Open Thread: How Do You Dry Your Hair?

Gus and Stacey Nishimoto

Do you blow dry, air dry, towel dry, or pay an attractive male model to softly breathe over the crown of your head? And more importantly: why? What's your texture? Are you color-treated? Have you ever gotten your hair sucked into the opposite end of an old blow dryer so you've completely sworn off anything with a motor? Or do you have one of those vintage bonnet dryers? Throw it out; it probably contains asbestos. This post is all about ITG-ers helping ITG-ers, and no matter your technique, that's a beautiful thing. Scroll down to join the discussion...

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  • Well…

    I have pin-straight fine hair, and I've lightened it, so it's more fragile the longer it gets. I've air dryed most of my life and it works. Keeps the texture of my hair very soft (where blowdrying it makes it feel dry and coarse). Downside is, I get no volume at the back because it sits flat to my head.

  • samantha chan

    I've got EXTREMELY thick (but also straight/slightly wavy) hair, so air drying would take half a day.. I try to air dry as much as possible, but since it takes so much time, when it's about 60-70% dry I will blow dry to finish it off! I use moroccan oil also, and i always find it looks better the day after, so I always plan to wash my hair the day before I actually want my hair to look good.

    • kt mo

      i am almost exactly the same, except i work from home, so i always let my hair dry all the way because i actually have the luxury of half a day to let that happen! But same in terms of hair type, oil on the ends, washing it the day before i need to do stuff, all of that.

    • ITG Annie

      My hair is on the finer side, but I have a lot of it. I do the opposite: after I shower, I blow dry the top of my head at my roots on the cool setting to dry and also to set my bangs how I'd want them, then I let the lengths and ends air dry.

    • Dru

      Seconded on washing hair the day before, if I want it looking good. Second-day or even third-day hair is always the best behaved, on me.

  • pocketful of make up.

    I always air dry my hair. It is not colour treated, and pretty fine and not wavy or anything like that. And yes, i already got my hair once sucked into the opposite end of a hair dryer, not only once (It is NOT nice!). but this is not the reason i stopped using them. my hair is usually dry after half an hour, so there is no reason for me to use heat on it.

  • Silvia

    I let it air dry. My hair is chemically treated to reduce volume, and it's also color-treated. Most of the time, I end up with what's mostly described as "beach hair" :-)

  • don’t normally comment, but…

    In this case I had to. I have long thick wavy/curly hair. One word: plunking. Look it up on YouTube!

  • Lela London

    I tend to air dry 99% of the time and style it after (or the next day) if I want to look especially nice. Otherwise, curls be curls haha.


  • antònia

    I dry my hair with my head upside-down in order to get volume and an automatic "swoosh" ;-)

  • Sydney

    I mix it up. I have a bleach out so I only try to use the blow dryer 2-3 times a week. I prefer to let it air dry when I want it to be wavy but not BIG (my hair is very thick) and I'll use the diffuser on low when I want to get major volume. Every now and then I'll blow it out straight and keep it like that until it gets super flat.

  • Jenny W

    I have color treated hair, I'm blonde here. And I let it air dry because I don't want to kill it anymore. Unless I have to get out the door, I use a hair protectant spray and use my T3 ion blowdryer, which is amazing cause it drys my long hair in about 5-10 min. my hair is past my shoulders, but not to the elbows yet.

  • sallieforrer

    My hair is fine, long and fairly dense. I don't color treat it or anything. I air dry now. Used to be a blow dryer kind of girl but I could never grow my hair past my collarbone because of breakage. It does take around 3 - 4 hours to dry (I live in a humid climate) but my hair is so much longer, stronger and shinier than ever before. Plus, the blow dryer kills my natural waves.

  • Dru

    I always air dry (my hair is thick and has zero chemical processing). It just leaves less damage, and I get around the drying-time issue by washing my hair at night, twice a week - it's dry by morning.

    Though the real trick is never using a towel to rub it dry/get the water out, The only fabric that comes in contact with my hair post-wash, is an old cotton tshirt. They're good at getting the water out and not leaving me with more frizz than I absolutely need to have. I don't use any post-wash products to get my hair a certain either, but that's just me being lazy, my natural texture is what people like to call 'beach waves'.

    • ITG Annie

      Cool! I've never heard of the t-shirt trick. Will try this...

      • Dru

        btw, don't rub it dry with the tshirt either - just squeeze the water out. I normally go through two tshirts, one to absorb most of the water and the second to turban up with while my hair goes from still-wet to damp.

