Things We Finish: Benefit Benetint


Round two of our new feature: Things We Finish, in which we talk about the products we squeeze, scrape, or shake 'til there is nothing left. Today we hear from our advertising manager, Eunice, on her dilapidated vial of Benetint

I’m intimidated by too-perfect makeup. I shy away from matte lipstick, eye shadow brushes, lip pencils…anything that requires any sort of artistry, precision, or poise to pull off. I’m short (5’2), and about armpit-height to most people, which means my face inevitably ends up getting smushed and smudged in a crowded situation. I need makeup that can stand a little rough-and-tumble time, so if some guy bumps into me on a subway car, or if I get sandwiched between dancing drunk girls at a bar, I can expect to still look somewhat awesome and not leave a trail of foundation swatches behind on people’s clothes when I emerge from the huddle.

So, I usually grab for the tints: tinted moisturizer, tinted lip balm, cheek and eyebrow tints. I experiment, but I always come back to Benefit’s Benetint. It’s easy, gives you some room for error, and it evokes that Old-World 'rouge' vibe when you apply it. Except instead of having to mush up my own mulberries or whatever, the pigment comes neatly bottled with a brush applicator. I just stripe it on my cheeks and blend with my fingers for a just-pinched flush, and I reapply as needed throughout the day. I also use it on my lips. I probably should have tossed it about a month ago when I started seeing weird deposits floating around the bottom, but after going through probably a dozen half-used bottles of these, I kind of wanted to see this one through to the end.

—Eunice Lee

Photo by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Stella

    You mean empties?

  • a

    "Except instead of having to mush up my own mulberries or whatever" i don't know why this made me laugh so hard but it did, especially because that is actually the kind fo thing i would do...

  • Alyssa Gapske

    Love love love Benetint. I'm almost done with mine and I will for sure be buying another one. It's a classic.

  • Hannah Lloyd-Pancakes

    I had my first bottle of Benetint for years! I love the smell. It did get some weird silt at the bottom after a while, I think that was actually a little bit of foundation that would transfer onto the brush and end up settling at the bottom of the bottle.

    • louisianimal

      it is foundation! Just wipe the brush down with a little Bioderma Crealine before you shove it back in the bottle.

  • Amanda

    haha this was great!

  • Sarah @ 702 Park Project

    Yes! I got my first sample in a Birchbox and I've been hooked ever since. I'm really fair, so the stain looks a lot more natural on me than powder blush. Love it!! :)

  • ikillplants

    OMG THIS. WINS. Why is Eunice managing advertising and not writing for ITG?????

  • Bella

    Love this article, hate Benetint. Makes me look as if I've spontaneously combusted, unblendable on my skin too. I am also a proponent of smudge and go beauty, but give me Becca's Beach Tint any day!

    • ITGEunice

      Haha yeah I agree it's not for everyone. I mist my face before applying makeup so it's easier to blend. I'm going to have to try Beach Tint ASAP! Especially since I'm done with this Benetint...

  • Lauren

    I used to use this super regularly, I might need to give it another try!

  • Jennifer Monforton

    I'm impressed! It's a lovely product, but I've never seen someone finish up a bottle. Well done! xo

    • sarah

      i've had the occasional bottle end up smashed on the tile floor before it can be finished, but better than plastic i think.

  • Justis

    I was just thinking this morning, as I was applying Benetint, about how much I love this product. Everything about it: the smell, the perfect flush of pink, and the joy of applying a product that makes you feel the utmost of femininity.

  • Damn It Vogue

    More than the benetint i love the way you express yourself. Great text!

  • Olivia

    Eunice- do you apply this before or after tinted moisturizer?

  • Catherine

    I totally get the Old World makeup vibe. Though personally I opt for the Becca Beach Tints or FACE atelier Facades for similar effect (the FACE is creamier)

  • Erica Rae Deutsch

    heard awesome things about this product for years and just got it a few weeks ago. needless to say i'm obsessed. i'm pretty pale and freckly and this gives an awesome translucent-ish flush. i'm a bit late to the party but can't imagine a beauty regimen without it now!

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I've never used it because it makes my cheeks look too ruddy :(

  • Anna

    oh, its one of the best things ever

  • sarah

    I've found it's better to apply to clean fingertips than directly onto the face, to avoid muddying the contents in the jar with moisturisers/makeup etc.....otherwise when you get to the bottom god knows what ends up in there (bacteria haven). good product, have been using it for years.

  • vvv03

    I finish my Benetints, too. I use it in the morning on my lips -- I cover my entire lip with a nude/pinkish lip liner and splash on some benetint. I can't say it lasts forever, but for the morning, at least, my lips look naturally beautiful.

  • katie

    I've had the same bottle for like, two years, and while I've stopped using it on my face and lips (I prefer Fat and the Moon lip and cheek tint these days), I have to admit that sometimes, just for fun, I use it to tint my nips a little pinker pre-gettin' lucky! I know this comment borders on TMI-territory, but it's a fun little trick and I thought I owe it to the ITG community to pass it along, intrepid cosmetics explorers that we are. :))

    • malteseproverb

      this is the best beauty advice I've received in my entire life. god bless you.

  • Teckie

    I really like Stainiac by theBalm. I wonder how the two compare.

  • growngirlglam

    Ha! I also am a shorty and you are right, we do kind of get smushed around. I tried the Benetint before some time ago, and I just didn't like how it sat and felt on my skin or lips. I really wanted to love it because it means less product to have to carry around in your purse.

  • lazy bones

    Fresh Sugar Lip Tint also does a great jobs on cheeks for a dewy, sheer rosy glow. Melts into skin when applied Inglorious Basterds-style like war paint, then smudged and blended thinly.