The Lip Plumper Pump

Oh, local news. At some point between reporting on the jaywalking crackdown and whether your desk chair might be killing you, one North Texas ABC affiliate took the initiative to introduce viewers to the horrifying, yet alluring at-home lip plumping product known as Luscious Lips. It's simple: just hold the cylindrical tube over your  mouth, suck, and pump towards and away from your face repeatedly for about two minutes. See how long you can make it through the video without your humor/sophistication sinking to that of a 13-year-old boy.

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  • Rachel Baynard

    I mean, wow. That might be worse than the shake weight.

  • parthenios

    Wohaa 59$ for this? and you don't really see the difference, she is just showing her theeth slightly so that her lips look plump. Peel your lips with table salt, they will look far more plummy than this ;)

  • Ashley

    LOL, I cannot unsee the shake weight comparisons now.

  • Muji

    This demo doesn't really show anything but I saw someone use it on YouTube and it definitely worked

  • Lindsay

    That woman gave herself a hickey with that thing? No, thank you.

  • Shannah

    I didn't even last 20 seconds before I sunk to 13 year old boy status. Hilarious.