I’m Not Wearing Mascara In This Picture


Mascara is the frenemy of beauty products. It’s messy, it’s high maintenance, and you'll probably get stuck washing it off in your bathtub at the end of the night. You put up with it because it makes you feel confident and cool, but let’s be honest: If it disappeared tomorrow, would you really miss it at all?

If you truly adore mascara, that’s great—more for you. (Do you also like dating guys in bands? Or, like, actors?) But if you just don’t have the patience to stay friends with an attention-seeking product, I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to end it. Kick it to the curb. You can have the same lashes, sans the eye soot. I haven’t worn the stuff in years, and my eyes look prettier, require almost no effort, and bug me way less than they did back when I was piling on the Great Lash.

I tried all kinds of stuff to kick my mascara habit, and now that I've succeeded, I would love to pass along the good news. Below, a few options for if/when you decide to quit:

If your current mascara is two coats of Diorshow Black Out...

Get eyelash extensions

So you want to wake up looking like Beyoncé. Mé too. We’re part of the “maybe I’m slightly over the top, but who cares because I look good” club. *high fives* For us, nothing short of eyelash extensions will do. They are, simply put, the best things ever.

Given the choice between making out with Bill Nye (Science Guy and Perfect Man) and having lash extensions forever, I would choose the lash extensions, no hesitation. They’re that good. They’re not cheap—well, some are; if you’re getting a set applied for $35, though, you better read the Yelp reviews first—but all you have to do is go in twice a month and lie down on a table for 45 minutes while a nice lady glues between 50 and 100 tiny false lashes to the ends of your natural ones. Then you get up looking oh-so-foxy and go about your business without ever having to worry that your eyes are anything other than insanely gorgeous. If you truly want to get serious, you can also dye your lashes so that they’re jet black in addition to being six feet long. Personally, when I do both I am in a perpetual good mood and am basically invincible.

Pro tip: Ask the aesthetician to do three different lash lengths from your inner to outer corners and you’ll always have the winged look without the eyeliner.

Cost per month: Could be as cheap as $30, but sketchiness abounds, so it should probably be about $80–$100

If your current mascara is Maybelline Full 'N Soft...

Dye your lashes

Before I got serious with extensions (Love of my life! Fire of my… uh… irises!), I was very into just tinting my lashes, then coating them with a little vitamin E to make them look thicker. If your lashes are relatively long but light at the ends—and most peoples’ are lighter than they think—lash dyeing is a game changer. It lasts for about six weeks, and you might not even feel like mascara does much of anything extra for you once they're tinted. Ask for carbon-black dye; some places offer blue-black or brown, but they’re usually less natural-looking.

Cost per month: Between $20 and $40, depending on your location (as always, please go somewhere reputable)

If your current mascara is secondary to your obsession with your lash curler...

Perm your lashes

I am extremely excited to be the person who gets to tell you this, because you are going to be so happy. In fact, if I were in the room with you right now, we could both go “Squeeeeee!” really loudly in a second and then go get ice cream.

ANYWAY, I have two words for you: 1) Lash, and 2) Perm. Regular hair perms may only exist to cull the weakest cosmetology school students from the herd, but lash perms? Oh, they’re fabulous. You just go in, they curl them the way you like them, et voilà! They are like that all the time for at least a month, maybe two. It is just so, so good. And it’s cheap! Think of the time savings! Think of the freedom! Think of the Baskin-Robbins! Seriously, let’s go. I will get Butter Pecan and you can maybe try a seasonal flavor if that’s what you’re into?

Cost per month: Between $15 and $45, again depending on your location

If your current mascara is made from the tears of women crying for freedom from the patriarchy...

Try castor oil

Heyyyyy, buddy! How’s it going? You maybe wanna put down that PETA sign for a second and talk? I like your vegan clogs! You been applying almond ashes or avocado pit scrapings or whatever it is Rainbow Foods Co-op is selling as a 'mascara alternative' these days? Yeah...please stop doing that. It’s just running down your face and probably giving you an eye infection. I know this, because I was once like you. In many ways, I am you. So take a hint from me, your personal Ghost Of Getting Less And Less Radicalized As You Get Older Future, and just put some castor oil on your lashes with a clean mascara wand. It’ll make them healthy, shiny, and a little darker, too. (The Kardashians use it.) Oh, and that Tobias guy? Don’t date him—trust me, we regret it later.

