Chunky Lip Pencils Invade Drugstores


Another day, another drugstore session. It's a little therapeutic, being able to explore your inner Veruca Salt. I walk in and I'm thinking, "I could have anything I want. I can ask for the most expensive, rarest thing in this Walgreens and pay for it. In cash." It must be how Kanye feels at everywhere. It's nice to be a young, self-made thousandaire, and sometimes I deserve off-brand iPod earphones and a Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm.

Yes, so the Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm—FYI, there's an old wives' tale that if you don't refer to a beauty product by its full title, you'll go infertile—is one of the many chunky, Chubby Sticks-esque drugstore lip colors out there. All of these promise to hydrate, are more pigmented than your standard tinted lip balms (which places them comfortably into the lipstick category), and come in similar packaging: a twist-up plastic tube that's trying to fool you into believing it's an actual pencil.

I'd say the biggest difference between the Chubby Stick and Revlon's version is that the Lacquer Balm (I don't really want kids) is better if your end-game is a glossier, more pigmented, sparklier mouth. (Chubby Sticks are for those looking for something more sheer, with a creamy, silken texture.) I honestly think that the Lacquer Balm is the same formula as Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter—I like both products because they come in bright colors and smudge and fade perfectly. I know these last two qualities usually count as negatives in the La La Land of makeup chatter, but I find that, realistically speaking, they're unavoidable when wearing lipstick. Or worse: the color will flake, or smudge without fading, so you end up with bright red smears all over your face. And many are quite drying. The Lacquer Balm and Lip Butters die down to a stain that still feels hydrated/hydrating. And as they wear, the edges fade to a soft line that looks natural and girly.

It'll be around $7. Unless you use a coupon, in which case you're not fully letting yourself get in touch with your inner Veruca. And that's a shame.

—Annie Kreighbaum

Photos by Mathea Millman.

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  • Nina | Hermania

    Really need to try out some lip-stuff by Revlon

    • Cristina Blardony

      Do it, I'm a big big big fan of their lip butters and both the matte and lacquer balms.

  • Gaye Collins

    I love the orange one

  • Lauren Ashley

    As much as I love my Chubby Stick, it might be time to do some penny-pinching and explore the world of drug store beauty.

  • shoumi

    I tried one of these when they first came out but wasn't that impressed with the formula. The one I had was the one that was supposed to stain your lips as well. It was really dry and dragged on your lips and didn't stain them, so I just tossed it. Looks like they've added more formulas, I should try them again.

  • Abby Evans

    I love this shade and haven't tried this formula yet. I might have to give it a try!

  • Lindsay McCallum

    "FYI, there's an old wives' tale that if you don't refer to a beauty product by its full title, you'll go infertile" LOL

  • sophie brewster

    The matte balm version of these are insanely lush. Audacity and Striking are where it's at. ;)

    • lucinda veen

      Sultry is great, too!

  • Erica Basha

    The Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm formula is awesome.

  • WhenThePagesWereBlank

    I wish all beauty and fashion writing was as amusing as this. Well done.

  • kathS

    Matte Balm in sultry - currently my ultimate lip product. Stains and hydrates, in a nice mauv-ish neutral. I also really really love the original stain balm formula (before they came out with the lacquer and the matte) in Adore.

    • kathS

      also, the matte balm is Standout is very Ruby Woo on. My Walgreens has a lot of buy one, get one half off on these...;)

  • Maddy

    I LOVE THESE. But then L'Oreal came out with their version as well. It's like a constant competition.

  • prairie_dogs

    The minty smell is, I think, the reason I am tragically allergic to these. :( Too bad, because there's this brick red color called something like Romance? Romantic? that is gorgeous and hard to replicate.

  • Chelsea Scally

    I hope to one day aspire to be a Thousandaire. . . today I'm in the hundos. . . bills were due yesterday. What can I say? I basically love this post though and will be definitely trying said Chub stick. Maybe I can use some Walgreens Rewards Bucks! <3

  • Harlowrose

    I'm looking for the Rimmel version, which I've heard are long lasting and pigmented. The Revlon matte balms are really good! I wore Sultry all winter because I was obsessed with 90's lip color.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    These and their other counterparts have been available for a while. I like them better then the Clinique ones.

  • Jessica

    I really enjoy those Revlon Lip Butters. They're so...sugary. In a good way. If that makes sense.

    • Bella

      I love the lip butters. I use sweet tart and the dry leaves your lips stained a nice pink for hours. It's the only color I wear; like sunshine in a lipstick!

  • Hayley Mohan

    Annie. Can I fan-out for a second? I read the first paragraph of this article and thought, "This is hilarious and well-written..this is just like Annie from xoVain!" Then I noticed you did, in fact, write it. I love your work!

    And yay lip things in pharmacies! Duane Reade is my jam.

  • Inkygrl

    Haha I just bought like my fifth one of these today...

  • Debbie

    what is your opinion on Just Bitten Lip Stain I own one and it's really creamy and lasts for eternity.


Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm