Hair Color Forum: Let’s Talk About Going Blond

Kirsty Hume photographed by Emily Weiss
Photo courtesy of Sharmadean Reid
Kristina O’Neill photographed by Emily Weiss
Emily Weiss photographed by Mathea Millman
Kate Young photographed by Emily Weiss
Angel Haze photographed by Emily Weiss
Soo Joo Park photographed by Ezra Petronio
Elin Kling photographed by Emily Weiss
Olivia Kim photographed by Emily Weiss
Sarah Rutson photographed by Emily Weiss
Amanda Lepore photographed by Emily Weiss
Nathalie Love photographed by Emily Weiss

Blonde may be a state of mind, but let's be honest—it's mostly a hair color, one that usually requires stuff like bleach, foil, and strange purple shampoo. Have you been (or are you currently) on Team Flaxen? Do you wish you were? We want to hear about it.

Add your contribution in the comments—questions, photos, advice, whatever. We're all lifting and toning together, people.

To get this party started, we went ahead and assembled tips from a few of our favorite blondes:

Kirsty Hume: "I color my hair myself, out of a box. I use a very light blond color just at the roots, and let it grow out. For maintenance, I wash my hair with Philip B Shampoo and Wen Cleansing Conditioner."

Sharmadean Reid: "I like being blonde... right now I feel like a cross between T-Boz, Nastassja Kinski from Paris, Texas, and a bit of a Japanese school girl."

Kristina O’Neill: "Reyad at Frédéric Fekkai does my color—he keeps it beach-y looking. I always say, 'Just make it look like Gisele’s.'"

Emily Weiss: "I was told not to wash my hair for several days before [the bleaching], as the natural oils would help protect my scalp. I wonder if I would have wussed out/fainted/had a full-blown panic attack had I not done that."

Kate Young: "I get single process color every six weeks. They just put bleach on the roots, and I sit there for two hours."

Angel Haze: "I just went blond. When I was getting it done at Salon Sims recently, I was like, ‘You know what? I want to bleach it grey.’ And they were like, ‘Nooo, you can’t. You’ll strip it, and it will be really ugly, and blah, blah, blah...’ So I just went for the lightest blond I could possibly get."

Soo Joo Park: "My hair doesn’t really make me feel very different, but I know that I get perceived as a different person. People think I’m more more eccentric, open, or adventurous—but it’s really just the hair."

Elin Kling: "Mirjam Bayoumi on the Upper East Side does all of the Swedes. She does the Princess of Sweden’s hair. She said that 95% of her clients are blond Swedish girls. [Laughs] It’s not super fancy, she just knows how to do blondes."

Olivia Kim: "Obviously I’m not a blonde, but I’ve been wanting to go blond since I was 18… And then last year I said, ‘I’m just going to do it.’ I asked Jimmy Paul and he said, 'You have to go to Maya at Bumble & Bumble, she’s an amazing Japanese colorist and she used to do her hair white.'"

Sarah Rutson: "Another thing that I've found through getting older is that blonder hair is less harsh for me. My hair is naturally black, but I dyed it seven years ago to give me a softer look."

Amanda Lepore: "My hair has been bleach blond since I was fourteen. I get it done every four or five weeks by Harlequin at Dramatics on 5th avenue. I use a lot of Shu Uemura Conditioner and Essence Absolue to keep it hydrated. Bleaching gives you high-maintenance hair."

Nathalie Love: "I heard, for the color, that apple cider vinegar helps. You just pour it on your head and then smell bad for a few days."

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  • Anne

    My colorist has a great trick that lets me stretch out the time between my appointments a little longer, she calls it 'breaking the base'. About 6-8 weeks after your regular appointment (highlights and toner for my ashy blonde hair) and depending on your hair growth, I go back and she puts a toner on my roots. This lightens my roots enough that they are manageable for a couple more weeks until my next full appointment. It helps because after a certain point of growth, dark roots next to ash blonde doesn't look great, so the toner helps break up the colour.

