Bag-Friendly Blush Finally Exists


Blush is tricky. Where it goes between your judicious morning application and your lunch-meeting mirror check is just as mystifying as the black hole that all of your bobby pins hightail it to. Short of using a cheek stain, it’s a fact of beauty that you’ll be due for a rouge re-application before dinner. So, if you decide to wear blush (and you should—if only because Kate Hudson said so), take it with you. The most portable option is Guerlain's cream-to-powder Météorites Bubble Blush in the cool magenta Cherry and the warm peach Pink. They're a little smaller than your EOS Lip Balm and are just as ready for on-the-go application: no brush necessary, and no finger-to-product contact. Just rub or dab the SweeTart-scented bubbles over your cheeks—Cherry for a natural flush; Pink to look sun-kissed—and blend it out with your fingers. Then drop the orb back in your bag and spend your time worrying about whether or not your dryer is actually consuming your socks instead.

Photos by Mathea Millman. 

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  • Katy

    These are adorable, and look ripe for multi-usage!

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Looking nice....anyone knows a nice natural blusher with matte finish?

    • murt

      The becca beach tints are nice - plus they last all day.

      • Mademoiselle nature

        thanks, will check it out :-)

  • ITGMackenzie

    Thank you! They are great, I have one in my bag right now.


  • Turanga Leela

    You could also just dab some lipstick on your cheeks and blend. Nothing is more portable than the tube of lippie you already have in your purse.

    • murt

      True - I like that trick because I don't normally like cream-to-powder finishes (I have dry skin). But if a person has oilier skin and likes their cream blush to set with a powder finish, then the lipstick trick wouldn't necessarily work.

      • Turanga Leela

        It's true- I'm super oily. I'll dab some lipstick on my cheeks in a pinch and power over it.

  • murt

    Very cute! I normally love the tarte flush cheekstick (I have a smaller size so it's very portable) but I will check these out.

  • Sarah

    I love that no brush is needed. Totally discreet application. I'll have to look into that!

  • Alessia

    I think I must try them! Didn't know the idea of putting it on with no finger-to-product contact!

  • Krunce

    These definitely are adorable. I feel like they'd be the perfect gift for super-low make up users who don't really wear much foundation or tinte dmoisturizer products. For me, I'd be worried that swiping this on throughout the day would swipe off other stuff...

  • Sophie

    These are really cute, will take a look :)



  • Esther & Grace

    Love using cheek stains for lips and cheeks.

  • megan10

    similarly wonderful are the YSL mousse blushes. super easy to apply with fingers and blend out easier than most cream blushes.

  • cortney

    I bought this based off of Mackenzie's review and, at the risk of sounding like a nineteen year old who already employs chronic vocal fry, I'm obsessed. The color is lovely - I got cherry, and it is plenty pink - but it's the texture that blows me away. It doesn't look like you're obviously wearing blush and it doesn't sit on top of the skin. It's the blush to use when you want to look like girls in Monaco who are flushed with the good life.


Guerlain ‘Meteorites Bubble’ Blush