Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask


Face masks are like a Control-Alt-Delete keystroke for whatever issue is vexing your skin. For example, there’s the Bioxidea Miracle 24 Mask when you want the bouncy, velvety-soft skin of a 12-month-old; Eve Lom Rescue Mask when you’re in need of some surface smoothing and the Incredible Shrinking Pores effect; and the Fresh Honey Mask when your winter-chapped skin could use some soothing TLC. Today we're pleased to announce the latest addition to our mask artillery: the pre-party skin-rejuvenating Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, “for instant glow.”

“Instant” is a term we usually reserve for quick-fixing makeup and those Starbucks coffee sachets, but after 20-30 minutes smothered in Harper’s pink jelly-like concoction, you'll have the tightened and plumped aura of a person who, say, drinks water, does cardio, and nourishes themselves on more than just the three C’s of office edibles (coffee, cupcakes, and chips). The thick blend of pink clay, elasticizing beet extract, hydrating aloe vera, and redness-reducing, inflammation-deflating, glow-giving white willow extract tightens on your skin to an ultra-thin film, reminding your face what it feels like to be young and alert.

The promised "glow" is subtle but definite. Plus, you'll have a spare half-hour to take a bath, de-install your morning homage to Pistoletto’s Venus of the Rags, or even to give yourself a bold red manicure. Then simply Embryolisse your face, dab some Eight Hour Cream on your lips, and head out for the night.

Photos by Mathea Millman.

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  • http://www.ourwonderlust.com/ Tina@OurWonderLust

    I love Tata Harper! Her entire line is actually pretty wonderful...she was the first brand I was introduced to after going green and clean with my entire skincare routine!

  • cat

    I wore this overnight last Friday in an effort to recover from massive jet lag (didn't realize it had clay in it) and the next morning my face was super glowy (albeit a bit dry, maybe don't leave it on for 8 hours). Excellent shit right here.

  • http://artfarmblog.com/ Katie Brown // Art Farm

    I love this stuff! Used it last night and it seriously works.

  • Eliza

    I bought this recently, and it is the. best. You literally do look instantly glowy, and unlike any other mask I've used, my skin feels more hydrated--when you wash it off, it feels silky smooth. My boyfriend even noticed, so if a man can tell the difference you know it's doing something right.

  • Julia

    I love this mask but because of it's unique texture I find it difficult to know how much to use. Do you use a small dollop of it or just enough for your skin to feel wet? I would hate to be over/under using.

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Super great choice! Mask are really a great treat for the skin..especially when they are made of super high quality ingredients!
    I am natural beauty lover :-)


  • Sarah

    Hey ITG, I was wondering if you could do a story on natural makeup? We see so much natural skincare, but it's hard to find good natural, organic makeup. I use only natural skin care products but then use regular, chemical filled makeup and I've really been wanting to stop, but I don't know of may other brands besides RMS. Thoughts?

    • http://www.getmadcute.com/ MADCUTE

      Well Tata Harper claims to be 100% natural so there's a start.

    • Addison Cain

      Check out Vapour, Revolution Organics and Ilia Beauty. Those are a few I've come to love recently!

  • Addison Cain

    This mask truly is awesome. Love it!


Tata Harper Skincare
Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask