The Trick To Removing Glitter Makeup


Tom Pecheux decided his original eye makeup idea for Altuzarra's fall line—a duo-color look inspired by the primary knits in the collection—looked nice, and very pretty, but was, "so bloody boring." So, he reached for a pot of MAC Glitter (in Brass Gold, which will be released this fall) and dabbed it onto the models' lids instead, affixed with a layer of gloss.

One model seemed leery, noting that it was her last show of the day, and that the billion-fleck removal process would fall to her and not the next show's makeup artist. The glitter would of course fall all over her cheeks, into her mouth, onto her shirt, and on the floor of her apartment, where it would live 'til eternity (glitter can neither be created nor destroyed, right?).

"Just use Scotch tape," said one of the makeup assistants, before dabbing on the next 300k specs to her lash line. Scotch tape! There you go.

Photographed by Emily Weiss backstage at Altuzarra Fall 2014 in New York on February 8, 2014.

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  • Guest

    Ouch! Glitter on the eyelids -- never again. I learned the hard way and got a $500 medical bill in the process. (Who pays if the model gets a scratch on her cornea from wearing this makeup? Just curious.)

  • Chantel

    Awesome, thanks for sharing.

  • Julia

    In a bind I'll use a sticky roller to clean up any fallen glitter. Never do this in public.

  • Temmy

    omg that is an amazing trick. I never thought it would be something that easy.