The Best Brow Gel Is Only $10

Mary Kay Brow Gel
Mary Kay Brow Gel

Two weeks ago, my eyebrows had the pleasure of meeting the brow whisperer, Kristie Streicher (clients: Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, Julia Roberts). We bonded over our preference for what Charlotte Cho once called “prepubescent” brows—ones so soft and wild, they make you look younger and more romantic. Streicher deftly tinted, oiled, tweezed, then combed my brows with a swirl of products, her work making my homemade brushed-up brows look like they belonged to a feral, wire-haired dog by comparison. Streicher's effect was a combed-out curve resembling a plume (her signature look is actually called the “feathered brow").

Naturally, I asked about products. Her brow tint? Top secret. Her brow oil? Home-brewed. Her brow gel? Mary Kay. “It’s the best,” she explained while thoughtfully swiping the clear brow gel. “It never flakes or feels stiff or crunchy.” She brushed the inner hairs up and the outer hairs out to make them look, in her words, “more substantial.” And, after a full day of wind, work, and taking a turtleneck sweater on and off, my brows didn’t budge.

—Mackenzie Wagoner

Photos by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Behind the Mirror

    I am always on the search for the perfect brow gel because I have hardly any eyebrows...Can't wait to give this a try. I really love Smashbox Eyebrow Tech or the Wet n' Wild Ultimate Brow kit. Check out a tutorial on them if you have time here:

  • Gabrielle

    Has anyone every tried the Jane Iredale tinted brown gel?

  • Aubrey Green

    Can you please do a story about permanent brows, pros, cons, do's, don't's, etc? Is tinting better than permanent?

  • Jenelle

    Mary Kay surprisingly has some amazing products! I swear by their mascara as one of the best mascaras on the market.

  • Alex

    What do you mean by "inner hairs up and outer hairs out"?

  • Carleen

    I feel like Bobbi Brown's brow gel does exactly the same thing! (But it isn't $10... so....)

  • Amanda

    Too bad because the products are generally quite good but I hate their business model

  • heather

    I bought this because I read about it here. It was kind of funny, i went to their site, chose a lady who seemed to live near my in Brooklyn, and a few days later, she dropped it off with my doorman. Anyway, it really is quite good and cheap, so I guess i might continue to have my eyebrow gel hand-delivered from now on!