Who To Follow On Instagram: The Health Food-tographers


These Instagrammers aren't on a diet, they're exemplifying a lifestyle that us Starbucks-swilling, candy-underwear-eating mortals can only imagine. Five common factors tie them together: they can't freaking get enough of banana ice cream (spoiler: this consists of blended frozen bananas), they eat—and know how to eat—all the really sexy exotic fruits you've never tasted, they treat garnish placement with the care of an OCD mosaic artist, they live in light-filled homes with light-filled kitchens filled beautiful cutting boards, and they own exponentially more white porcelain bowls than plates. Because LDL cholesterol and saturated fats are the binding agents required for food to sit neatly on a totally flat surface. Oh, also—we want this life. Let's learn about some of our favorite health-food pornographers:

Who: @alouette_

IRL: A 22-year-old vegan named Allison from Brisbane, Australia.

Instastyle: Naturally lit, dreamy photos of animal-free dishes in clean, white bowls.

Besides food pics: Nothing, save for a singular photo of yellow tulips. If you really are what you eat, she could very well be posting selfies.


Who: @lolacooks

IRL: A 17-year-old vegan named Laura who is "in love with cooking and healthy living."

Instastyle: Vegan food on-the-go—outside, inside, inside boxes. She'll occasionally post a recipe (e.g., raw, vegan "Snickers") or some super-healthy, vegan-approved packaged food she likes.

Besides food pics: The few posts unrelated to food (selfies...mostly selfies) are offset by the use of a black-and-white filter.


Who: @veggie_moments

IRL: Nikki Lee Frost, hailing, like many on this list, from Australia.

Instastyle: You'll see less decorated mush and more meals resembling those us unhealthies might consume—tacos, fudgey melty brownie things, noodles, almost-crepes.

Besides food pics: She promises not to post many personal pics, but there are a few of the gorgeous blonde. (Nikki, it's totally okay to post more personal photos.)


Who: @cleanfooddirtycity

IRL: This is the Instagram account of a gluten- and dairy-free recipe blog by the same name.

Instastyle: More clean, well-lit, white-background-ed snaps of bowled noodles, mushes, and green drinks. Also: an awesome video tutorial for DIY sriracha.

Besides food pics: Photo evidence that whoever runs this account knows an adorable Pomeranian and two adorable babies dressed as organic produce for Halloween.


Who: @theblondevegan

IRL: The Blonde Vegan is a vegan (of course), yoga junkie, and "quote enthusiast" from California named Jordan, who for some reason relocated to New York, where it seems these things would be harder to enjoy.

Instastyle: This is more of a personal account than one strictly dedicated to healthy food creations, so you'll see plenty of restaurant snaps and vegan fast food—aka Juice Press.

Besides food pics: Adorable selfies and motivational quotes sprinkled throughout.


Who: @onehungrymami

IRL: We don't know much about Brenda de la Piedra other than that she's a drop-dead gorgeous mother of two with an iPhone who follows a plant-based diet. She chronicles her recipes on her blog.

Instastyle: Tons of brightly colored fruits and salads in hinged-lid jars.

Besides food pics: Beautiful family photos, crazy pretty selfies, and a pic from the time she met Chris Lilley (Ja'mie!).


Who: @healthforhappy

IRL: An 18-year-old "nut butter addict" named Lisa from Perth, Australia.

Instastyle: Food in front of bushes, detailed shots of the inside of wraps, and documentation of her astoundingly healthy high-school bag lunches. (Well, they're actually in Tupperware.)

Besides food pics: The cutest photo of young Lisa triumphantly holding the Vitamix blender she won in some competition. Congrats Lisa, you deserve it!

Who: @ohsheglows

IRL: Angela Liddon, recipe blogger turned cookbook author.

Instastyle: Photos of heartier all-veggie meals, usually paired with a mixing or eating spoon, and 'sweets' lined up on parchment paper.

Besides food pics: Glorious pics of the North American outdoors, plenty of cats, and some shoe shots for good measure.


Who: @insaminsa

IRL: Insa, a naturopathy and nutrition student from Brisbane.

Instastyle: This one has a good eye for composition, and plays with depth and texture more than most food 'grammers. If that whole naturopathy thing doesn't end up working out, she's definitely got a future in photography.

Besides food pics: Absolutely nothing. Hey, if it ain't broke...


Who: @nutsaboutfruit

IRL: Julia Alisa, a self-described 23-year-old Swedish cat lady and fruit-loving vegan.

Instastyle: Do you like food? Do you like sheepskin rugs? Do you like food on sheepskin rugs? Follow immediately.

Besides food pics: Lovely selfies (is being really pretty a side effect of veganism?) and, obviously, plenty of cats. Swedish cats.


Who: @jescoxnutritionist

IRL: Jessica Cox, an accredited nutritionist from Brisbane, where else?

Instastyle: There's a mouth-watering fruit-compote-covered pancake video, and some sort of cute text app she uses to list the ingredients next to Mason jars full of not-at-all-milkshake 'milkshakes.'

Besides food pics: Encouraging diet advice, and a humblebrag selfie of the time her husband surprised her with a spa vacation. Mmm, spa day...


Who: @lonijane

IRL: Loni Jane is an Australian photographer, traveler, and perfect-life-liver.

Instastyle: Everything about this woman—and her Instagram—is very sexy. Salads? Sexy. Piles of overripe bananas? Sexy. If she shoots a photo of her breakfast, it will be sitting on her sexy tan legs on a sexy beach.

Besides food pics: There's plenty. Sexy (pregnant!!) seflies, sexy boyfriend—even her regrams suddenly become sexier by association.


