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Bienvenue (and welcome) to our newest feature, Flowers + Fragrances, where we share a photo of an overwhelmingly attractive floral arrangement for the sake of sharing a photo of an overwhelmingly attractive floral arrangement. It's the ITG equivalent of stupid-cute bulldog puppies sleeping next to a warm beverage topped with an artful helping of milk foam—we're trying to make #plantporn a thing, and blatantly jockeying for those 'likes.' Oh, and this is still considered "beauty" because each bouquet will be paired with a fragrance. It's the full 360-degree bouquet experience, right here on the internet. Our inaugural arrangement is this Dutch still life-worthy piece from Ariel Dearie Flowers:

Floral Elements
♦ Bat orchid
♦ Pomegranates
♦ Roses
♦ Andromeda
♦ Viburnum
♦ Clematis

Ariel Explains
"This arrangement was originally a study in textures, combining the ruffles of these roses with the pearl-like buds of the andromeda. Then, I found the bat orchid at the flower market and was dying to use it. I decided to weave in purple viburnum leaves, as well, to bring balance."

Get the Smell
This bouquet's olfactory and visual equivalent is, without a doubt, Tom Ford Black Orchid. It's got the same sense of sophistication, the same dramatic aesthetic, and the same blend of rich, spicy floral and acidic fruit notes.

Photo by Ariel Dearie.

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  • Emily Knott

    Love this post idea! I wish I could arrange flowers like that! Beautiful!

  • Androbel

    It actually looks a bit "dark" so the smell goes perfectly with it!

  • janet

    Beautiful work. I love that she uses andromeda, it just adds to the romance. And wow, that bat orchid is crazy. Thanks you guys for including flowers, it's brilliant.

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Beautiful! x

  • ikillplants

    As an unabashed pinner of #plantporn and that gal who stalks Saipua in Brooklyn, I wholeheartedly ADORE this new feature. More, more, more!!

  • blair

    Love this. Polux Fleuriste in Tribeca also makes really beautiful arrangements.

  • Lena M.

    I love you guys at ITG. Flower arrangements that would make Henri Fantin-Latour jealous mixed in with all things luxe beauty? Yes, it's very, very relevant. <3

  • Bolly


  • Elle m

    I love you guys

  • Stephanae McCoy

    Gorgeous floral arrangement!

  • Vicki Archer

    Totally gorgeous... I love the way you have paired the images and the scents... beautiful... xv

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    Oh how I wish I could wear black orchid! It smells like steak and blue cheese on me!

  • Imola

    omg, i'm dying. flowers AND itg, two of my obsessions combined?! LOVING IT!!!


Tom Ford
Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau De Parfum

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