  • Bolly

    I have super thick-wavy hair. Heat styling ruins it, so I wrap my head in a towel for a few minutes while I wash my face/whatever to remove excess water, apply a hair oil and some curl cream, and let it air dry.

  • garliclovers

    Air dry by sticking my head out the window of my car on the highway lol

  • ITGLacey

    Fine, mostly straight hair with a few kinks here: Throw hair upside down, finger comb, leave ends a little wet & add cream/serum. If I'm being fancy, I'll use some Oil Miracle potion, a volumizer, & a round brush at the end to smooth things out.

  • ITGMackenzie

    I try to air-dry as much as possible. I scrunch it and back twist it throughout the drying process, then, if it's still wet on my walk to work, I avoid it getting wind-induced stringy, strung-out hair by tucking it into my scarf. If I use a blow dryer, I only ever put it on medium to low heat and stop when my hair is 70% dry for extra texture and moisture.



  • shoumi

    If I'm wearing my bangs down the next day, I'll blow dry them straight. If not, I towel dry for about a minute, then let it air dry. I seem to get the best volume out of my hair when it air drys.

  • Madalyn

    I wash and dry my hair almost every morning (I know! I know! Terrible and shameful!) because I'm a glutton for fresh, oil free roots. I have long, straightish, fine (but lots) of color treated hair. Think an Olsen twin with brushed hair.

    I definitely think the quality of my blow dryer has helped keep my hair healthy despite the torture I subject it to. I've been using a Sultra the Siren for around 4 years now. It's pricey but doesn't fry your hair and the one I bought had a 5 year warranty. I notice a huge difference when I borrow other people's blow dryers- my hair isn't as soft and silky, much more flyaways and frazzled ends. I don't travel without it.

    • Aubrey Green

      i agree that a good blow dyer helps a lot!

  • Lionessa

    I airdry my hair always. I have relaxed hair and have learned the hard way that a blowdrier destroys my fragile hair. I did go through a phase of rollersetting and sitting under a hood dryer years ago but it's just way too time consuming. Airdrying preserves the health of my hair.

    • Aubrey Green

      What is the natural texture of your hair? Where do you go to get it relaxed and is it stick straight after the relaxing, or does it have body and texture to it? - thanks.

      • Lionessa

        Hi Aubrey! I think my natural texture is around a 3c as far as hair typing goes, I'm African American. I used to get my hair relaxed in a salon for years but I have since taken my hair journey into my own hands. My husband actually helps me relax my hair. I do it about every 10 weeks. My hair isn't stick straight though. After I wash it it still has body & curls when I airdry. It's just more manageable courtesy of the relaxer. After airdring I flat iron my hair too. ; )

        • Aubrey Green

          Thank you. What brand of relaxer do you use and what else do you use in your hair to help with the damage from relaxing it, if there is damage?

  • Allison

    I have uncolored medium fine hair and lots of it. I start by gently squeezing my hair to remove excess water. Then I spray a foundation product (i.e. Bumble & Bumble's Prep or Living Proof's Prime Style Extender) to protect the hair and help allow other styling products adhere better. I gently comb out my hair and rough dry (all hands, no brushes) it at the roots with the concentrator attached using a technique I learned from my hair stylist called "wrapping" (blow drying the hair while wrapping it side-to-side across the head). This helps create shape and volume. I then section out my hair with clips and use a round brush to finish off the blow dry and style.

  • Amy

    My hair is mid-back length, slightly wavy, slightly frizzy. After I get out of the shower, I brush it, put a bit of rahua treatment on the ends, and let it air dry. brushing it after the rahua will spread it and make it too greasy, but i feel like the rahua weighs it down so it doesnt get too frizzy, and moisturizes the ends enough that they'll naturally curl instead of looking like dry hay. if it gets annoying i put it in a bun and when its completely dry it should have a nice curl to it.

  • Greentee

    That pic of Jared Leto good.

  • grey-grey

    i wash my hair every night and blow dry it before i go to sleep - i don't use any product. my hair is also permed (!) so when i wake up i just spray water on it and am out the door.

  • grey-grey

    i wash my hair every night and blow dry it before i go to sleep - i don't use any product. my hair is also permed (!) so when i wake up i just spray water on it and am out the door. i know this sounds horrifying. but the end result is my super straight shoulder length hair has some wavy texture to it.

    • ITG Annie

      Do you have any photos of your perm? I'm considering getting one and am so curious!

      • Teresa @ BrushAndBullet

        Me too! Sometimes I just want to wake up with perfect body waves and a perm seems like the ideal way to do that.

