10 Things You Forgot About The Breakfast Club


Do you ever, while sitting at your desk clicking between Gmail and your favorite beauty site, realize that school is happening right now? Just in the time it took you to read the last sentence, thousands of teens were sentenced to detention for being tardy to class. May their experience at least somewhat resemble that of Claire, Andrew, Brian, Bender, and Allison of The Breakfast Club, the film that taught us the most important thing about being a teen: we don't necessarily have to listen to authority, but we shouldn't be jerks to each other, either. Let's take a few moments to reminisce about some of the other awesome things from the classic, second installment of the Molly-Ringwald-John-Hughes trilogy:

1. There is never a problem big enough, a moment stressful enough, or a Saturday boring enough that would not benefit from some dancing.

2. The movie poster [1]—ranking among those for The Endless Summer and Breakfast At Tiffany's in terms of dorm-room decor—was shot by none other than Annie Leibovitz.

3. They key to any man's heart—particularly hunky, wrestler jocks—is a good makeover.

4. Have you ever wondered how to light a match with your teeth? Well, now you know.

5. In 1985, sushi was apparently the most bizarre lunch option available.

6. Like any true American "princess," Claire's ensemble was purchased entirely from Ralph Lauren.

7. Shermer, Illinois, the town in which many of Hughes' '80s classics take place, does not actually exist, much to the chagrin of Jay and Silent Bob.

8. John Cusack was originally cast as Bender, but was replaced by Judd Nelson. Which was probably for the best, since there could never be an '80s role better suited to him than the embodiment of the perfect boyfriend, Lloyd Dobler, in Say Anything.

9. While Allison (Ally Sheedy) seemed to be in desperate need of some Head & Shoulders, the film's dandruff was, in reality, just parmesan cheese. 

10. But more than anything: don't ever let The Man keep you down—whether the man is your principal, your dad, or society, in general.

*Cue the music and celebratory fist raise.*

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  • L.J.

    Best Movie!

  • pamb

    John Hughes was from Northbrook, IL, Shermer Road is a main street in Northbrook, thus Shermer, IL.

    In 1985 I was 19, and had never tried sushi (and I lived in Chicago, to boot) so yes, it was unusual to bring sushi to high school for lunch. Her parents would have had to do carry out from a fancy place the night before, it's not like you could just pick it up at Target, like you can now.

    This has been: Memories of a Chicagoan Who Lived Through The 80s, and Saw All of the Brat Pack Movies in an Actual Movie Theater.

  • Janine

    Gosh I miss the '80s and '90s. I worked with a girl back then who attended the school at which they filmed. (I just heard Pete Wentz did too). I thought that was so cool. At the time. I love John Huges movies....and I really miss him. I think he died suddenly. So talented. He really hit the nail on the head, as they say.


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