Not Your Usual Workout Clothes

Under Armour Bra Protegée
Tamara Mellon Ribbed-Knit Bra Top
Nike Legendary Print Tight
Print All Over Me Sweatshirt
Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

Tonight, NYC will be filled with lovers, dressed to the nines, trading little gifts, adorably slurping the same string of spaghetti, and probably having lots of sex. And, after binging on chocolates from a heart-shaped box (or, like me, consuming a gross amount of edible sex products in today's Valentine's-themed cleanse), perhaps we will be spending some much-needed time in the gym to try and work off the damage. But instead of the classic black-on-black-on-black look that I—and the majority of the Greenwich Village Equinox—have resorted to wearing, why not dress to impress?

1. Under Armour Bra Protegée: While a good breast-jiggle peeking from beneath your top might be a career launcher, on the treadmill it just leads to pain and awkward arm placement. This is not the most delicate bra on the market, but those of the bustier persuasion will appreciate its infallible support—and the fact that it's so easy to put on and take off.

2. Tamara Mellon Ribbed-Knit Bra Top: A-cups to small Cs: I’m officially jealous (well, I’ve been jealous, but this is adding insult to injury). Wear Mellon's creation solo to show off your toned abs, or underneath a tee. Strappiness always equates to sexiness, even while sweating off the candy thongs (or whatever your diet is made of).

3. Nike Legendary Printed Tights: Black may be the most sliming color (particularly when it comes to extremely body-conscious gym attire), but most of the time it's also incredibly boring. Stick to the same forgiving shade, but add a little bit of pattern, and thus interest, with these Nike tights.

4. Print All Over Me Sweatshirt: First it was the Christopher Kane photo-realistic floral sweatshirt of Spring ’13, then it was Beyoncé in her pizza getup, and now it’s time to create your own version of a loudly-printed jumper. I suggest going with an image of the food that you hope to be eating shortly after your trip to the sweatshop (grilled cheese, please), but you could choose literally anything, including something from Instagram.

5. Adidas Stan Smith Shoes: The recently re-introduced Adidas classic has already popped up in our office. Don't wear them for strenuous cardio, like long distance running—we already sacrifice our feet in the name of fashion when it comes to heel height—but they're a comfortably chic option for mat exercises and walking to get that grilled cheese.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Talia

    OMG she could be a farmer in those clothes! :)

    • thesixthbeatle

      'My plastic surgeon says I cant do any physical activity where balls fly at my nose....'
      'Well there goes your social life'

    • cordelia

      I doubt I've worked off the calories in a stick of carefree gum!

  • Rachel Baynard

    I am so jealous of the girls that can wear the Tamara Mellon bra top. My cups would runneth over, and therefore I'll be picking up the almost as lovely Underarmour bra. Thanks for the advice! I am constantly looking for a sports bra that I don't have to double up on to keep the bounce at minimum. So embarrassing,

    • ITGElizabeth

      This Under Armour bra is also great-- maybe not as "sporty chic" but works incredibly well (I took out the padding/molding in mine) and is better if you prefer the back clasp vs. the front zip:

    • Guest

      Read the reviews on that Under Armour bra, first. I almost bought one, but changed my mind after reading what people had to say about it.

  • alicynzall

    Will forever envy anyone that can rock the Tamara mellon top! Natori's Power Yogi bra is also cute for those that are a little more than blessed.

  • Shannon Kirstie

    Obsessed with the Tamara Mellon bra !

  • Lea

    Those leggings are Victoria's Secret Knockout Tights in the Doutzen Kroes photo. They are awesome tho, I wear them all the time.

  • Gabriella


  • joannanyc

    The Panache 5021 is also excellent for the more-than well-endowed, and I know what I'm talking about. First bra I could run in!

  • Josie Poulsen

    Looking cute always motivates me to work out. I don't care how girly it seems. When I have on my favorite jogging crops and tank top, I can do anything <3

    -Josie trade your fashions (!)

  • Cynthia Castro

    If you want to dress to impress during a work out definitely check out KiraGrace! I love them! I've found that KiraGrace has great quality yoga clothing! They have fashion conscious yoga leggings and yoga tops that wont make you look like you just walked out of the gym. I would be hard pressed to find someone who thought I was wearing workout clothes and not high fashion items while wearing their stuff which is super nice.

  • Lisa

    I totally love the nikes !

  • Desirae Karmazin

    That Mellon bra top is SO GORGEOUS! It reminds me of the Warrior Tough Cut Collection from KiraGrace. I've been watching that cut-out trend for a while, so excited to see it in workout gear!


Under Armour
Under Armour Bra Protegée
Tamara Mellon
Tamara Mellon Ribbed-Knit Bra Top
Nike Legendary Printed Tight
Print All Over Me Sweatshirt
adidas Stan Smith Shoes