      • grey-grey

        hi! here's a pic. the perm was from 5 months ago so it's not as wavy as it was when i first got it. it's super easy to maintain - i just wash with shampoo and conditioner, blow dry at night, wake up and spray water on it to get it wavy. i highly recommend it if you have super straight hair!

        • grey-grey


      • grey-grey

        sorry, haven't got the pic posting down:

        • ITG Annie

          thank you! :)

  • shirin

    I have a curly hair which I've chopped into a bob in an effort to restore health to my hair. I used to blow dry it every day because I'd love the effect a diffuser would have in making my hair massive. It's the one feature everyone knows me for and people always spot me easily in a crowd because of it. But in the last year I've lost a lot of hair, whether because of my lack of iron and b12 (vegetarian for 8 years here) or because of my love of the hairdryer. So since chopping it to one just about level length a few months ago I've been really strict on letting it dry. Product doesn't have the same effect without heat activation and sometimes I can never tellwhat kind of hair day I'm going to have until orbs dried, but it's a lot softer. M

  • Stephanie McCurdy

    I normally dry under my hard hood "Purple People Heater" stand dryer. I have thick, wavy, non-color treated hair and it does the best job of preserving my wave without turning it to frizz. Plus, I can have breakfast or read the news while I'm drying! If I can't use my PPH for some reason, I use an 1875 T3 with a diffuser.

  • MoseyM

    I have straight-ish uncolored/natural hair, short bob length, average Caucasian texture/thickness, and I always air dry it, though it takes FOREVER. I only wash it every 3-4 days, baking soda "shampoo," sometimes leave-in conditioner. The laziest way is to do nothing to it and let it dry overnight (silk pillowcase, I love you). But here are the two best air-dry methods for me, after toweling it dry with KimKardashian's method pictured above:

    1. Comb towel-dried damp hair straight back from my face like Agent Cooper, let it dry, end up with a Cher Horowitz-like drape in front. Works for center or side part. What DOESN'T work for side parts is to side part it and let it dry, for some reason.

    2. Straight-up deep-side-parted 1920s finger-waves (or "marcel waves"). Yes, really. No products, I just comb my towel-dried damp hair into finger-waves, secure it with bobby pins as I go, and sleep on it/let it dry. It's easier than it sounds and takes around 15 minutes. Day 1 is bouncy waves, Day 2 looser Veronica Lake body waves, Day 3 is straight-ish but with "movement." I don't usually wave the back, but it seems to blend all right into the front and sides.

    I've heard good things about sleeping in a top-knot for mermaid waves but my hair's not long enough... yet. When it was long, though, I often just put it up when it was wet and wore French twist or bun to the office, and it would only dry on the outside. No one knew, though.

  • Emily

    I wash my hair every other night & then either just go to sleep or to school with it wet after combing it and putting a little coconut oil or it's a 10 through the ends. I just got it cut to where it skims my collarbones, so it dries in no time!

  • Jasmine

    Airdry since I have naturally straight hair which is a godsend since I have no energy to use hot tools. I dry it with a tshirt first.

  • dtb

    Have people heard of wrap drying? This is a vidal sassoon thing. You use a little flat brush (never round), go in the direction of the hair and remove the extension from the hair dryer...

  • Sid

    I just rescently learnt how to blow dry my own hair properly through a youtube video so thats what I do, up until that I just used to put my hair in a fish plait and let it air dry or let it airdry 90% and then put the hairdryer on my roots on the underneath part because they wont dry by themselves (thick hair).

  • kathS

    I have really thin fine hair that is bobbed and a sensitive scalp. I wash it with free and clear shampoo and conditioner and then rinse with apple cider vinegar. Then I pat dry it with an old t shirt, never a towel, wrap the t shirt around my head, and go to sleep. Sometimes it turns out amazing.

  • Annie Lindsay

    Head upside down, heat high, power low. Every time.

  • Heather P.

    I have long, relatively straight, fine hair - but I have a LOT of it! I try to air dry it as often as I can, but I blow dry when I don't have that luxury of time. Blow drying can take me upwards of 20 minutes if I start off with wet hair, so I try to avoid screwing myself over like that. :-)

    I would say 90% of the time, though, I take showers at night before bed, so I do tend to air dry about halfway, then put it in a braid and sleep on it slightly damp. It's usually dry by morning, where I run a straightening iron or curling iron through it...or ponytail it up and leave the house.

