Video: The Definitive Strong Brow Tutorial

Anybody with a laptop, internet connection, and face can produce a YouTube beauty tutorial, but it's not often that we're caught off-guard. Such was the case with the inherent talent of newcomer Emmy Blotnick. How long will it be until you see her name quoted as the makeup artist on an ITG Backstage post? Watch her "How to Really Get Pretty, Strong Eyebrows" tutorial [above], and see for yourself.

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  • Teresa @

    Amazing -- it's like Cara had a child with Chewy.

  • Luciana Micaela

    Wonderful. So laughable.

  • Julia


  • Genevieve

    Love it! Definitely caught me off guard too... x

  • Isabel

    hahaha! that was great

  • kt mo

    Pretty much identified the exact moment the internet reached its saturation point with the "bold brow trend" and nailed it. Lols and high fives all around.

  • Teckie

    Daughtry meets modern Abraham Lincoln. Hilarious

  • English Rose

    Didn't see that coming, love it. Can't wait for the 'fuller lips' tutorial. Keeping with the 'Emmy' theme - Thanks. Love you. You're so great. Notice me. Wish you were my friend. Wish I had a friend. Etc etc blah blah blah blah;)

  • paulavaleria


  • Rachel Parker

    Bahahahahah I love it.

  • Jess

    Ah brilliant!! :D

  • Isabel

    Not gonna lie, you got my hopes up there for a minute

  • swer-93

    I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole video !! hilarious !! *dies* that beard... it totally completed the brow look. Thank you for making my day.


  • Alexa

    she is a genius

  • Sophie

    This is THE best thing evaaaa.

  • Tiffany

    Absolutely hilarious!!!

  • Alyssa Gapske

    Love it.
    The funny thing is that ELF brow palate is actually super amazing!

  • gabrielle

    OMG I am dying- How did this girl keep a straight face I am literally tearing up

  • Kristen

    I. LOVE. THIS. I LOVE HER SO MUCH WOW oh my god. Please keep sharing beautiful posts like this ITG, they're wonderful