A Moment For Black Denim

R13 Oversized Trucker Stretch-Denim Jacket
BLK DNM 8 High-Rise Skinny Jeans
Goldsign Holly Denim Skirt
Ksubi Albuquerque Cut Off
Converse Chuck Taylor Denim Women’s Low-Top Sneaker

The invention of the car was a pretty big deal, I’ll admit. Sending men to the moon was a major achievement. The Internet? Eh, I use it sometimes… But the greatest invention in the past 150 years: jeans. I’m wearing them right now. I wore them yesterday. I’ll probably wear them tomorrow. I’d venture to say that I will wear them at least four days out of the week for the rest of my life (or until we all finally get to start wearing those silver jumpsuits of the future). I have one man to thank for this glorious item: Levi Strauss, who would have turned 185 this past Wednesday. But since I’m still bitter about the US men's hockey team losing to Canada in Sochi— and to recognize another maybe-not-entirely-obvious fashion icon, Johnny Cash, who would've been 82 this week—I’m suggesting an alternative to the so-called “Canadian Tuxedo”: all black denim.

1. R13 Oversized Trucker Stretch-Denim Jacket: A good jean jacket is a staple in any wardrobe. But separate yourself from everyone and their mom by going for a darker, roomier cut.

2. BLK DNM 8 High-Rise Skinny Jeans: Hands down, the best jeans on the market. If you have hips that don’t lie or a booty that Sir Mix-a-Lot would wax poetic over, consider trading in all your denim for these. No more whale-tales. No more of that awkward wiggle-pull when you stand up. Universally flattering, leg elongating, waist-narrowing denim in true black has arrived.

3. Goldsign Holly Denim Skirt: Jean skirts are back. I’m not talking about the frayed Abercrombie micro-mini we all wore to high school parties (though, maybe it’s time to revisit that painfully preppy past? No? Just me?), but rather a fashion-friendly, svelte, casual take on the workingwoman favorite that is a black pencil skirt.

4. Ksubi Albuquerque Cut-Offs: The secret to fitting in at the Gloffice in weather north of 65 degrees is wearing these Australian cut-offs. Not because we're cool and trendy, but because they're the next best thing to wearing pajamas. I recommend going a few sizes up for a roomier fit, and to avoid giving too much of a peep show to an unsolicited audience.

5. Converse Chuck Taylor Denim Low-Top Sneaker: Instead of going for the classic (and emo favorite) black canvas, let the slightly heathered black denim Chucks be your default comfort shoe. And thanks to Kristen Stewart circa the 2009 MTV Movie Awards and that cool guy at prom/graduation/that wedding, casual footwear is now equally appropriate for both a formal occasion and a low-key Sunday stroll (or a game of 1970s pick-up basketball, wherever your week takes you).

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Linda

    For my money Cambio makes the best skinny jeans with spandex on the market. And the sizes are standard and true. They are flattering, wash and wear and last forever.

  • Violetmist

    To this list I would add Acne Needle jean in black.

  • kt mo

    Damn it. Black jeans are my shopping kryptonite. See a pair i don't own, must buy. i'm powerless in the face of black jeans. And now you're telling me about a pair that complements my exact body type? That's just bank account sabotage.

  • http://taliashulze.com/ Talia

    I wish I could work in an office that allowed cut offs.

  • poulette

    COS also makes a pair of high waisted jeans that are awesome - I am wearing the ones in dark blue, but they also have black + a paler grey. I only didn't succumb to the black ones because I already have a pair of J Brand in Maria - also high waisted black denim (and easier to find in the US). I agree that they are the way to go!

    • Katy

      Ughhhhhh COS needs to hurry up and come to the US.

  • Sophie

    Black jeans are my main 'can't live with out' wardrobe piece. All day, everyday.


  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com Clever Girl Reviews

    I love black jeans, especially medium rise skinnies which on me are high waisted :(

  • Cay

    I really, really hate to be the person who brings up Urban Outfitters, but their BDG black skinny jeans are literally my favorite pants I have ever purchased. Ever. No joke. I'm fairly thin, but I have quite the set of butt and thigh muscles thanks to sports, and they're the only jeans that have ever perfectly fit me.

    • shoumi

      this. i love the bdg high rise cigarette pants. they're inexpensive so i don't mind rebuying them every few months (the color does fade very fast).

      • Mademoiselle

        Are you serious? Rebuying jeans every few months? I imagine these jeans do not score very high on environmental impact or workers' conditions either.

    • Katy

      Oh you have given me such hope! I'm a cutie with a booty and thighs and I'm struggling to find more black jeans--do you know if they come in high-rise?

  • larasophia

    love black jeans...sometimes I can even get away with wearing them in my business casual office :)

  • Shae

    Being a proud Canadian as well as a fan, I will not take offence!!!

  • Letitia Elizabeth

    Lady, your collection of photos is awesome and I agree! Jeans are amazing and surprisingly versatile.

  • Lorien

    I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF BLACK DENIM....that's all...

  • Katy

    I only wear black denim and I'm currently in sort-of like with my rag & bone high-waisted skinnys. I need to get them tailored because they are not made for ladies with big butts and small waists.

  • http://www.millydines.blogspot.co.uk Melissa Fowler

    I don't know why I ever got out the habit of wearing black denim! So flattering, I'm off to Topshop on my day off!


R13 Oversized Trucker Stretch-Denim Jacket
BLK DNM 8 High-Rise Skinny Jeans
GOLDSIGN Holly Denim Skirt
Ksubi Albuquerque cut-off denim shorts
Urban Outfitters
Converse Chuck Taylor Denim Women's Low-Top Sneaker