  • Lera

    I color at home. My fave is Scandinavian Blonde from Schwarzkopf, in US I buy John Frieda 9 N. Both give me light natural blonde shade (the latter is a bit darker). I color to hide several grey hairs. I do not wash my hair at least 2 days before I do it; I color every 6 to 8 weeks.

    • Stephanie

      Hi Lera, what color is your hair naturally, do you have to bleach it first?

      • Lera

        It's medium blonde, I don't have to bleach it.

        • Stephanie

          Awesome me too and was wondering if you had to bleach. Thanks so much going to give it a try!

  • Sharon Macklin

    Nope - no desire to go blonde. I'm very hairdresser mixes a single-process color with no ammonia for me. The different colors of my hair take the color differently, so I look like I have highlights without the bother. I like the contrast of the darker color against fair skin.

  • Katherine

    lee stafford bleach blondes shampoo is a total savior for me. it really brings my blonde hair color back to that fresh-out-of-salon shade.

  • Georgie

    I went platinum yesterday! Took 3.5 hours in total. Glad to read it helps to have greasy hair when you have it done - I hadn't washed my hair in about 4 days....

  • Helen

    I have naturally very dark hair, and went blonde as a hair model about eight years ago (with a horrible orange month in between). Aside from the colour itself it was the lowest-maintenance my hair's ever been, it's naturally very oily but the bleach took all that away. I miss it, but I don't miss the awful burning sensation of toner after bleach. Kept it for less than a year before going black. I did notice that everyone treated me differently: I've been told I'm 'intimidating looking' and apparently yellow hair takes that away.

  • Georgie

    Went blonde yesterday! Took 3.5 hours. Had really really greasy hair so glad to read that helps protect the scalp. Haven't tried on any lipsticks since I dyed it but I'm interested to see how different they look now.

    Also I never know what face to make in selfies.....

    • ITGLacey

      Oh my gosh I love it!!!!! That color is just divine on you—I'd bet a matte orange-red lip (a la Betty Draper on Mad Men) or a mid-pink that's just a little glossy would be gorgeous!

      • Georgie

        Thanks! :)

    • adamalpha

      Now chop it! Chop it! CHOP IT!

      • Georgie

        Not gonna lie, the temptation is insane

  • Robin Sparkles

    I have naturally very light brown hair that would go to blonde so easily, but I have dyed it red so many times that it would not bleach to a nice blonde :( if only I had the willpower to grow out my natural color.

    • Taylor

      Robin you could totally do just takes a heap of patience. Before I went blonde my hair had several layers of horrid box-dye on it and was an atrocious auburn/red/purple--I don't even think there was a name for it--color. Blonde definitely won't happen overnight but it's been totally worth the time/money investment!!

  • Eunice

    I went from black to blonde 9 months ago! I was going for lilac, but ended up with blonde hair because I couldn't get my hands on some lilac Manic Panic.

    Bleached hair is very high maintenance hair! It's the worst thing you can do to your hair, physiologically. Your scalp will burn and probably peel (therefore produce LARGE flakes).

    Also: People will look at you! Especially in countries like where I live, where everyone has naturally dark hair. It's a nice (tedious) way to set yourself apart, but if you can pull it off, by all means, do it!

    The ONLY thing I wish people (and probably would have changed my mind) told me was that it's really hard to go back to black/dark hair. I got tired of maintaining blonde hair and decided to just grab a black foam dye, almost a month ago from now. Fades within days so I need to get another color.

    • ITGLacey

      Oh, I feel you there with the constant re-dyeing. I have naturally lighter hair & I actually loved having it black-brown, but I just couldn't keep it rich & fresh looking for the life of me, & then when it started growing out it looked super weird at the roots...

    • Julia

      I'm sorry to say, but if colour fades so quickly then you've killed your hair fiber. Been there, done that... In the end, Redken has some very good reconstructing producrs (pro only) that can help you with that. I'll probably take 4-6 months to bring your hair back, but it's totally worth it

  • Sarah

    No, thanks! No desire to go blonde. I am very proud of my natural hair color.

  • sophie

    I went platinum from half - East Asian dark brown two years ago. .. and now I'm blonde til I dye. I agree with what Soo Joo says - people make assumptions about your character - but really to me, becoming blonde was like coming home. I feel, for someone with wholly unnatural hair, more authentic.

