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Saturday Morning

Beyoncé may have woken up like this, but I tend to wake up looking tired, a bit splotchy, and in serious need of some mirror time. But then there’s that rare morning when I groggily stumble to my bathroom, pry my mascara-crusted eyelids apart, catch my gaze in the mirror, and think, "Damn, I look good." I know, I know… I just learned the importance of washing my face (thank you, Mackenzie), but everyone has those occasional rough nights—perhaps involving beverages that come "Texas-sized." Sure, I might be aging myself, but if I’m adding a decade to my face by skipping the sink on my way to the pillow, I might as well embrace my quickly-developing cougar-ness.

So maybe it's not the best for your skin/eyes/face/whatever—and this may not even be the case every time I awaken post-drunken buffoonery—but sometimes sleeping in your makeup is the only way to make real that fabled lived-in, sexy, smoky eye that I used to think only existed in the world of Roitfelds. Now I can rejoice in the fact that there's a good chance I'll look even more dashing to an impromptu bedfellow in the harsh morning light than I did the night before.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Katy

    A trick I've learned when dealing with last night's makeup is to smear a teeny, tiny bit of Vaseline (or Waxelene, Homeoplasmine, whatever your fine ass got) on the eyelid and use it in conjunction with a fingertip/q-tip to soften the eye shadow, clean up eyeliner, whatever. It adds a bit of sheen to your eyes, too, which makes you look decidedly less hungover and more I-woke-up-like-this-'Yonce.

  • Behind the Mirror

    I wouldn't worry too much about not washing
    your make-up every now and again... after all Jane Birken always said, "to
    put on black eye makeup before going to bed, so it looks all smudgy and
    beautiful in the morning." Plus I added it as a beauty rule to break in
    one of my posts last week... http://behindthemirrorbeauty.com/2014/01/16/10-beauty-rules-break/

  • Kasia

    You look beautiful and cool with a slept-in makeup! And if you do it only occasionally, it should not be too damaging to your skin, hopefully. I will try this trick soon :)

  • holydances

    honestly, i love my face the most when i wear a little bit of eyeliner and mascara the night before, wash my face, but there is still a little bit leftover under my eyes to create a sultry eye!

    • Sue

      I was just going to write the same thing. It's a look I wish I could duplicate on purpose.

  • http://thehauterebel.blogspot.com/ Leslie

    I keep makeup wipes handy for those lazy nights.


    • ITGElizabeth

      Me too! I'm all about Neutrogena

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Nice pictures...!!!!
    No matter what (and what time!), I cleansed my face now...It wasn't always the case when I was much younger lol!

  • ITGElizabeth

    It's called Shake It (free on the iPhone)

  • Julie

    Am I the only one thinking you look like Kaley Cuoco (and I might have spelled that wrong)

  • ITGElizabeth

    oh, hello there! xxxxxx