Cost per month: Half a carbon offset and an hour volunteering at your neighborhood’s organic, macrobiotic, soy-free garden

If your current mascara is made of chemicals and cold, hard cash...

Get Latisse

Actually, you’re probably already using Latisse! Congratulations on having embraced Technology and joining us in a brave new world where we use glaucoma medicine for ludicrously expensive off-brand vanity projects! I tested this stuff for about six months (for work, at an old job). After about three weeks, it did make my eyelashes long; it also turned my eyelids a terrifying, livid shade of purple.

Cost per month: Your eyelids, your soul, and around $120

Anything else I'm not thinking of/don't know about? Tell me in the comments!

—Lacey Gattis

Photo by Mathea Millman.

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  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    Talika. That stuffs works. I use both the eyelash and eyebrow versions. No, you won't have Kardashian fake lashes, but they do grow!

    • http://lerablogs.blogspot.com/ Lera

      Didn't do much for me, I used it for my eyebrows.

      • 1Alouette

        There is literally no need for that expensive stuff they use on celebs. Just get yourself some pure jojoba oil, and use an eyebrow/lash wand to apply it your brows and lashes day and night. There is generally no need to use meds unless you have exhausted all other useful methods in my opinion.

        • Kristen

          do you think apricot oil would work as well? just wondering because I used to use jojoba on my face but now I use apricot oil, and wondering if it would be the same on my eyelashes?

          • 1Alouette

            Yes, I think it would work too. Oil is good for lashes. Most people don't realize your lashes need to be moisturized and so do your brows (b/c there is skin and hair there). :D

  • http://taliashulze.com/ Talia

    Eeerrrrmmm my favorite mascara /is/ from Rainbow Foods and it's awesome/smells like fruit:

    • ITGLacey

      100% Pure's Strawberry Lemonade scrub is also irresistible—it's impossible not to go through a tub terrifyingly quickly because it just smells so good.

    • corina

      I bought two tubes of this mascara, and both times I loved it for the first week when it was fresh but by the time a week had passed it was irritating my eyes and I did feel like I was getting some sort of eye infection. Cleared up a few days after I stopped using this mascara, both times.

    • 1Alouette

      That sounds amazing actually...does it come in brown?

  • Tara

    I have long eyelashes and I don't like using mascara because it looks unnatural so I've tried to perm my lashes and it's supeeeeer awesome. In Indonesia, it only costs USD 3 and it stays for almost 3 months. Pretty time saving for my morning make up routine :)

    • Eunice

      Same sentiments! I'm from the Philippines--Southeast Asia represent!

      Lol. It costs around $6 here! I really just don't like having to close my eyes for such a long time, but fancier nail salons here offer lash perms as a service done WHILE they're doing your nails!

      • Tara

        Reaaaaaally? Oh my god! I should find salons with double service like that.

  • Lindsay923

    Could you please recommend a place in NYC for eyelash tinting? Thank you!

    • ITGLacey

      I go to Eyelure or Lash Loft—they're both great, the staff is lovely, & they have a whole book full of lash options with different lengths, curls, thicknesses, etc. It's a veritable minuscule pieces of fake hair smorgasbord!

    • Nancy

      I like the Benefit Boutique in Soho for tinting. Sometimes they can fit you in as a walk-in, but I usually call a few hours ahead.

  • Amanda Raponi
  • http://insertwth.com/ Denisse

    Wow, I didn't know this was even possible! Any of this, actually. I'd be a little afraid of having all of those chemicals around my eyes, though. Mascara already irritates them enough, I can't imagine what these would do...

  • Carly Jade

    Your eyelashes look gorgeous! I've never had eyelash extensions before, but I'd definitely try them out for a special event or something. Maybe not something for me for everyday wear, but damnnnnn they look good!!


    • ITGLacey

      Well, at least you have fair warning now that they're highly addictive...

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    Lacey, are you just wearing extensions? Or are you using dye in this picture too?

    • ITGLacey

      These are extensions with dye about four weeks after my last touch up appointment—we just took them on a normal Friday, so I didn't do anything special!

