Dream Bathrooms

Tabitha Simmons, Into The Gloss
Miranda Kerr, Into The Gloss
Liv Tyler, Into The Gloss
Jacqui Getty, Into The Gloss
Gucci Westman, Into The Gloss
Carolyn Murphy, Into The Gloss

I’m sure I’m not alone in lamenting the size and state of my apartment’s single bathroom. As NYC real estate goes, I count natural light as a blessing. It's human nature to want what you don't/can't have. I pour over spacious bath photos like it's my job (and since I work in the home/garden world, it kind of is). I dream in white subway tiles, stainless steel fittings, and tubs for two. I tune into The Real Housewives of Orange County just to glimpse Heather Dubrow’s epicenter of Champagne-fueled gossip sessions: that Carrara marble bathroom/dressing room. In such a drought, my simple taste even pines for the bold looks of Gucci Westman’s dark, intricate wallpaper, Liv Tyler’s deep turquoise shower, and Kelly Wearstler’s intense stone surfaces.

So, presenting a roundup of the bathrooms, from Beverly Hills to Greenwich Village, Mayfair to Marunouchi, that I covet the most. They may be out of reach, but just remember that you can turn almost any tub into a bubble bath. So...there's that.

—Katherine Cotter

Katherine Cotter is an NYC-based home and garden consultant.

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  • http://insertwth.com/ Denisse

    My dream bathroom definitely has a bathtub in it!

  • http://www.wernerbeauty.com/ Teckie

    Everything designed by Nate Berkus is to die for.

  • http://www.thebeautyinbox.com The Beauty Inbox

    I think I drooled a little..

  • Aubrey Green

    Kate Hudson, Carolyn Murphy and Gisele's bathrooms are my favorite.

  • Vera Sawicki


  • http://www.bySarina.com/ bySarina.com

    The Nate Berkus one is my favorite. So pretty :-)

  • http://findmethoseheels.blogspot.co.uk/ Gabrielle

    This has to be the largest source of bathroom inspiration I've seen in a long while!

  • Anna

    Like the way she writes. Incredible baths

  • Kelly G

    Love it! The bathroom is my #1 R&R room so I like it to look and feel amazing! Thanks for all the inspiration in these pictures! xo Kelly http://msdioraddict.blogspot.com/

  • Stacie

    I don't typically love boho-chic, and I think I've actually somewhat outgrown the organic vibe, but add an infrared sauna to the layout of the Kate Hudson image and it's everything... the floors and the natural light. It's very Californian, reminds me of smaller spas in SF.