    I also became a recent convert of Moroccan Oil - it seems to speed up the air drying process, at least for me anyway!

  • wschuu

    I have a mid-neck bob, very straight hair with cowlicks, and long bangs (like Alexa Chung). I use a comb to part my hair and let it air dry for a few minutes. I hate blowdrying very wet hair, it's too fragile and feels fried and static-y when I do that. When it's half-wet half-dry, I use a paddle brush to pull my bangs forward and in the opposite direction of growth so they fall toward my face in a nice way. Then I flip my head upside down and use my fingers to move my hair around, which gives it volume. I finish right-side-up and either twirl it with my fingers for a little bend, or use a paddle brush to smooth it out extra straight. Sometimes I'll use the brush to pull hair back and forth across my part line so it doesn't look to crisp and perfect. It sounds more high maintenance than it is, I can do all of it in under 5 minutes. I got the upside-down trick from my mom, I use it every time. My #1 styling product to finish is just plain aerosol hairspray, like Tresemme or something else cheap. Just a little bit for texture, it's dry and lightweight and doesn't look like you have Product in your hair. If you want big hair, flip it upside down again and spray, then use your fingers to style.

  • Natalie Elking

    I've been air-drying my hair ever since graduating college (nearly 2 years ago) and even there I would let it air dry a few days a week. I now wash my hair significantly less than I did then, only 2-3 times a week as compared to everyday. My hair is shoulder length, somewhere between fine and thick (every other day I swear it chooses one end of the spectrum, though) and highlighted. I've found that air-drying is really the only way to go, my hair is so much healthier these days.

  • Beauty & the Blog

    My hair is fine and straight, and I don't colour it. I generally let it air dry half way, and then blow dry the rest. I try not to blow dry it every day, because if I do it gets to be more on the crisp side. I like to use Pantene BB cream when I do dry it, because it makes my hair soft. If all else fails, shower before bed and let it dry in a braid for cool waves.

  • Elle

    I let my hair air dry. If I'm in a hurry, I will let it air dry as much as possible until I absolutely have to use a hair dryer. I use it on cool though and never heat-style it. I have really fine long hair, greasier towards the roots and dry on the ends.

  • merylfriedman

    I have fairly thick, long, unprocessed hair with a bit of wave, and my new trick is to wash it at night, then go to bed with it wrapped up in a towel turban. I am sure my boyfriend thinks I am crazy, but when I wake up in the morning, my hair is extra wavy from being twisted up all night. I flat-iron the bangs a bit to get them to fall properly, but that's it.

  • 1Alouette

    I have a curly 'fro. The only time heat touches it is..well, never. If I use a diffiuser, I leave it on cold to dry my hair (after lots of moisturizer - several types) and I have also been known to air dry it (if I have time). Air drying is ideal.

  • Camille

    I have very fine, nearly straight hair but tons of it. When it's long, I find it looks much better if I wash it the night before, blow dry it a bit, but sleep on it while it's still a tiny bit humid. In the morning, boom! I have volume and shine without having to work for it - like Chloé hair. When my hair is short, I wash it every morning and let it air dry so it's a bit messy, otherwise it looks like some kind of helmet-mullet.

  • Beatriz

    funny that you asked. just the other day my trusted (so I thought) Sedu exploded on me for no apparent reason... here I am thinking that this one would last forever. Oh well, maybe my humble posting will draw attention of the company and get me a new one.

  • Amy Jo Whiting

    I have wavy/crazy/coarse/golden brown hair. After a shower, I normally put in some bumble and bumble curl conscious creme + biolage gel and then let it air dry while i get ready and then blow dry the rest out by turning my head upside down and scrunching the curls up with my diffuser, on low warm, and my hair is a happy spiral-y mess of hermione on a good hair day, swoop-style proportions after a few sprays of volume hairpsray and bumble and bumble shine spray.

  • hannah mae

    I have incredibly thick, dense, coloured (dark brown) hair, that hangs around my collar bone and it has a natural wave to it ( it was just past my shoulder blades a few months ago, I had it cut because it was just heavy and unmanageable and gave me headaches when I wore it up). I never ever blow dry my hair myself - it takes way way too long and I can never seem to get it to look neat and polished! I basically just get out of the shower, towel dry and centre part and air dry, depending on what I've been doing I might put some davine's oil in it but I use their s & c for thick, frizzy hair so I hardly really feel it needs any more hydrating. In saying this I am constantly trying to work out what to do so that the natural wave that occurs perfectly on the underneath sections and the back will also happen in the front and top sections of my hair, which seem to just stay limp and shapeless! (it was the same when it was longer) If anyone has some tips or tricks to share please do!