  • Katie

    Hey! feminists don't have to be vegans, hippies, or batshit crazy!

    • ITGLacey

      I agree! Wasn't generalizing feminists—I am one, & hopefully not batshit crazy—just well-meaning, eye-infection-getting young ladies. I actually did use avocado pits & burned almonds as eye makeup for a while. That was not a joke, and I totally gave myself (organic! sustainable!) conjunctivitis.

      • http://instagram.com/funshine_sky bunnygrrrl3000

        "I totally gave myself (organic! sustainable!) conjunctivitis."

        I lololololololed at this. I work at an environmental non-profit and this is totally some of the ladies I work with.

      • http://sugarmercy.tumblr.com/ sugarmercy

        Hey I'm a feminist and a vegan and I think I'm pretty chill. I know you're only joking but it still kinda made me feel sad to read "can you put the PETA sign down for a second" part. Le sigh. Anyways, my friend SWEARS by eyelash extensions. I might be down if I could afford it, but for now I'm either too lazy to wear mascara at all (and I have an intense aversion to the eye-makeup removal process, yikes) or if I wanna dress up I use whatever sample is lying around. I'm hopeful the quality extensions become more affordable soon, either that or I hope I win some caaaaaash. To buy PETA signs with, of course ;)

  • Emma

    Do eyelash extensions hurt the health of your natural lashes?

    • ITGLacey

      Not in my experience—when I get lazy/busy & can't go in for an appointment, they look exactly like they always did. Having the extensions may actually put less wear & tear on them for me, honestly, because I don't really touch my eyes at all anymore: no mascara application or removal, no liner, etc.

      • softy

        how long have you had them for? i really would love to just switch to eyelash extensions, but i've heard they make your natural ones thin and fall out. and i can't afford to lose any!

        • ITGLacey

          I've been wearing them for about two years now! My lashes are in great shape, but I do a few things to keep them that way:

          A) I always get mine short—shorter than the aestheticians are used to, even—because they aren't heavy/ pulling down my real lashes that way, & they also just look way more natural. My specific lengths for the "cat eye" look I get are lash length 8 @ the inner corner, 9 in the middle, and 10 at the outer edge. For context, a lot of women will get 12 or 13 all over their eyes.

          B) I don't wear a lot—if any—other eye makeup, so I'm not messing with my lashes or eyes at all.

          C) I get 50 or 90 lashes, which makes it more subtle & also means a lot of my lashes don't have glue on them, so they stay healthy.

          • softy

            MERCI. following all your rules when i go.

          • ITGLacey

            Let us know how it goes!!!!

          • CFH

            I did eyelash extensions for about 8 mos. Now I think I did about 100 lashes at 8-10 lengths, so more than Lacey, but I have to say it did damage my natural eyelashes. After about 8 mos without extensions my lashes are back to their old healthy selves.

            Also, I developed a mild allergy to the glue they were using, so every time I got my lashes done one eyelid got pink and swollen. Not like Bob Costas-nasty, but it was kind of noticeable and made me feel like I had a cold. But I still felt like Beyonce.

          • ITGLacey

            Thanks for speaking to this! I'm always tempted by the 100+ lashes, but from your experience, it sounds like salons perhaps just shouldn't be offering anything out of the 50–90 range? Any idea what kind of glue they were using, by the way?

  • alicynzall

    Does anyone know a place in Miami or Boston to get eyelash perm???? I need one asap

    • ITGLacey

      Miami OR Boston? High fives, jetsetter!

    • Jolie3

      also looking for a place in Miami- in or near South Beach. Any suggestions?

  • Leanne Webber

    I love how you write your posts! So engaging.

    Great tips:)

    nailsandteapots xx

    • ITGLacey

      Thank you so much for reading, Leanne!

  • Kayla

    I know this post is about eyelashes - and yours are completely amazing, Lacey - but can we take a moment to appreciate how insanely gorgeous Lacey's skin looks?

    • ITGLacey

      You are so sweet! My secret... is that I am literally just lacking all melanin

      • Adrienne

        Where in NY would you go for eyelash extensions

        • ITGLacey

          I go to Eyelure or Lash Loft!

  • Samantha

    Jeezus. Zero under-eye bags. 100% jealous.