Who: @nanaicecream

IRL: This account exists solely to repost and aggrigate all of the awesome banana ice cream photos on Instagram (again, just frozen bananas, no creamy dairy goodness).

Instastyle: It's all about that melty, 'nana regram. #nanaicecream

Besides food pics: Seriously, this is all just pictures of bananas masquerading as ice cream.


Who: @tofurier

IRL: Dionna Lee, explorer of amazing places who also does a good blunt bang.

Instastyle: Another exceptionally gifted photographer on our list, Lee's 'grams are very moody with lots of experimentation with light and shadows. And there's an extremely graphic video of molten chocolate sauce being poured into an open soufflé wound.

Besides food pics: She documents her travels to Singapore, Bali, India, and Australia, posts photos of her handbags and beauty product selection. A girl after our own heart.


Who: @nourish_yourself

IRL: Kimberley Neumann is a healthy-living enthusiast living in...wait for it...Australia!

Instastyle: She wouldn't be on this list if she couldn't tap a decent pic or know how to choose a filter, but what sets Kimberly apart are her photos of yummy plant food growing straight outta the ground, along with idyllic organic market veggie displays.

Besides food pics: Skylines and farm animals.

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  • Emma and Emily

    Just followed all of these! Thank you for the healthy eating inspiration :)

  • mariamabramble

    Great list!! I feel it's missing a little diversity. Here are some of my top helath food ladies of color :)




    • http://www.thenourishingvegan.com/ Jenné @ The Nourishing Vegan

      Girl! Thanks for adding some diversity (including my Sweet Potato Soul) to the list. You brightened my day : ) xoxo

    • Jordan

      don't forget @_falconcara_!

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Really nice list! Beautiful pictures are a must! Always try to post beautiful pictures on my blog :-) let me know what you think :-)

  • Thu

    ITG- I love you!

  • cat

    yesss, these are some of my favorite insta accounts. also @purevana and @feltbyheart have some pretty stunning photos. OH and @conocana's insta is like art.

  • kathS

    lonnijane...what???? in a good way. thanks for this.

  • Charmystique

    Love lonijane. Her feed would be what I would term--inspirational.


  • laura

    best post!! love this

  • Jessica Rose

    17...with 65,000 followers on her Instagram....I now feel like a complete under achiever ..!! Kids....tsk! ;))


  • http://madamecouture.blogspot.com/ Emma Hager

    Glad you mentioned LoniJane....you're right, SO sexy. She makes pregnancy look really hot.

  • Heather

    Check out plantbasedbabe !

  • http://www.jessicacox.com.au/ Jessica Cox

    Fantastic and hilarious article! Thanks for the feature guys, much appreciated. Can't believe the mention of my husbands surprise spa day!....his head is going to swell big time (hmmm, maybe I shouldn't show him this ;-) ). Xx

  • murt

    Wow - beautiful photos in terms of composition, lighting, etc. Though I'm not really able to find the 'decorated mush' shots all that appetizing (great description though)! The green goo with the weird brown crusty stuff on top looks particularly gross.

    Also the papayas stuffed with the purple pukey stuff.....

  • Erica

    I would also recommend @silverspies!

    • Bianca

      I second this!

      Juliette is also from Brisbane ;)

  • http://skinsweet.blogspot.co.uk/ Jade

    I just followed all of these, just the inspiration I need to try and start eating healthily. I hope so anyway... Everything looks so beautiful. This is a fantastic post, you've made it so easy to follow them as well, I just love it. Thanks for doing this! xx

    Jade | skinsweet

  • http://www.theblondevegan.com/ Jordan Younger

    Thanks so much for the feature! You guys rock. Definitely made me laugh my butt off, too. And in the middle of winter I also find myself wondering why the heck I moved to NYC from sunny California ;)

  • Mary Anne Pangilinan

    Thanks for the post! Go the Aussies! Here are some others I follow - @deliciouslyella - gorgeous UK girl
    There are so many!

  • ilikefoodfoodisgood

    seems heavy on the veggies. meat is healthy too!

  • june2

    Looking for the lead photo of some kind of pumpkin pizza? Is not in the gallery list...anyone? thx!

  • Masha Akashkina

    nice! don't forget about @salatshop

  • Breakfast Criminals

    Following most of these amazing girls already, thanks for the rundown! If anyone is as obsessed with breakfasts... I have some superfood recipes for you :) http://www.instagram.com/breakfastcriminals

  • Anna Maria V Turcato

    Very good post, thank you ITG!!!!
    Some of these ladies I already follow and some of them I'm starting following now :)
    There are so many interesting IG account about healthy nutrition, beside those mentioned by ITG I love @brusselvegan @healing_belle @mynewroots @mypoortiredliver and, of course, mine @cherryredgirl ;)
    I hope to see more post about healthy nutrition which is so important for achieving a glowing skin, strong and shiny hair and a general good shape.
    We are what we eat: don't forget!!!

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    Awesome! Although, there was one rad chick left out and her name is Kimberly Snyder. @_kimberlysnyder XX

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    love the list, to get more inspiration. Personally, Im a big fan of Loni Jane instagrams, she takes amazing pictures! http://www.lapolentacocina.com

  • hclsaltaicd

    I love the idea, but vegan doesn't equal healthy. A lot of vegans eat way way way too much sugar (in the form of fruit, dried fruit, grains, legumes etc)

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    Follow "thefoodiemonkey", the food is so healthy and looks amazing! It inspires me to be healthy

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    I'm spruking my partner's IG but @jenna_elizabeth26 is posting a heap of raw/organic/heathy treats and smoothies. They're both beautiful and delicious.

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    Hey All! I have a Wellness account that is all about motivation, inspiration, and education! Come check it out @MindBodyBespoke Thanks!