Perfect365 is the New ‘Words With Friends’


We can't, in good faith, recommend this app for any use other than recreationally sending selfies to your trusted best friends. Its intentions are pure—Perfect365 wants to make you pretty. It tries to make you prettyIt has hundreds of nuanced features like teeth-whitening, air-brushing, eye-bulging, nose-contouring, and face-slimming—that a team of incredibly smart computer engineers sat hunched at their desks for probably years designing—all so that you can up your selfie game. But the results, especially when selecting from their scroll of pre-made makeup looks ("Hot Styles"), can be... jarring. Hideous, even.

But that's where the fun comes in. We've been having a gay ol' time playing Who's More Creaturely?, a game in which you give yourself the most horrifying '365 treatment you can muster, and then send it to a friend—challenging them to best your efforts. And fellas, don't let the feminine logo and pink-and-purple color scheme fool you: this app was clearly designed with men in mind. Not only is it user-friendly enough for larger fingers (really, props to the developers—the design is excellent), but we've yet to see a woman pull off the frosty pink lip and false lashes of the "Fantasy" look, or the subtle gold lower lid liner from "Gleeful" as expertly as our man friends. In fact, our bros, boyfriends and *ahem* bosses, have been using it with such frequency and joy that it's sparking some pretty enlightening gender/society/beauty discussions around the office.

It's $1.99  free for the iPhone version, and worth. every. penny.

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