    • ITGLacey

      Eh, there's gotta be some tradeoff for being completely unable to go out in the sun, you know?

  • kathS

    I always wonder why RevitaLash doesn't get as much buzz as Latisse. Latisse you need an rx and has that little darkening of the eyes/eyelids issue.

    I have used Revitalash on and off for years, never had any discoloration issues, and got some serious lashes out of the deal. It isn't cheap but it is soooooo worth it. I used to buy it at a local salon but you can find it on amazon. After reading this article I am really sad I don't have a tube right now

    • Alix

      Same here, Revitalash works so well is only about $35 on drugstore.com or Amazon. Highly recommend!

      • babycull

        Any problems with it? Side effects? Thanks in advance!

  • Amy

    where do you get lash perms?!! i've never heard of that..

    • ITGLacey

      Tons of spas & salons do it—I'd find a place that specializes in lashes, though, so you get a good aesthetician who's adequately trained & using the right perm solution.

  • shoresociety

    Wow, this is incredibly insightful! My coworkers just got lash extensions and I really didn't know such a thing existed. I have long, dark eyelashes (but what we have is never enough, right?) so I still use mascara like woah. I probably wouldn't try extensions, but a lash perm for good curl sounds right up my alley. Literally didn't know that was possible, haha. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.whitecoattreatment.com/ Erin Jensen

    Love Latisse! The most amazing product ever. The darkening can be from irritation and usually normalizes after a few weeks.

  • Prenouveau

    I was always concerned that if I got extensions, and then didn't maintain them for life, I would find my regular lashes suddenly disappointing. Any thoughts on this?

    P.S. You can tint your lashes at home--I do! It's way cheaper and less likely to bring on an anxiety attack from lying on your back, blind, vulnerable, with your eyes on fire.

    • ITGLacey

      Which brand do you use? I'm a fan of the Godefroy gel just because it's so fast & easy, but I hear people raving about Roux & Refectocil, too!

    • T G Lam

      You will be forever unsatisfied with your naturals after extensions but it'll damage your natural lashes in the long run. I used to get extensions regularly for 2-3 years but I've weaned myself off of them. It's taken almost a year for my natural lashes to recover. It's not worth it unless you have tons of money (for maintenance, upkeep, and the eventual Latisse/RapidLash/LiLash for repair).

      Thanks for tint recommendations though! It's something I haven't tried yet and I'm curious. :)

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Apply a bit or Argan oil every night....works really great in nourishing and strenghten lashes :-)

  • http://www.kmakesithappen.com/ Kassandra Fairhall

    I could never give up mascara the stuff is way to good and way to precious

  • ITGLacey

    Goggles in the shower sound hilarious, but I definitely just stand under the water & do everything the way I normally would—I don't find that water does much of anything to the extensions after the first 24 hours, when it's dry but still technically setting

    • Terri

      I agree. I've never had to wear goggles in the shower. They are very resilient. The only thing you can't really do is rub at your eyes but that's not good for you anyway.

      • goodgoodthings

        In that case, I am letting loose!

        • Maria

          argh, I was getting exited about the extentions. But 1. I swim four days a week and 2. I have mad allergies all year long, it's really a struggle to not rub my eyes. Le sigh

  • http://pocketfulofmakeup.blogspot.com/ Marie

    These lashes in the photo look incredible! I can't believe they're real!


  • Esther & Grace

    I've tried eyelash extensions and they were nice but it took 2 hours! My friend is addicted though and gets refills every 2 weeks.


  • http://www.sparklesandfreckles.com/ maudesarah

    This post is hilarious and life changing. Eyelash extensions now seems like a perfectly reasonable (read: vital) expense in my budget.

  • brenna

    I've read a lot of warnings about eyelash perms making your lashes shorter, sparser, brittle, or even falling out.... anyone with experience know how likely this actually is? I would love to try it but am worried about the risks!

    • YYCC

      Not true. I have been doing lash perms (as a client,not as an esthetician) for about 3 years now. Every 3 months. No damage to my natural lashes. Actually the perms made me be more aware of my lashes' health as I want the perm to last longer and those curled lashes not to fall out - so I've started using oils/serums just because of that. PS: I have very sensitive eyes and that's exactly why I went for perms (+color) - mascara and eyeshadow/eyeliner somehow make the pores on the waterline clog (if you ever had this, you know how itchy and nasty it feels) and having curled eyelashes makes me look more awake AND natural so I've stopped using eye makeup altogether. Yes, the process is not very comfortable but my eyes are very thankful for finally not using eye make up. And looking good is a serious bonus.

