The Best Longline Bras

Elle MacPherson Intimates Dune Sunflower Underwired Bra
Lonely Anouk Underwire Midline Bra
T by Alexander Wang Leather Triangle Bralette
Base Range Stretch-Bamboo Soft-Cup Bra
Princesse Tam Tam Adelie Underwired Bustier Bra

OK ladies, it’s boob-decorating time. For items of clothing that rarely see the sunlight—except through the low-slung arm holes of my new favorite tank from Patricia Field, or my ever-increasing collection of sheer shirts—I sure do spend a lot of money making sure the twins look their best. (Side note: that’s such a gross expression.) And though I'm constantly in search of a triangle bra that will fit my larger bust—if anyone knows of one that has both style and support, please link me in the comments)—I’ve found solace in the equally feminine, and far more structurally functional longline-style bra.

1. Elle MacPherson Intimates Dune Sunflower Underwired Bra: I remember finding my first Elle MacPherson bra at a local Bloomingdale's and rejoicing that there was now an affordable, sophisticated, and somewhat sexy (but still age-appropriate for 17-year-old me) brassiere alternative. Five years later, the Super is still delivering with this floral number.

2. Lonely Anouk Underwire Midline Bra: Red is a bit of a scary color to take on in any fashion medium—it’s bold, it’s somewhat obvious, but it’s also that all-important daring option that every woman should have in her lingerie drawer. The underwire and broader band (five clasps wide) of this Lonely bra are great for support, while the lace keeps you feeling delicate and very much a lady. But word to the wise: this bra fits slightly on the larger side, so if you’re riding the fence between bust sizes, opt for the smaller choice.

3. T by Alexander Wang Leather Triangle Bralette: It’s a leather bra, so that’s kind of amazing in and of itself. Rihanna wears them [5]. Stacey Nishimoto has one. I copied Bo Don [2] and got this one last year—and I highly recommend you do the same. Trust me, you will never feel cooler than when you’re wearing a leather bra.

4. Base Range Stretch-Bamboo Soft-Cup Bra: Sports bras are possibly the worst item of clothing you could ever put on or remove (the sweaty spandex rubbing against your face as you pull them off is just gross). But I feel like I’m not alone in thinking my lovely lady lumps (another gross one) feel the best when snuggly secured in a sports bra’s wireless, soft-fabric hold. This Base Range bra is great—not so tight that you'll feel suffocated, but easy and comfortable. Ideal for wearing under a good t-shirt.

5. Princesse Tam Tam Adelie Underwired Bustier Bra: Here, Princess Tam Tam gives ladies looking for something playful, but not overly feminine, a good option with a vintage-inspired tulle bustier. Plus, doesn't it give a slight lederhosen-as-sexy-black-lingerie vibe? No? Just me? Cool.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Tina@OurWonderLust

    LOVE this style. I actually just picked up a Beyond Yoga Sports Bralet from GOOP! There's something super sexy about the extra inch in length.

  • Emily Knott

    Love these, in need of some new underwear. Pretty underwear always makes me feel good!

  • Androbel

    I love a good pair of sexy bras
    xo Belen, Androbel Insider

  • ITGElizabeth

    amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • kelly macintyre

    So glad for this article! I work in a lingerie store and by far our most popular longline is Josie's Bardot. It's unlined with pretty, feathery lace, and is super comfortable. Fits up to DD

  • slothyotter

    I'm a 34DD and I love the Victoria's Secret (blegh) PINK (bleghhhh) Lace plunge wireless bralette triangle-thing. No underwire so it passes as a no-bra-day feeling but without as much nipple exposure and a little lift.

  • Hai Yen Nguyen

    Such a fan of Fortnight Lingerie! I love their mix of retro and modern sensibility.

  • Laura Cate

    Looooooove Fortnights's pieces, in similar styles. Vintage looking, well made, 5 hooks, just a personal favourite. Also, I love soft-cups with no wires, which they do, without comprimising support. (I don't work for them, just found one last spring and still love it / wash it extra carefully.)

  • hopelesspoetic

    love longline bras!! great for petite gals with big boobs haha. aerie's bridget longline is super great and I think there's a kensi demi-balconette one you can get at nordstrom (a little more firm around the ribcage than the aerie ones though).


Elle Macpherson Intimates
Elle MacPherson Intimates Dune Sunflower Underwired Bra
Lonley Anouk Underwire Midline Bra
T by Alexander Wang
T By Alexander Wang Leather Triangle Bralette
Base Range
Base Range Stretch-Bamboo Soft-Cup Bra:
Princesse Tam Tam
Princesse Tam Tam Adelie Underwired Bustier Bra