The Anatomy Of A Perfect Valentine’s Bouquet


This Valentine's Day, step away from that uninspired spray of red roses and consider something a little less traditional, like...the Japanese ranunculus. Ariel Dearie is the flower doyenne responsible for the arrangement up top, and she says the humble ranunculus—which is poisonous, by the way, so don't give them to anyone who eats floral centerpieces—is actually her favorite flower for Valentine's this year: "I just find them so exquisite; each petal looks hand-painted. I paired them with peonies and garden roses to give the whole arrangement a soft, feminine feeling."

If you're inclined to try and recreate Ariel's work at home:

What You'll Need to Make This Arrangement
♦ Japanese Ranunculi
♦ Garden Roses
♦ Peonies
♦ New Jersey Ranunculi
♦ Orchids
♦ Bay Leaves
♦ Bush Ivy
♦ Privet
♦ Patience, Talent, and a Great Vase

Photo by Ariel Dearie.

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  • Evelyn B.

    Heart meltingly beautiful. As I am incredibly lazy I will just print it out and hang it all around my place.

  • Chantel

    Beautiful flowers.

  • The Horticult

    Ariel, what an inspired work of art! You really do justice to the outrageous beauty of the ranunculus.

  • k

    I adore adore adore all the flower posts. Keep it up. I love y'all.

  • Emma Hager

    Hola! Hey! This actually has nothing to do with flowers, but I just wanted to say that ITG is the best-looking blog out there. I'm serious, it's SO CALMING and gorgeous to visit everyday. It's like walking into a really modern home with lots of natural light that smells good.

  • nicci

    i love this!!! Really pretty

  • themanylivesofline

    This must be one of the most beautiful bouquets I've ever seen!

    Love from a true floralista ;)

    Line -

    Ps. Visit my blog for pretty snapshots of interior, fashion and all things pretty!