      • ITGLacey

        Thank you so much for chiming in! It's great to hear from a professional about this. My lashes are definitely healthier & happier without all the mascara, but that's just anecdotal evidence—I'm always really excited when someone in the industry comments!

  • http://www.glossandmagic.com/ Gauri

    Your posts are always a delight to read!! I ♥ these suggestions. I was always fixated with mascara but am now thinking of dyeing my lashes!


  • Rachel Baynard

    Love those eyelashes! Thanks for all the info. I never knew about eyelash perms...thanks for the tips! Where do you get your eyelash extensions? I am local and love the way they look on you!

    • ITGLacey

      The people at Eyelure & Lash Loft are both great!

      • Leigha

        Lacey- I have been going to Bling Lash for over a year and my favorite girl, Yuna, recently left. My lashes haven't been the same since. I'm convinced Bling Lash either a) changed their Mink lashes or b) started using a new glue. Their lashes now look completely different and fall out crazy fast. I've tried so many technicians at Bling, but am now giving up. Do you have a specific technician at Eyelure or Lash Loft that you prefer? Also, what kind of lashes do you get? It looks like both places offer a lot of different options.

  • 1Alouette

    I'm really lucky to have thick, naturally curly, and medium length lashes. I wake up looking wide awake (score!). I don't bother with black mascara in the daytime if I can help it because it looks too intense against my skin in the daytime. If I choose to wear mascara in the daytime, for that doe eyed look, I would go for brown mascara. I don't know how ladies are able to deal with false lashes everyday (it's too much work!) AND eyelash curlers. It's great that there are so many other options out there. :D But if you really want to grow your lashes and your brows, get some jojoba oil, an eyebrow wand, dip it in that oil, and start applying it to your brows and lashes day and night.

  • Kurohana

    i get my lashes permed and it last about 3 months for me i've been doing it for 2 years i love it. my eye lashes actually became thicker because i wasnt abusing them with the curler. i use blinc mascara it doesnt flake/ smudge or comr of until you want it too it will last through crossfit in the summer, pilates, skiing and etc.

    • Lei

      Where do you get your lash perm?

      • Kurohana

        I get mine done at a spa by an esthetician. She has all her qualifications and certifications up to see. If you have sensitive eyes like me the perming solution will make your eyes puffy for a day or two

  • Brooks

    Weird question but what if you're a total stomach sleeper, I sleep with my head in a whole bunch of pillows, I feel like eyelash extensions wouldn't be able to hold up! I think it's so crazy you can shower and work out also and they stay on! Also I use latisse, I had some slight discoloration but it went away, I love, it, my bottle lasts like 4-5 months and once they're grown fully you can use it like 2x a week for maintenance. it's definitely a luxury item but it's basically heaven in a bottle! xx

  • http://www.dressmonsta.com/ Daul Be

    I have long lashes but they are straight on Asian lashes, and they are not as thick as I dream them to be. Lashes are just hair after all. So I've been testing this trick for about two weeks now and I started seeing some results. I use a Q-tip to moisturize my lashes (and eyebrows too) with coconut oil, EVERY SINGLE TIME BEFORE I GO TO BED! Doesn't matter how tired I am after work, party, whatever. My eyebrows are noticeably fuller now, and my lashes doesn't break as easily as before when I take off my mascara. I don't think I can ever give up mascara, maybe until my lashes absorb enough coconut oil for me to wake up like Beyonce <3

  • Alexandra

    Wait! I'm so confused, there is literally a segment on Dr. Oz right now about how eyelash tinting is illegal in New York...

  • Turanga Leela

    I've made a single tiny bottle last for seven months and counting. Here's how; throw away the brushes it comes with and apply Latisse with toothpicks (a new one for each eye). The flat side of the toothpick, of course. I've made a bottle last for ten months this way- suddenly that $120 per bottle doesn't seem that steep. And that stuff works!