  • Denisse

    I've never been interested in going blonde. Partly because I never thought it would look good with my tan skin. But honestly, it's not actually my style. Plus it's so damaging to the hair! The whole "Blondes have more fun" is a bit overrated in my opinion, and I don't feel like adhering to stereotypes. I bet there's as many blonde introverts as there are brunette/redhead extroverts. It's just about being and doing whatever makes you happy! But if for some it's going blonde, then go right ahead!

  • Katy

    I want to go back to blonde, but ughhhhhhhh the upkeep. I'm so lazy :(

  • Alyssa Gapske

    My colorist is great, which helps. Purple shampoos help with the brassiness, and the new John Frieda glaze for cool blondes is AMAZING.

  • Kira

    I didn't intentionally go blonde, but after highlighting my naturally light brown hair so many times, one day it hit me, "I'm blonde!!!" I've embraced it and don't think I'll ever go back. My hair has the tendency to turn brassy so I have to be careful to use gentle shampoos. I alternate Klorane Chamomile Shampoo and Wen Cleansing Conditioner.

  • Jenny W

    I have black hair and I went blonde over the summer because I wanted a change. Actually it started in Bali, and my hair just got lighter and lighter. And everyone stares cause I'm Asian. Blerg. But one thing I do constantly is hair treatments, mostly hair masks cause bleaching and toning seriously takes a lot out of my hair. I've got a lots of hair masks, from Wen, Bumble and Bumble, Japanese Kao Essential Mask, Macademia hair mask. I use hair oil on the ends and halfway through my hair, my scalp doesn't need any oil. I like josie maran hair oil, john fredia hair oil. sometimes even coconut oil. And yes not washing your hair for a few days definitely helps the scalp when I have to bleach my roots.

    • ITGLacey

      There should be a "No Wash Before Bleach" PSA, for realz

      • Grace

        oh shit now im freaking out. I stumbled upon this while reading up before my appointment tomorrow, to go lighter (from my very dark brown hair), and guess what ive juuuuust done, washed it!! :s please tell me i can grease it up with products or something! if i delay i know i wont do it!
        ps. this is the first time im dyeing it ever..... and i just had it cut short! big changes!

  • Kara Nesvig

    I've been every shade of blonde: golden, wheat, strawberry, dark, platinum,
    Platinum is my favorite. Don't do it if you don't like attention, or if you're scared to damage your hair, or if you're not willing to spend some money maintaining it!

    • ITGLacey

      That is sooooooo good!

    • Georgie

      The attention is the only down side for me. Earlier some guy straight up took out his phone and took a photo of me as I walked past them on the street.... They didn't even turn off the shutter sound! So uncool. But I love my hair so I'll get over it

    • kimberlyloc

      You are too adorable! Really love this shade.

    • Taylor

      That shade is everything...!!

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I'd love to go back blonde (my natural color) but it's going to be such a time consuming and possibly hair frying process that I just keep going auburn!

    • Calli

      You could try using Scott Cornwall colour remover to take you back to your natural shade! It does actually work, and is non-damaging / doesn't strip your hair or use bleach or ammonia. It actually works!

  • Linette

    the rule is brunettes and blonds can get blond highlights, but blonds can not get brown highlights go brown hair.

    • ITGLacey

      See, I've definitely gotten lowlights that got me verrrrry, verrrry close to brunette, though...

  • ITGLacey

    I've been every shade of blonde imaginable, & the best advice I can give is... NEVER DYE & PERM.

    And also... Never put hair chalk over platinum hair. It will not come out—seriously, I have photographic evidence:

    • Annon

      You might actually be Claire Danes in that third picture...

