Alternate Endings: Sex And The City

Of all the great love stories—Romeo and Juliet, Lancelot and Guinevere, Elizabeth and Darcy—there are two major stand-outs from the year 2004 alone: Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in The Notebook (well, it’s gonna happen, trust us) and, of course, Carrie and Big, who that year finally told her, "You're the one" in the Sex and the City series finale. Was it love at first sight for the shoe fetishist and financier? Abso-fuckin'-lutely. Sure, there were the multiple affairs, the breakups, the ensuing being-left-at-the-altar debacle, and a whole slew of other suitors for our favorite sex columnist (Berger? No. Aidan? DUH), but can you really imagine her with anyone other than John James Preston? Well, someone could, hence the three alternate endings to the series finale, above. (These were filmed apparently to throw off the crew, so as to keep the one true ending a secret until airing.) Can you believe it's been 10 years?

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  • Janine

    I like the original ending. :) I was just thinking...10 years since this last episode. AND! 20 years since the release of Reality Bites! So many anniversaries!

    • Janine

      And 20 years ago August marks the first episode of My So-Called Life. :)

  • Sharon Macklin

    I was separated for a year after 28 years of marriage. My 5th online date came over for dinner (we had been on several dates before this one). After dinner, we sat down to watch a little TV...and a Sex and the City rerun was on. I went to change the channel, but he said not to, that he liked the show.
    We've been married for 9 years!

  • Madame Ostrich

    Whoa... 10 years?! Geez. This post brightened my morning though... it's nice to know our favorite columnist hasn't been forgotten


  • Nina | Hermania

    The first one is my fave! (not counting the actual ending)

  • Chantel

    I love Sex And The City!!!

  • Talktomyshoes

    Hah! I love this, thanks for sharing. I just finished rewatching the whole series about two weeks ago. I miss it already... Is it ok to try and fill the void with new Manolos...?

  • Esther & Grace

    Watching the wedding dress photo shoot from the first sex & city movie always makes me giddy!

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I re-watched it just recently. Mostly because I was heart sick for Paris and they did some lovely shots!

  • Josie Poulsen

    My love for sex and the City is like no other. I think every girl in Manhattan silently identifies with Carrie Bradshaw. <3 her!


  • Kate Flint

    Aaaaand now I am rewatching the entire series.