  • Amy

    Do you have any recommendations for NYC eyelash perm? Thanks!!!

    • ITGLacey

      Hi Amy! The consensus seems to be that Curvy Lashes in the Flatiron is awesome & that Yuki over there is especially great!

  • Kait

    I have crazy long lashes, nice curl.. but are super blonde. I wear mascara daily-- but interested in the tinting. Will LashLoft get the entire strand ?

    • ITGLacey

      You will LOVE lash tinting, then. I don't know about Lash Loft for tinting—I haven't gotten it done there—but most good places will, especially if you emphasize that you want to make the ends visible. I have a similar thing going on, & it makes an enormous difference.

  • Alyssa Gapske

    I've gotten my lashes tinted in the summer which was cool, but I'm dying for extensions. To wake up and not have to worry about mascara...LOVE. My hair dresser has them and they're amazing!

  • ITGLacey

    That's definitely true for lash extensions, but depending on the mascara you use, how much you use, & how long you spend applying, $25/month on lash perms could be a bargain.

    • Hope

      I don't get to Biloxi or Gulfport much, but I'm in Fairhope. I suppose I could try some of the spas and see if they do it. Or would nail salons do this? I thought about it the whole time I was getting ready for work this morning. I can't wait to find some place.

  • ITGMackenzie

    OMG so late to this game, but this is so funny! And I want to get eyelash extensions now. Will it make me look like a cartoon? Do I even care?



  • Lei

    Best article ever! Where do you go to get your last perms?

    • ITGLacey

      Hi Lei! I asked around for you (meaning I asked my roommate Miya, who has perfectly permed lashes all the time), & she recommended Curvy Lashes in the Flatiron—she says Yuki there is great & super nice.

  • Hope

    Ok. I'm from LA (lower Alabama) and these have to be the greatest ideas EVER. I knew people got extensions, but I have no idea where. Any suggestions for places here that provide tinting or perms in this area? Most of my "getting ready" time is spent in applying my mascara. However, I have extremely sensitive skin and eyes. Out of all the expensive and non mascara brands the ONLY brand I can use without irritation is Almay. I need for someone to just tell me the best option and where to go and what to ask for. This would save me major time and hassle. Can't wait!!

    • ITGLacey

      It truly is a small, small world—I was actually born on the Coast. My cousins assure me you can get anything you want in Gulf Shores (not surprising, right?). OR if you're willing to go to Biloxi, one of my high school friends swears by Randy Barras.

  • Rebecca Beardsley

    I've had eyelash extensions before, I liked them but I found it extremely difficult to remove eye makeup without pulling at them and it hurting! Also you can only use oil free or it interferes with the glue and I couldn't find one for a while x


  • http://ameasureofblush.blogspot.co.uk/ Catherine

    This is a great post although i did get lash extensions applied before and they look amazing however when they were beginning to fall out they were taking my own lashes with them :/ took about a year to get my own thick again unfortunately. Hope this doesn't happen to you. Think i will try getting them dyed or permed though!


    • ITGLacey

      From talking to people after this post, it seems like the application technique and the glue the aesthetician uses are incredibly important—maybe the most important thing, actually. Next time I'm in to get mine touched up I'm going to ask them about the products they use & how their techs are trained & report back about it here so people will know what to look for/ask about when they go in.

  • http://beautyndbest.com/ Shreya

    I hardly use mascara. But do curl my lashes and use jet black liner on top lash line.
    http:// beautyndbest.com /

  • Sandra Grace

    Before purchasing Latisse, I suggest you read the warnings!

  • HauteBohemianChick

    Great article-I'm impressed with your wit :) You go girl! xoxo

  • Amanda

    Add this to the list of things I miss about NYC. I just moved to Paris a month ago, and not only is it a serious Indiana Jones style mission to find kale and a good eyebrow threader (I never realized how ubiquitous those two things are in New York), but i just looked up lash perming and can only find it for 70€?! Thats sounds cray after hearing everyone else seems to be able to get it for <10$. Anyone have any recommendations on where to get lash services in Paris (and where to find that kale while you're at it)?

  • http://www.bagslounge.com/ Vidya Gupta

    That's a very interesting compilation - I'd try the castor oil for sure!