  • kwinona

    I blow dry my hair everyday! (Massive fear of bad hair days) I will dry it for a few mins, then brush it out and repeat this until I'm happy with how dry it is..

  • Sabrina Rice

    Yay! I have fine fine hair but a lot of it; therefore, people usually think I have a lot more hair (and thicker) than I actually do. I'm naturally deep brown but am bleaching at the moment and coloring w fun fun colors (hey, gotta do it while you're young, right?) Soooo I have to take good care of my hair (as Emily knows) moisturizing it intensely but with a fine, dry oil and some good protein treatment conditioners. After a shower, I use a microfiber towel to absorb most of the moisture while I "pamper" my skin. About 30minutes later, I take out the towel and my hair is damp leaning towards wet. I spray with healthy sexy soy protein treatment, which acts as a strengthener and detangler then comb. After combing, I run some argon oil from ends to roots.After that, for oil control and itch control (pH balance) I spray a mixture of Bragg's Apple Cider vinegar and water on my roots and scalp. Now that my hair's all combed out and "prepped," I wrap it into two little buns to get that beachy wave and basically air dry! So, however long winded that was (thanks for listening) this is one post I actually had something to say about, so THANK YOU!!! You guys ROCK :)

  • Denisse

    used to air dry, until I realized blow drying actually helps tame frizz and makes my hair look better.

  • District Style

    I have color treated, fine hair. After washing my hair, I towel dry it then put in a small amount of oil and spray in some surf spray (to create volume) and let it air dry for about 10 minutes. I then use a hair dryer to finish drying and style it. I used to use a hair dryer immediately and it made my hair dry out more and look damaged, especially in the summertime. So far, so good with this technique.

  • ohdee

    I have fine, thin, above-the-shoulders ombré hair. I got a perm 7 months ago, and from little curls from roots to tips, they now have turned into nice big waves. If I have time, I air dry it; if I don't, I blow dry with a diffuser. If I've washed my hair but really really don't have time, I put it in a bun, put on a bonnet or hat (it's still winter) and hope for the best.

  • Aubrey Green

    Do you live in California, if so who is your hair dresser?

  • Randi

    My hair is very thick and almost completely straight, and blowdrying (+brushing) takes out the tiny flicker of hope in terms of mermaid waviness, so I just leave it alone and hope for the best. Also I don't own a blowdryer (or a brush when I come to think of it), so there's that.

  • Andee

    I have slightly wavy fine color treated hair. I start blow drying it 1/2 hour after I wash it, the time it takes to put on all my face and body potions and lotions, brush my teeth, lay out clothes and put on makeup. I spray it after towel drying with Keratin Complex Straight Day. Once I start blow drying, I turn my head upside down and aim the blow dryer with the concentrator at the roots. Once it's 1/2 dry, I apply a dab of Phytodefrisant and use a wide barrel round brush to quickly dry it. Then I apply a dab of Wella Oil and run a straightening iron over sections from mid shaft to the ends. I finish with a dab of Sebastian Shine Crafter to tame flyaways.

  • Priyanka

    I air dry my hair with some living proof nourishing styling cream. I have long wavy hair & this lets me wake up with glossy waves. I'm also a high school student so I have limited patience

  • Catherine

    In the winter I dry it upside down (once got the round brush stuck trying to do something fancy, stay away from it now) and then wet the front sections again and dry them separately, straight forward, to tame the cowlicks. In the summer it's just the bangs and then I let the rest air dry. I have some wave in it and it looks good as long as the bangs are taken care of.

  • animalhandler

    I have chin length, fine but plentiful, stubbornly straight, demi-treated hair. The most important thing for me is showering late at night. For a bit of drying, I shake my head vigorously in the shower. Then scrunch in kevin murphy hair resort, and burrow down into bed. Come morning, dry shampoo and GO.

  • Kerry Lee

    Ok, basically, here is a darn good piece of advice my Indian and Saudi Arabian friends gave me: put (raw, cold-pressed, know the drill) coconut oil in your hair the night before you wash and blow dry. Apparently they've been doing it for generations and it works really well. I tried it, results: soft, shiny, tamed hair, i thought the oil would weigh down my hair but it didn't. I must say: we have similar hair texture (I'm Asian, stubborn, thickish straight/wavy hair) so people who has softer or perhaps thinner hair may experience different results (?)

