Smell Like Flowers Even If You ‘Hate Perfume’

CB I Hate Perfume Rare Flowers
CB I Hate Perfume Rare Flowers
CB I Hate Perfume Rare Flowers

The first person who ever said to “stop and smell the flowers” most certainly did not live in NYC. Between those ubiquitous bodily-fluid scented trees outside, and apartment-friendly non-blooming cacti inside, there’s not a lot to pause and sniff on most blocks. Even perfumer Francis Kurkdjian told us that the bits of against-all-odds jasmine that manage to survive in Central Park get to mingle with the effervescence of “horse shit.” So, perhaps since “stop and smell the Nutz4Nutz” isn't as appealing a thought, Brooklyn-based fragrance house CB I Hate Perfume decided to take a minute and bring the flowers to us.

CB I Hate Perfume’s Rare Flowers project is comprised of six single-note rare floral fragrances from perfumer Christopher Brosius' collection—Champaca, Jasmine Sambac (night blooming jasmine), Jonquil, Narcissus, Neroli, and Tuberose—that are so animated, exquisite, and lifelike, they transport your senses from subway-stranger-armpit to a field of wildflowers. It’s as if you’re really really there, laying in the sunshine—only minus the allergies, grass-stained elbows, and weird grass imprints on your legs.

Photos by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I could go for some Champaca!

  • L.S. Watkins

    I am dying to try his line.

  • Rachel

    I am dying to smell these!

  • The Beauty Inbox

    Wow these are so pretty! Want.

  • megan10

    lol at those prices

    • bunnygrrrl3000

      dear sweet lord.

  • ITGMackenzie

    Me too!! It smells so good. I'd also recommend CBIHP's Burning Leaves room spray and At the Beach 1966 perfume. They're transporting!



  • murt

    hmm I'll have to check this out. Also want to try Tata Harper's Love Potion - though it's pretty outrageously expensive at $80 for only 10ml. Has anybody smelled that?