      • ITGLacey


  • ITGLacey

    Your hair looks gorgeous in the pic—being in-between shades makes you more versatile anyway! ;)

    • malteseproverb

      Thank you! That's what I think too :3

  • Kerry Lee

    i'm going through a platinum or brunette phrase in my head lately...i know the combo of asian+platinum sounds like trouble, but honestly they make it look so tempting:

  • Sydney

    I was blonde as a little girl, but that changed when I hit puberty. I highlighted my hair to a golden blonde when i was a teenager. I'd been wanting to go back to blonde for about a year and I finally took the plunge and went platinum for the holidays. I love it and I plan on keeping it for as long as my hair will take it. Here I am with my dark roots (love 'em).

    • ITGLacey

      The color & styling are great—so perfect for this season!

    • Solange

      Wow! You are stunning!

    • blondeoneday

      this is my ideal! love it! might save ur pic to take to the stylist one day! hope u don't mind!

  • mmolly

    I took the plunge from dark brown to platinum for a change and to hide my grays. It certainly was an adjustment, but I ended up loving it. I am pale so a key for me was to be in the white/silver tone of blond. I used a small amount of Tressa Watercolors shampoo in violet washe once a week. That would turn my hair a shade of violet which would fade to the perfect silvery tone. Platinum lasted for two years before my hair started to look worn out. I dyed it black, but miss my old white hair. And like other commenters have noted, it was always a point of conversation.

  • halien

    I've been bleach blonde since 2008. First trying to put boxed blonde on my natural champagne ashy blonde...turning it sunshine fucking yellow. In a freak-out I made an appointment at a swanky salon. I went to the same salon for a follow up appointment, but being an art school student and very, very poor, 200$ touch-ups were out of the question. Enter Quick Blue. After that 2nd appointment, I've been doing my own hair ever since (minus the one time it was done in roots ended up baby chick yellow, while the rest of my hair - done myself - was platinum). I always use Wella T18 toner for the white platinum love. Almost 6 years later, my formula has not varied, and I have pretty amazing results. Being super duper platinum also allows other colors to take to the hair in full effect. I did this rainbow (for the first time) last night...

  • Anon

    Gross/ embarrassing question: after years of au naturel light brown hair, i went blond with balayage highlights. I've also been going through my first bout with dandruff, and trying to ascertain the perfect number of washes a week, with which shampoo (regs or anti-dandruff), has been challenging, to say the least.

    I've gotten foil highlights before and never experienced this level of dryness or breakage with my hair. Is it due to the anti-dandruff shampoo or...? Help!

  • kimberlyloc

    I'm seriously considering trying blonde this year. I did a major pixie chop last year (10 inches GONE) and loved it, and as this mop grows out, I need something else to entertain me. I love that you are showing examples of Asian-Americans with blonde locks (I'm HAPA), so I can kinda get an idea if this is going to work with my skin tone or totally wash me out / look blah. Does anybody have suggestions on what shade of blonde will work for me? I have naturally dark brown / auburn hair and light skin with yellow undertones. Direct me to your pins, people! :) xo

  • jbiel

    I had never been even remotely tempted to go blonde until I saw Emily do it. I so STRONGLY identified with my dark dark brown hair. But suddenly, it just felt like why the fuck not.

    I clipped tons of platinum blonde pictures, talked to multiple stylists... almost no one wanted to do the full double process bc I also work out so much and that's really hard on your hair too. I settled on a stylist and we negotiated that I could work my way to being fully blonde by this summer by doing highlights and balayage.

    I have to say, I can't really fathom going back now. People tell me how much they like it and for the first time in my life, I sort of feel like thanks but honestly, I really don't care. This blonde hair is for me and me alone. So...thank you ITG!

  • Hannah M.

    I went blonde (not all the way, but VERY heavily foiled to the point that it looks like I'm blonde with lowlights) about 8 months ago. The best advice I can give to people considering going blonde is this: Assess your hair health honestly and accurately before bleaching, and don't let hair stylists scare you out of something you think your hair can handle.

    'Cause as far as I can tell, I've had pretty much zero damage from being blonde. BUT, I heat style maybe four times a year, I don't use any products on my hair other than shampoo and conditioner, and all I had done to my hair previous to going blonde was use semi-permanent colours. My hair was healthy, but I had two stylists talk me out of blonde before I finally found one that was as gung-ho as I was. No one knows how your hair behaves better than you do. Be honest with yourself, and if you decide to commit, then find a stylist who will get on board and make it fun! None of this "well, how about some subtle highlights" business.