  • CupofSusan

    Eyelashes are my biggest concern! Mine keep falling off a few months back and I figured to just stop using mascara, less fell out, but they were still leaving very visible gaps in my lash line.

    I really like the castor oil method. It hasn't dramatically lengthen my lashes or anything, but I have noticed that they have strengthen them. I have the short, stubby asian lashes, so I would always curl them and that's the source of my eyelash loss. And castor oil has prevented more to fall out!

    I was looking into eye lash extensions, but my eyebrow expert said when they fall off, it takes your natural lashes along...and that's what I'm trying not to do.

    Really, really looking into lash perm - but my biggest fear is that the chemicals to hold the curl will destroy my already sensitive, weak lashes and I'll lose my lashes.

    As of right now, I'm only sticking to castor oil until my lashes look fuller and healthier!

    Great post though! Very informative with all the different methods!


  • The_one

    You only need one thing.... cold pressed, unrefined, virgin, COCONUT OIL!!!

  • Tracy

    Wow, I should try this ASAP. I currently use Estee Lauder but it's quite messy and it got dry really fast.

  • WorkingGirl

    Anyone know of a great, safe place in Maryland, between Annapolis and Baltimore, to go to for eyelash extensions/dyeing/perm?

  • Carolyn

    I luv luv luv your posts. But, HELP. I also love extensions since my eyelashes never really came back well after chemo. Extensions turned out to be fabulous. Now, though, after a couple years my eyelids are sensitive and am afraid to do it again. Is there anything out there you recommend? I tried several glues and different people, but lately my eyelids swell up and redden that I cannot leave the house. Too embarrassing. Product was ExtremeLashes and glues, for sensitive ones, too. Any suggestions for really sensitive eyes? Any glue others have used that doesn't irritate? Will I grow out of this? Hate the no-lash look.

  • KM

    You're an excellent writer. Please don't ever stop. I came to the site looking for beauty advice and am leaving having read multiple of your posts, both enlightening and thoroughly entertaining... Thanks!!

    • ITGLacey

      Thank you so much! There is nothing on earth that makes me feel more honored or happier than hearing that something I wrote was actually useful :)

  • gp

    You have to tell them u want short ones in middle (8)..I told then second time and looks much more natural...just like lacey...8, 9, 10 on outside. Otherwise they do 10s the whole length which definitely looks false eyelashy...I go to Ebenezer in koreatown...
    Also, I find it helps to comb thru the tops of your lashes with spooly...then from underneath like you are putting on mascara. Good luck!!!!

  • donalda

    If I had thicker and darker lashes and eyebrows I would never wear makeup again. Unfortunately, without makeup I look like a browless alien. If there was a cheaper Latisse alternative I would use it on my lashes and brows. Until then, I will continue using one mascara for length and the other for thickness.

    • debbie

      I am sick at seeing how many people are giving the jerks at Allergan over a hundred dollars for a FOUR DOLLAR BOTTLE OF GLAUCOMA MEDS. Plus they use that b.s. story for marketing, claiming it was invented by a kindly doctor to help his wife who was a cancer patient. Uh, yes it was, but Latisse/Allergan jerks RAILROADED the poor guy and made it so he couldn't use his product Revitalash anymore. Then they went around telling saps like me and other people that they were the kindly souls who invented it JUST for people like us who lost our eyelashes. NO. I bought the hundred dollar bottle and then learned the truth, and since then have bought the four to six dollar bottle of the EXACT SAME medicine from overseas, works the same, no problem -- and no money to those jerks. I will buy several people a few bottles just to please, never, ever ever put another dollar into Allergan's pocket. They are repulsive to me. Sorry to be the Debbie Downer on this fun lighthearted page but Allergan has that effect on me!

  • Latun

    so unnatural..dark upper lashes and light lower lashes. and YES eyelash extensions have many side-effects, “The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) warns that among the
    potential dangers associated with cosmetic eyelash extensions and the
    adhesives used to apply them are infections of the cornea and eyelid,
    permanent or temporary loss of eyelashes, and eyelid swelling.”

  • Maja

    You can also apply lip balm/Vaseline, every night before going to sleep for about 1-2 weeks, your eye lashes will get longer and darker, just make sure that if you're using lip balm that it's scented but not coloured, it works better


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