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The only thing more confusing than shopping for a fragrance in a store is shopping for a fragrance online. Unless you’re looking for something specific, you are S.O.L. on the world wide web. Adjectives can only do so much! Scent psychologist Erika Shumate and discerning nose/business guru Christine Luby launched Pinrose to solve that problem. It’s a self-proclaimed “scent discovery” website that takes out the guess work—and the waves of sensory over-stimulation-derived nausea that accompany choosing a new fragrance.

Here's how it works: after answering a nine-question quiz about your scent history, your age, and your musical and geographical preferences (among other things), you're presented with three recommendations from Pinrose's 10-fragrance collection. (You'd be surprised how much a scent psychologist can infer about your inclinations—Shumate is full of amazing information. Like, if you want to smell younger, wear grapefruit.) Pinrose will then send you three wet-nap-style samples for free [4], or for $5 you can literally have them all. Open, sniff, and try them on to see how they wear throughout the day. Take your time, feel them out, and, once you're ready to pull the trigger, $50 will buy you a full-size 1 oz. perfume, personally selected by you, for you. But if you want our opinion, we're partial to the moody oud wood, vetiver, and raspberry Campfire Rebel and the sandalwood, geranium, and clove leaf Pillowtalk Poet.

Photos by Mathea Millman. 

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  • Clever Girl Reviews

    OMG... I want to do this now but I'm about to move!

  • Danielle D’Amato

    I adore that they made pinterest boards and 8track playlists to correspond with each fragrance.

  • goodgoodthings

    This is what I've been waiting for

  • Susan Buchanan

    The site was so cool that I got the three recommended samples!

  • corina

    What a great idea! Definitely going to give this a try.


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Pinrose Campfire Rebel
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