The Trick To Having Wet Hair All Day


...Is wearing a deep-conditioning treatment out in public. Seriously! No more sleazy gels and greasy oils. We learned this from hairstylist Eugene Souleiman backstage at Jeremy Scott. He told us:

"It’s quite strange because we never really do anything simple like this for Jeremy, normally it’s wigs or something completely crazy. This collection is a cross between sportswear and lingerie, and Jeremy wanted the girls to look like they were fresh out of the shower. The look is really, really simple, but having the contradicting factors is what makes it quite strong—keeping the girls looking really gorgeous while the clothes are so crazy. We’ve just sprayed the girls' hair down and made it wet and literally just combed a protein pack conditioner through. It’s still kind of wet, but it’s settled. I normally would have just made their hair wet with water and used an oil, but we couldn’t do that because there is a lot of white leather and stuff like that in the collection, and it would stain. Oil and water and leather...not so good. So really, what we’ve done is tried to create the illusion of hair being wet when it is actually not wet. And I just thought that after a week of torturing the girls and their hair, it might be great just to give them a little protein pack—can't be a bad thing."

Photos by Annie Kreighbaum backstage at Jeremy Scott Fall 2014 in New York.

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  • Zazie Bibi
  • Isabel

    In the same vein, how would you do this hair (Suki Waterhouse)? She has a fringe (sorry, 'bangs') and then sometimes all her hair is off her face and it's magically gone. I'm thinking about getting a hair cut like hers, but if I got sick of it and tried to do this hair I think it would fall back down (or poof up?) In about 20 minutes.

  • dazey

    Who wears this in the real world though? This look only seems to exist and have a currency on the runway, where it's become a bit dated

    • Bianca

      not only that but have you ever gone out with wet hair all day? I did once (using oil to keep the look), and my head was FREEZING!!! it was awful

      • david

        Lol read the articles dummies the hair isn't actually wet.

  • Mademoiselle nature


  • Greentee

    That model is exquisite. Her lips are perfection.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    What brand did they use for the protein pack?

    • CK

      I don't know but I tried Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Treatment Mask (whew) and it works great. My only thing with "wet hair" is that my scalp can get cold.

  • fakefighter

    It's impressive how much Frida looks exactly like a vintage Barbie.

  • Jessica

    Is wet hair a thing again? Ugg... I'm really not sure that I like it. It just looks like she didn't have time to style her hair... or it's greasy. I do like the idea of using a deep conditioner. At least your hair would be happy. :) Maybe I would do it... but I'd put my hair in a sleek top knot or something.

    • Rachel

      yes in a knot, maybe in the summer, on a humid, frizz inducing day.

  • kaemicha

    I don't like the wet look on me but it sure would be a time saver.

  • Alex

    Such a beautiful girl. What lipstick and eye shadow is she wearing in your photos? I like the look

  • CK

    Nice tip. Someone told me to try Nuxe oil for that look. Haven't tried it. VCO works well too but you got to put up with the scent.