Real Latex Lids at Dior


Pat McGrath: "Here we have this woman who's slightly masculine, very streamlined, and ultra, ultra, ultra urban. When you do a mouth, it's always quite feminine, so it just felt right to play with the eyes. We wanted to move away from that wing shape, though, and do something tough, strong, and very graphic. It’s actual latex—yes, latex paint. We did the shape freehand with a pencil, no stencils, and painted the latex over it. Then we wait for it to dry, but it can’t be too dry because we then push the blue, slightly lavender glitter into it. The latex gradually swallows the pigment so you get that ultra glassy, not cloudy feel. It’s like a real mirror. Usually with latex liner, people are only ever doing little small lines, because it is quite a different material to play with. We were experimenting for a long time, it’s great getting to play with new technology. And we've also done beautiful color lashes—blue, like the lids. And it'll stay on 'til midnight! You can wear it at the office, go out later... [Laughs]"

And how do you remove latex? As Hanne Gaby Odiele documents (part I, II, and III), you peel.

Ginta Lapina photographed by Emily Weiss backstage at Dior Fall 2014 in Paris, France on February 28, 2014.

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  • Jane T.

    My girl crush on Pat McGrath knows no bounds -- I would gladly rock blue latex eyes if she did them! I'd be interested to see what it would look like in a more neutral/wearable color and shape.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    Latex body paint is amazing! I'm fairly skilled with it but never thought of smaller makeup applications!

  • Lulu

    Love it <3

  • Sharareh Shahedali

    Oh this is good! I have a liquid liner from Kiko in exact the same color and texture, used it for my carnival makeup ( ) but next time I will try that shape from Dior.