Snoop Dogg’s Nail Game


It’s not every day that you turn to Snoop Dogg for manicure inspiration, but after conquering memes, selfies, photos of his lunch, and #OOTDs, the rapper has started to dabble in another genre of Instapics: nail art. We're talking perfectly manicured fingers featuring a dual-toned French tip design, along with expertly executed decals [3,4,5]. Sure, the subject matter in many of the photos isn't one that we would necessarily condone, but we have to show respect where respect is due.

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  • Amanda

    I love it. More men should embrace manis.

  • Gauri

    Lovely post, it's really nice to see a different take on manis rather than the same old!!

  • joannanyc

    He needs hand cream. I recommend L'Occitaine Shea Butter!