  • Haley Bott

    I've had every hair color under the sun, but right now it's a faded pink on top of a bleaching and toning done in november after my first attempt at self-bleaching in august. let me tell ya, bleaching at home is easy as pie for me (my hair is naturally medium blonde) but getting a nice color is difficult. Try and tone as I might, it was quite brassy so I bit the bullet and went somewhere in berlin for roots and toning. Having no roots is a bit jarring, but my hairdresser toned the yellow right out.
    First photo is my first attempt: quite yellow and maybe not the best for my already pink skin. Second and third photos: air-dried and a few days, then weeks post-professional color. Fourth photo: a recent iteration of my hair coloring adventures.

  • ningning

    Asian with long hair nearing down to my waist, that's me. had a bad bleach job by Park Jun in Alabang (yeah, naming the salon cos it was THAT BAD) and ended up with orange hair. Now then after a few months I color the roots by myself because I realise that I can turn my own hair platinum just with a simple hair colorant (I use Schwartzkopf's Nordic Blonde L1) and Fudge violet shampoo. From BLACK to blonde, girls!

  • Macey

    I must say (and here is the one place that I can say it) that having naturally blonde hair that easily lightens to a pale, buttery color is one of the prides of my life. I am prideful of it. I've tried all the other colors cause I could, and different shades of blonde, but the fact that even my eyebrows (and other hair...) are light makes me feel like a naughty little arian devil. And, I love it. And I look back at pictures of myself and I see that how light my hair is is a direct reflection of how happy I am in my life.

  • Nubsy

    Can we talk more about the process of going from naturally black hair to platinum blonde? How does Soo Joo achieve that and still have her hair look so nice and soft?

    • Neelam

      This is what I want to know!

    • ITGLacey

      Honestly? Verrrrry slowly. I had my hair dyed almost-black & then decided to go back to blonde, & my colorist had to do it in stages over about 8 weeks. So the first time I went in, I came out a medium golden brunette, the second time a light coppery brown, and then the third time I was blonde again. Every time I went in she also used very weak lifter, so I sat there with it on my hair for a good 2–3 hours each time. I still ended up cutting about 6 inches off after a couple of months just because the ends were so dry, but then again I also had processed hair to begin with, so... basically, don't be me, kids!

      I dug up a couple of old pics from back then to show you my beginning to end lift—got pretty light & was still healthy-looking, at least:

  • Neelam

    I REALLY want platinum blonde hair but I'm South Asian and have tan/light olive coloured skin so don't think it would look good. I'm scared about damaging my hair too. Hope to get it done in the summer though!

  • Stephanie

    Love being blonde.

  • Stephanie

    I love it - won't go back to brunette for a long time!

  • alexasunshine83

    Okay so I'm naturally blonde, but I decided to get crazy and go dark brown, which I found did not flatter me at all. So now I'm on the journey of going back and the first blonde that I got weaved in literally was awful. I'm pretty sure I cried and that was the longest month of my life. Now I've gotten a second blonde weaved in and it's taken that disgusting in-between out, so I know I'm on the right track! I think some people can go blonde super fast because they have enough hair to bleach, but my hair is so thin and fragile that I'm going the slow way.

    One thing about going blonde is how damaged your hair kind of gets, mine is so tangled when I get out of the shower, so I've been using the L'oreal Professional Paris Pro-Keratin Refill protective cream on my damp hair and it is a holy grail for me! I wouldn't be able to brush my hair without it :)

    My three stages:

  • seret

    I have done it and it's awesome. I am now brown again but assume I will be blonde in the future...

    • halien

      i love this future cut!!

      • Seret

        Thanks Halien. I did a show for Toni and Guy. They cut it.

  • Nomadic D.

