40 Healthy Snacks To Keep At The Office

Organic Coconut Water
Green & Black's Dark 85% Chocolate Bars
Pomegranate Seeds
Raw Broccoli
Carrot and Celery Sticks
Organic String Cheese
Fresh Blueberries
Juice Press Cracko Del Jacko
Dried and Roasted Edamame Beans
Raw Sliced Peppers
Roasted Unsalted Pistachios
Brad's Raw Kale Chips
Annie's Organic Fruit Snacks
Greek Yogurt, or a Nuwi Quinoa Smoothie
Cantaloupe and Pineapple Chunks
Rice Cake with Almond Butter
Vegan Jerky
Raw Almonds
Dried Mangoes
Kashi Chewy Granola Bar
Kind Cranberry Almond Bar
Lemon Larabar
GimMe Sea Salt Roasted Seaweed Snacks
Dried Apples
Wasabi Peas
Navitas Naturals Power Snacks
Way Better Snacks Sprouted Tortilla Chips
Annie's Organic Pretzels
Organic Whole Wheat Dry Cereal
Apple Butter
Peanut Butter
Citrus Water
Fire Corn Jalapeño Popcorn
Hot Tea

Here's a fun fact: the Gloffice is located above Soho's finest Chipotle. And we'll soon be moving to a new office above a...wait for it...Dunkin' Donuts. But we're a healthy lot—nobody subsists solely on spicy lemon water and raw kale, or burritos and Frappuccinos for that matter—and maybe that's what makes us so painfully aware of the fact that our office snacking habits have become very questionable as of late. First, it was Christmas, with tidings of cookies and branded cupcakes from our nice friends in PR; then Valentine's, with every sort of chocolatey nougat creation imaginable; and now it's Easter basket candy season, and we've been filling ourselves with copious amounts of refined sugar in the form of pastel SweeTarts Jelly Beans. Sometimes we even conceptualize an entire photo shoot around the fact that we're jonesing for candy (example).

Collectively, we decided to end the madness and make a Whole Foods run in the search of the healthier alternatives above. We chose them based on the criteria that they need to involve little-to-no preparation, fit nicely inside a mini fridge, and make for some good, mindless munching with our left hand while our right is busy on the internet. Then, we tested them over the course of two days—all of them. Like, four-grocery-bags-worth of food was consumed in 48 hours by a small handful of people. (Baby steps?) The upside is that this proves the food is yummy, which was the last and most important qualifier in order to make our list. And we feel not an ounce of guilt, because if it wasn't almonds, organic chocolate, and dried mango, it would've been Sour Patch Kids, lime-flavored tortilla chips, and mystery bodega guacamole.

Photos by Deja Turner and Sailor Brinkley Cook. For Part II, click here.

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  • http://cosmoslyn.blogspot.com.au/ Ailyn Koay

    sounds really good idea, considering my workplace too has a lot of coffee and chocolate

  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com/ Clever Girl Reviews

    Looks like a good selection!

  • Ivy

    I absolutely *love* the Navitas power snacks-- citrus chia and cacao goji are the way to go. Also, to throw on the snack list, straight up medjool dates are heavenly and Siggi's yoghurt is luxuriously creamy with interesting flavours (orange ginger anyone?).

    • http://4districtstyle.wordpress.com District Style

      I love Siggi's drinkable yogurt, particularly the strawberry flavor. They're a lot more filling than some of the other ones I've tried.

  • jee mee

    Where are you moving to? We're in the same building and we're moving as well -- to Chelsea. Hopefully we'll both get better landlords.

  • Samantha Elisabeth

    This actually made me laugh a lot while also being incredibly useful. My eating habits have become questionable of late, and they started off so strong! I went from green smoothies to eating ice cream in bed one night...

  • Lauren

    Into the Gloss, I love you!!!!

  • Corina

    All these snacks must have cost a few hundred $! Nice snacks. May I recommend maybe 8 photos with 5 snacks in each rather than 40 or however many (didn't make it to the end) pictures?

  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    I always keep a stash of raw almonds, Nakd apple pie bars and Bounce coconut balls at work to keep me from eating crap should the urge arise.

  • Sarita

    Where did you find the little tea man that holds the loose tea? Cute! I may want one for myself...

  • kathS

    lime tostitos, mmmmm

  • http://madamecouture.blogspot.com/ Emma Hager

    Hahah lovely piece, ITG! So many good suggestions, but I think the ones that I am going to try to implement more frequently into my diet are the ones that come in bulk or sans packaging. I love healthy little bars, etc, but I feel like my guilt in buying such packaging almost equals the mindless stuffing of my face with jelly beans.

    I wish they sold more bar options in the form of bulk.

  • http://bookofpretty.wordpress.com/ book of pretty

    Next stop, Whole Foods! (Slowly shovels pad thai in mouth.).

  • Firn

    You can actually eat raw broccoli?! Most of the dried fruit options here are loaded with fructose (which is natural fruit sugar) that can cause fatty liver disease. So going for non-sweet snacks is still better.

  • Katie

    OMG please tell me where I can get that little loose tea holder guy!

  • http://www.inallofhersplendor.com johnna

    Tanka Bars (70 calories) - its like healthy beef jerky- AMAZING and keeps you full

  • Kristen Hayes

    Thank you :) I needed that. My favorite is the Kind bar.

  • guest

    Have you looked in a mirror after eating kale chips, dried seaweed, or any other dry crunchy green?

    • Corina

      Make sure to bring the toothbrush to the office!

  • http://instagram.com/funshine_sky bunnygrrrl3000

    oh, you mean, "40 snacks to keep at the office that will make you fart like a monster in your closet-like cubicle that you share with 3 other beautiful people who probably don't know what farting is."

  • MGF

    Is there a mistake to find out?
    like the Peanut Butter ...

  • pamb

    That tea strainer is both adorable and creepy, in the best way!

  • LL

    Amen. This post is great in theory but there is a happy medium between raw broccoli (sorry but ew) and pretzels (not truly healthy even if it's "organic"). GoRaw snacks are a fave of mine, they even make chocolate now that doesn't have the additives and emulsifiers that I'm sure the one pictured does. Fresh berries and Juice Press snacks (which you can't buy at Whole Foods btw…) are a step in the right direction though. Ditch the Kind bars and string cheese that are only marketed as healthy feed yourself with REAL unadulterated food. Your body will thank you. P.s. sorry for being all preachy, still love you ITG!!

  • http://www.canadianexpatmom.com Canadian Expat Mom

    This made me hungry ;)

  • 857notebook

    Oooh these are great. I stock my snack stash with cold edamame, cheese, nuts, celery with peanut butter and yogurt with granola. I feel so much better than when I was reaching for cookies.

  • http://sonailicious.com/ Maria @SoNailicious

    There is one snack missing - "Tears of Unicorn". Come on people, who does eat THAT? Seaweed, jerks, larranabars? What's that? Food for people or for some kind of squirrels LOL

  • BooBooNinja

    That loose tea steeper guy is magnificent! Where did you get it?

  • suzanne

    #35 - can someone tell me where you found that spoon?! Bronzed Ombre flatware... i need that in my life! ITG - did you make that yourself?! Please help!

  • Orlene Pretto

    I dont think that Jalapeno popcorn any healthy for you..Although I like all other ideas.I didn't see any beef jerky on the list-- like Chomps Snack Sticks(http://www.gochomps.com) they are 100% grass fed beef, gluten free and paleo friendly. I think it a great organic snack that will boost your energy

  • kittycat49

    i only counted 39.....

  • http://blog.granitefitness.com.au Mark Tan

    wow this looks great :D