Behind The Scenes: Marie Antoinette


King Louis XVI had a particularly bad day 221 years prior to this past Tuesday. After being found guilty of high treason (for driving France to financial ruin), the people of La Révolution said, "Off with his head," and the former king met the unfortunate fate of the guillotine. But in his defense, Louis XVI inherited much of the country’s debt from his grandfather, Louis XV, along with Versailles, the most glaring symbol of the oligarchy (and possible wedding venue for Kim and Kanye). Louis put the nail in his own coffin, though, by raising taxes on the already strained French populace in order to help support the American Revolution (thanks?). He may not have been the best king, and Marie Antoinette may not have been much help, but instead of condemning poor Louie on the anniversary of his death, let’s instead fantasize about the lavish life they lived—at least according to Sofia Coppola.

Historical inaccuracies aside, Marie Antoinette is a goddamn beautiful film. Between a just post-Gyllenhaal Kirsten Dunst’s portrayal of the young queen, soon-to-be Christian Grey’s cameo as her steamy love interest, Jason Schwartzman’s quirky interpretation of the young Lou (he really liked padlocks, who knew?), the download-worthy soundtrack, and the Oscar-winning costume design, our #WCW, Sofia made a movie that is sure to be adored by girls for ages. If there was ever a film-set wall to be a fly on, it would have been this one. Alas, that's impossible on so many levels, so we present you with the next best thing:

Part I

& Part II

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  • Janine

    Thank you, ITG! We're getting closer to that Sofia Top Shelf, I think. :) I love love love this movie...especially the I Want Candy scene. Sofia has such an eye for detail and music.
    (I won't even touch on the subject of the K-K wedding.)

  • Amanda Raponi

    Cribs with Louis XVI is also great

    • ITGElizabeth

      This is amazing. Thank you!

  • Charlotte

    Great BTS photos, Marie Antoinette is such a beautiful film!

  • Addison Cain

    Kirsten Dunst Top Shelf PLEASE. Loved this movie!

  • Chrissabella

    Great post and thanks for sharing those great videos!

    Greetings from London,

  • Katy

    I absolutely adore this movie, and I think it speaks so much of Sofia's artistic vision that she was the first person allowed to make a movie at Versailles! Interestingly enough, some of the songs from the soundtrack are actually played in the trolleys you take around the grounds.

    • ITGLacey

      Ugh, I was so obsessed with that soundtrack. In fact, I might just listen to it right now...

      • Katy

        I am still so obsessed with that soundtrack! Opus 36 is numero uno on my sad-song playlist.

  • Cressa

    Heres hoping Sofia and Kirsten will team up again!

  • Mary-Katy

    The costuming for this movie was insanely good! I've always been in love with that black/ermine look she has on when she finally agrees to talk to Madame du Barry

    • Janine

      Milena is genius.

  • Talia

    This movie is one of my all time favorites, and the Antonia Frasier book that Coppola adapted in to the screenplay is a pretty good read too!

  • Karen F

    Just got back from Paris and visiting Versaille was the highlight.I am obsessed with all things Marie Antoinette. I hope Kim K does not get married there and ruin the whole vibe of this beautiful palace!

  • Anna Keller

    the last time I watched Marie Antoinette was on the overnight bus from Berlin to Paris. I had never been to Versailles before, but had fallen in love with it through Sofia's eyes. needless to say, when I finally arrived at the palace, I wasn't disappointed in the least. her movie is a perfect homage to the fun and glamour that Marie and Louis brought to their home.

  • amy

    i love this hidden gem as well ♡

  • elle renee

    Obsessed with this movie. Obsessed with this website. Makes complete sense that you featured this work of art. always thought Count Ferson was such a babe and had to convince my friends that he's great for the 50 shades role! My 16-year old self designed my bedroom after this movie and still break out the bomb-ass soundtrack every once in a while. love all around.. cheers!

  • Nina

    Love this movie! Sofia Coppola has such a strong vision. She knows girls! So much fun! I agree with the other commenters, another collab with Kirsten!


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