    I just took the plunge a couple months ago! I have to say I was extremely inspired by ITG's own Emily. I'd experimented with pretty much every other hair color possible, but for some reason blonde had never seemed like an option. So glad I did it though! I like it much better now that I've got some dark roots showing, I think I'm going to try and keep it just like this as long as possible:

    Since I went from fairly dark to almost platinum I really have to make sure I'm constantly hydrating. I put a bit of jojoba oil onto my hair about half an hour before I get in the shower, then use that purple old lady shampoo, and then add a few drops of oil to my conditioner as well. My hair looks much healthier now than it did right after I had it bleached.

    Also I have to say I went to an 'ecologically friendly' salon and they use bleach with no ammonia, so it was much less aggressive and toxic than your average lifting experience. Highly recommend it.

  • Anna Mond

    I really love to be Blonde. Before and after.

    • ne2nj

      Did you do this yourself? If so, how? You look good with dark and blonde hair!

  • Erin Frye

    I've been every color under the sun, but there is nothing like being a blonde! I had a DRAMATIC chopoffallmyhairandbleachit salon visit after a big breakup...and felt like tinkerbell for awhile. I also got plenty of "MILEY!!!"
    shoutouts at bars...(which I eventually embraced with a smile and a quick twerk). I have since gotten back together with my man and my hair has seemed to calm down with the relationship. I'm still a blondie, but I added some lowlights, and I'm growing it out. The mullet look is in right? I've found purple shampoo and learning to embrace the "air dry" technique are really essential in maintaining. Have fun!

  • Bethybright

    From long (halfway down my back) and dark brown to short short and platinum. It took three appointments over a month and a half. And purple shampoo is my friend...right now I use a matrix purple shampoo and I also tried Goldwell Violet blonde toner and I love it. It's a nice cool toner - takes ten minutes and looks fantastic. I do struggle with my pinky toned skin - but Armani foundation makes that all better. Viva la platinum.

  • Lena

    I have been wanting to dye my hair dirty blonde since the 7th grade.I make appointments and say I'm going to do it but I'll always pass and get a medium-dark shade. My hair is naturally very dark, almost black so the upkeep freaks me out. I couldn't imagine having to dye the roots every 4-6 weeks. However, every now and then I get the urge to just go for it!

  • Sally

    My hair was a natural strawberry blonde when I was young but due to a series of hair misadventures in my teens it's more like a mousy brown now. I've been white blonde for over a year now and apart from the first time, I've been doing it myself for the last year. I've only needed to tone it twice over the last year due, and both times I've been less careful with the powder/developer ratio. It's been very low maintenance, which is perfect.

    I've loved being blonde, however in about a month I'm doing Shave for a Cure, for the Leukaemia foundation and although I should be scared of shaving off all my hair, I'm far more terrified of the condition my ultra dry scalp is in.

    Any scalp revival tips from seasoned blondes?

  • Marcela

    I had the hair everyone I knew envied - full body, glossy, long. It was also natural, after years of dying it red. I loved my hair how it was naturally, in a grayish chocolate color, but that voice kept getting louder and louder - Go Platinum! Go Platinum! It was inevitable. My plan was to go full blown platinum and then when it came time for a touch up, I'd go back to being a brunette. Cut to 3 years later and after much drama and countless hours and visits to the salon I couldn't be more pleased of having fried-ends, bleached tips and dark roots hair. My hair was the epitome of healthy, now is the epitomy of Lords of Dogtown (although if I have a nice blow dry it transforms into something glamorous and shiny). I probably look prettier as a brunette, but I like how my hair transforms everything I wear, like a turbo button.

  • Flip

    Just went from ombre brown/blonde. My natural color is what my sisters and I call "squirrel." Just look at a squirrel and you'll know. The people at my salon call me the community hair because literally everyone has helped...I've had up to 6 people working on me at once. I've started listening to a lot of Marina and the Diamonds and dressing like 80s workout Barbie for barre class. It feels right. Using Paul Mitchell Platinum shampoo once a week but warned that it could actually turn my hair purple and to switch off with a clarifying shampoo.

  • BlondeOneDay

    I want recs for stylists in NYC who are willing to take dark brown hair to platinum. My colorist always talks me out of it.

