Miley Cyrus Is A Wet Dream in W


Another day, another hot Miley Cyrus shoot. This time, the young lady W refers to as "America's Bad Girl" (Is that accurate? If that were the case, why is she offering The Biebs such sage advice on keeping his nose clean?) went all Bey-at-the-Grammys and did the wet hair/insane body thing for Mert and Marcus. Looks like Miley might officially be Eyebrow Free in 2014, but that's ok because she's on some Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner plus Jean Harlow thing and it's totally working. And Edward Enninful's styling is nothing short of inspired, although it's unclear by what: that McQueen cuirass, body oil, or Miley's skin? Definitely read her whole interview with Ronan Farrow here—not sure why anyone would ask Mia Farrow's son to interview Miley, but he does call her "a human text message," which is pretty entertaining. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have to go find several gallons of lube and a crimper.

Miley Cyrus photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for W March 2014. Hair by Orlando Pita, makeup by Lucia Pieroni, and manicure by Lisa Jachno.

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  • Sharon Macklin


  • MM

    She looks like Lady Gaga on the cover. That's not a compliment.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I can't tell if I like this spread or not. This however is typical of my feelings toward the subject of said article.

  • Elizabeth Allora

    I don't think I would have recognized her! She looks hot though!

  • Mady

    I like the minimalist eyebrows. It's a change from what we've been seeing lately! (not that there's anything wrong with bigger brows)

  • Paige

    Is it just me or does she look better with bleached out eyebrows?

  • HHH

    That doesn't even look like her .. I'm so confused. And scared.

  • ArganFoil

    I think she looks great! That longer bob suits her

  • Ana Leote

    I didn't even recognize her!


  • Ana

    I want to dislike her BUT I CAN'T. I loved that interview.

    • Carina

      Gah, same here.

  • Kim

    I can tell it's Miley on the cover, but the inside spread? Woww... I never would have guessed. I love the new hair an eyebrows, it looks more sincere than her crazy buns and lolling tongue.

  • Jill S

    YES. Love her. Despite everything, she just seems grounded and more in control than she lets on. And seriously...she's 21. Now is the time to do shit. Later she'll become a legend (or not) but she won't regret taking risks and pushing the envelope.

    • eastvillagesiren

      Exactly. She's young, and she has the right to own her sexuality. She's not hurting anyone, and she's not out their stealing fur coats and purses from nightclubs, making sex tapes or shooting heroin.

  • 1Alouette

    I think the title is ridiculous. She's another 20-something enjoying/fighting for her right to be sexual. No more, no less. I am all for her expressing her sexuality and doing her thing. People just need to stop sensationalizing it.

  • Cillla

    almost looks like a young Madonna.

  • hclsaltaicd

    she looks so different on the cover. maybe it's because her tongue isn't sticking out

  • Jen

    I didn't even recognize her at first... I think the spread is amazing even though I'm not the biggest fan of her at the moment. Well done W.


  • Aubrey Green

    Amazing Figure.

  • Alison Wilson

    Even as a Miley hater - I gotta give the girl props on her body. It looks sickkk. See what a little pilates can do?

  • Like

    Like, that interview, was like, hard to, like, read, like real, like difficult.

  • butt

    How does no one call her out on copying everything that is Brooke Candy??

  • unvanquished

    Wow, she does have an insane body.


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