post so a definite yesss here!

      • District Style

        As someone who survived (and passed!) courses in French phonetics, I applaud you for undertaking this video! French does have certain phonetic sounds that do not exist in English and pronunciation can vary according to country, region, dialect, etc. I think this summarizes what people need to know when buying products and, I guess, if all else fails, we can always buy online :)

    • Lara

      Thank you all so much! The next time I purchase a can I will feel much more confident :)
      And I also wanted to add how stunning you look Annie (hit the enter button on my first comment too soon and was all ahhhh I wanted to say that) - watching the video I thought this is exactly what beauty looks like in 2014: natural and charming :)

  • Isabel

    This is adorable

  • English Rose

    How utterly charming.

  • Franquie

    More of these please! So helpful...

  • conni boykins

    Eyebrow game strong

  • MsEaves

    You are gorgeous, Annie!!! What are you doing to you skin to make it glow like that?

    • ITG Annie

      Thank you! Birth control + Somme Institute regimen. And Embryolisse completely rehabbed my dry winter skin.

      • TanyaTwo

        i take it you stopped the retin a regimen? (sorry to be creepy but i read the vain article) I just went off BC and decided to try retin a to deal with my awful skin and i'm kind of meh about it so far. what did you think of it?

  • Clare

    But how DO you pronounce cle de peau?

    • annaline

      cleh- duh-poe

    • Neelam

      Whenever I've heard celebrities and makeup artists say it, it's like 'clay d po', with the 'po' rhyming with so/no/go. Not sure if that's correct though

    • Cordelia

      clay de poh

  • Andrea B.

    You're looking gorgeous!

  • Lizlizo

    You're so cute and those brows are amazing. Once my French-speaking Belgian friend almost fell to the ground laughing when I tried to take on L'Occitane.

    Liz Lizo
    Vogued Out

  • jenny

    Annie, your voice is so lovely!

  • Smecksie

    Annie, I haven't seen you in a while! You're blonde! And your eyebrows... they're smaller. I still want them.

    • ITG Annie

      Hi! I plucked them about a month ago for the sake of experimentation. ("Eyebrows can totally change your face! Yadda yadda yadda...") I prefer the unibrow, it's all grown back now, thank god.

  • Lara

    Really? I was convinced it is French ... I actually live in Vienna, so the German pronunciation would be something like this: Kloh-rah-neh (does this make any sense? I really suck at writing out pronunciations heh) It would be a very distinct 'o' and 'eh' at the end. But it sounds really terrible in German :D
    Thanks for your reply!

    • Nina R.

      Klorane is a French botanical-based beauty company. The parent company is Pierre Fabre Laboratories. From their website: "Pierre Fabre Laboratories is the third largest independent pharmaceutical group in France. "
      If you are in the U.S. and say the second syllable with a short "a" no one will understand you - I've tried! In English speaking countries, say it with the long "a" - "klor-ayn."

  • NingNing

    You can't ask a (presumably) American girl to pronounce (apart fr Japanese brands), French ones. It hurts my ears and I'm not even French. Every pronunciation is painful to hear (Ley May-tea-Yay dey Bow-Tay??? - ouch). But then again it's presumed that only English speakers will hear this spoken in the shops so I guess it's Oh-Kay.

    Ps: it's toosch eclah -- u don't pronounce the 't' in éclat.

  • larasophia

    such a cute video! I'm always curious on how to say certain products correctly.

  • dreamecho

    Yup, it's "oo-ay-moo-rah". Although, if you were going for full on Japanese, you would pronounce the "r" with a "d", i.e., "oo-ay-moo-dah".

    • ayaka


      I would describe the "rah" sound as more of a cross between "rah" and "lah" (I'm Japanese).

      This is spot on. Banzai!

      And ITG, this video is so cute it hurts!

  • mamasVIB

    This is so cute and it has a cat!!!

  • Mademoiselle nature

    I think Klorane is French and link to laboratories Pierre Fabre, :-)

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Hehhe nice.... Bioderma is actually not pronounced totally like that in french (I am french)...but it still remains very cute!

  • growngirlglam

    Ha! I knew I wasn't the only one struggling. Thank you for this!! I'm all thumbs when it comes to pronouncing some of this stuff lol.

  • Anon

    Fun video and this woman is a total babe. But I think the best way to really learn how to pronounce these products is to look for YouTubers using these products in the countries where they are made. Of course they usually speak so fast...
    Maybe ITG will try again. My dream is to be able to pronounce "Guerlain" just the way I first heard it, rolling off of the tongue of a supremely classy Frenchwoman.

  • Robin Sparkles

    I like that it was Annie and not a French woman, yes the french woman would've said everything perfectly, but that would've resulted in me assuming a heavy faux-french accent when I shop for these, I'll take the slight americanized versions :)

  • Diarrha Ndiaye

    This is so adorable!

  • CC

    Er... Not Shu-uhmuarh. The E is soft but present. This is not French by the way, it's Japanese. And the final A is there too: u-E-mu-rA. All syllables are read, as for any Japanese word.

  • Lavender & Tea

    Annie you are the greatest.


    omg annie the hair flick killed me. your lil face!! i'm booking a goddam flight.

  • Sara

    This is a cute video, and Annie is adorable, but she pronounced a lot of words incorrectly. Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Bioderma...Sorry to say this.

  • Adelaïde

    Klorane is definitely NOT German.

  • LB

    I just learned how to properly say "Mario Badescu" from the last episode of GIRLS, I've been saying it wrong for years.

  • Cherryredgirl

    I loved this post!! Sweet and funny :)

  • Pritta

    I could listen to her talk all day and she's cute!

  • clara

    she mispronounced Bioderma !
    You don't say Bayoderma or baïoderma, but "beeeeeoderma"

  • Lavinia Tea

    How do you say L'Occitane? That one's always stumped me too.

    • Frida


  • Ailyn Koay

    i'm learning french now?

  • charlotte

    um, you are freakin adorable annie!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    very informative but she's so pretty ahh

  • cb

    french pronunciation not on point