  • Laura

    I love my golden blonde hair! On Friday, I made the mistake of having a root touch up done at a salon I wasn't familiar with. After touching up my roots (naturally light brown), the stylist said she wanted to run a color gloss through my hair. Big mistake!! While my roots looked ok, I got home and noticed the rest of my hair had a very noticeable gray tone to it. I washed my hair like crazy for a couple days and finally caved and went to another salon to have it fixed. The stylist put a nice warm golden gloss over my hair to brighten it up and rain some foils through my roots to help break it up. While this did help a lot, there are still noticeable gray ashy spots in my hair and I feel like it is almost looking green now in spots. Help!! Should I just keep washing and wait for the damage to fade? I can't handle stripping my hair.

  • Kari

    I have naturally blonde hair which bleaches out in great streaks. However my boyfriend has dark hair and I feel weird being blonde around him. Natural blondes are dying out, and unfortunately our kids probably won't be blonde. So I'm dying my hair brown temporarily, trying to learn how to give up my hair color.

  • ne2nj

    My natural color is medium light brown (very mouse-y) so I have been getting blonde highlights for 25 years. Finally, when we moved to a new location and I had to find a new salon, I decided I've had enough of highlights and want to go single process blonde. Every colorist/stylist I've talked to has tried to talk me out of it. Finally I went ahead and had a "retouch" and "face frame" which entailed coloring my roots a new color with blonde highlights in the front. The new color was supposed to be a 'cool lift' from my natural/root color, but it came out light reddish, which is not a good color with my skin tone. The highlights are okay. I called the colorist/stylist and he said he cannot get me to blonde. The whole thing that got me going on this single process blonde is I saw a woman in public recently whose hair color was great. I asked her who did it and she said she does it herself, L'Oreal Natural Blonde #9. She said her natural color is very close to my base/root color. But I am afraid because I have highlights (and now a new base color as well) that it will be a mess if I try it. Should I just grow my hair out without any color before attempting to do a single process myself? Help! (I am in my 50s and have shoulder length hair).

  • Billy95Idol

    I am male, 18 years old and would love to have Blonde hair, I have a high-lift hair dye as my hair is dark brown but am not sure whether or not to dye my hair semi-permanent lighter then use the high-lift or to use the high-lift then a blonde semi-permanent, it's just I read a lot it could either go green or orange??

  • Taylor

    I have very faded pink hair that was bleached before I dyed it. Do I need a toner before going dark blonde again? How do I dye it dark blonde without it turning a weird color?

  • TKitti

    Ladies, use WEN cleansing conditioner on ur hair! Always use cool water!read the directions, best for any n all hair types, ESPECIALLY coloring/bleaching! Its worth the money! Use nothing else.

  • Ninigirl

    I am a natural dark brown haired girl....I must say, after several salon disappointments - I decided to "study" hair, online videos, reading and websites like this one. Just yesterday, I gave myself my own Baylage (sp?) and could not be happier! First, if you are Spanish decent (like me) your hair will always lighten to an orange color. This is inevitable, but you can work with it. I used Keune 3001 NO bleach lightener with a blue additive. When you are highlighting at home, it's great because you can give yourself highlights where you want them. Also, a violet blue toner is essential. My hair is almost as light as Sofia Vergara's. I realize I need to tone it once again to achieve that true blonde beige look, but it's close!

  • jen

    Hello. I am a natural dirty blond that went dark brown almost black. It looked great! But my hair grows super fast and i cant afford to keep up with my light and obvious roots after about four weeks. I wanted something fun and i kinda wanna go back to blonde but not sure if i should do the red i like or if i should just prep my hair with some super conditioning get the color then go get a trim or cut whatever the damage from bleaching calls for. I am not affraid of pixie haha. Please help? How do i prep my hair for the change?

  • Ugly Duckling

    I've got dark hair, but use bleach and then 10V Extra Light Blonde Hair Color with Violet. This keeps my hair Cold Blonde, which is the way I like it....haven't been a brunette in about 10 years!!

  • Cynthia

    I have grey (platinum)and golden highlights with brassy roots result of three unsucessfull attempts with going platinum blond at a Salon! Is there anyway of making my whole head of hair the same color of platinum blond?


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