  • A.J. Thompson Zielike

    I have fine, wavy, unprocessed hair. It used to have a lot more texture/wave/thickness, but as I've gotten older, that's all slacked off :/ One thing I've been doing recently is "plopping" my hair with a t-shirt after I wash it. (YouTube it.) I live in the upper midwest, so air-drying isn't an option for about 7 months of the year as it'd freeze in place as soon as I walked outside. (Actually this could be awesome???) I also like the body that flipping it over and drying with a diffuser gives it.

  • malteseproverb

    I have thin intensely straight flat hair with no volume, belly-button length. I have a normal amount of hair. It's easy to take care of, and I've basically done the same thing all my life: wash it 1-2 a week (normally once) at night and don't brush til the next morning. I always think this will result in the perfect wavy mermaid hair but any bedhead volume magically dissolves by the time I'm leaving the house in the morning. My hair is mad healthy but also boring.

    I've been trying to find a nice oil without silicones to spread on my ends while it's drying. Any suggestions, ITG?

  • Fretty Anggeni

    I have fine and thin straight colored hair. I usually air-dry my hair but only occasionally I blow dry my hair upside down for more volume. Also I try to wash my hair as less as possible. Hair mask and Hair oil is an essential in my hair routine.

  • Lauren

    My hair is medium length, fine and super dry. It's like shredded wheat at the ends. I've been doing my best to keep it away from heat so I roughly dry it on a low-ish heat and then when it's 80% dry I split it down the middle and twist each section away from my face and pin it on top of my head until it's dried. Kinda bouncy, sort of tousled, very 'whatever'.

  • Cristy Moreno

    I always air dry. I've been relaxing my hair since I was in middle school but my hair is still wavy, thick and frizzy. I rely on my flat iron more than I should (oops...) and I hate the thought of really killing my hair with even more heat. Hanging out with wet hair isn't really my thing, so I wash my hair at night and wait for it to dry at least halfway and then go to bed. When I wake up I'll most definitely look like a crazy person but I take care of that with lots of thermal protection and my handy flat iron.

  • Petrina Torgerson

    I have
    THICK, THICK, THICK long hair. The
    kind that makes a new hairdresser's eyes pop. I grew up on the west coast of Canada and
    always had to blow dry my hair or it would stay damp for days (literally). Now I live in Mexico City and luckily my hair
    air dries to its wavy-ish natural state in 45 minutes or so. Blow-drying, for an actually "done"
    look, is a whole other problem. With a
    round brush I can always make the front smooth and polished, but can never
    reach layer upon layer at the back. This
    leads to a sort of demi-waviness as my arms just aren't long enough to maneuver
    all that hair! Any blow drying tips for the thick-haired?

  • Beth Jackson

    I have a friend who is from California. She had never owned a hair drier, and told me she had always wondered why people bother. Then she moved to London, where we met, and it all became clear. I wish I could let my fine, voluminous hair air dry, but I would freeze my arse off waiting.

  • VeeBee

    I have long, thin, wavy, ash blond hair. I do highlights twice a year (and lowlights once after the summer vacation) and even though it is not as often as other people have them, it still damages and dries my hair. I'm one of those unlucky gals with dry ends and oily roots, so i have to be very carefull with how I treat them. I wash my hair every 2-3 day and usually on the second day i spray dry shampoo on the roots. during winter i blow dry because i catch a cold very easily, but during summer (and on hot spring days) I let them air dry. The difference i see between air dried and blow dried on my hair is huge!!! I also shampoo twice to try to keep my roots less oily, i found that it helps a little. After getting out of the shower, i towel dry and add a small amount of argan oil at the ends and leave it sit for 10-20 minutes before drying. Oh! And when i have the time (and i remember prior) i will put olive oil allover my hair except from the roots and let it sit for 30 minutes before shampooing. It works like magic!

  • Bon

    Nature's blow dry all the way!

    I leave my hair to dry naturally - a habit that I was forced to start when training for the marathon in Paris, as washing my (very long) hair everyday was killing it.

    Since I've started doing it, my hair's been so shiny, soft and manageable... and for any of you ladies trying to grow your hair, this is key to keeping your hair healthy and long.

  • Z

    I have naturally wavy-straight hair, but if I brush it after a shower, it'll end up frizzy. So after I shower, I section off my fringe, comb it straight down and dry just the fringe. Then I'll roughly dry the crown of my head to give some lift, leaving the middle and ends wet. I scrunch the middle and ends to enhance my natural wave and leave to air-dry. Done! It takes about 5-10 minutes in the morning.