Sexy Base Layers

Eniko Mihalik
Lonely Sabel Underwire Longline Bra
Chantelle Intimates Merci Bra
Princesse Tam Tam Malicieuse Underwire Triangle Bra
Ten Bra
Stella McCartney Gwyneth Gazing Embroidered Tulle Underwired Bra

It’s freezing outside, America. Us New Yorkers could count Tuesday's temperature high on one hand—except that we couldn't move it. Governor Quinn has declared a state of emergency for Illinois, resulting in even more dumb nicknames for Chicago ("Chiberia"). The Packers lost to San Francisco in minus 14 degree temperatures on Sunday night in Wisconsin. And in Kentucky, escaped criminals are turning themselves back in.

What's worse (well, except that last one) is that we're left sacrificing our form-flattering sweater dresses for sleeping bags disguised as "outerwear." We look like belted pool floats, and literally can't put our arms down. So in an attempt to still feel a little bit sexy, at least underneath it all, I'm advocating that we ditch the boring everyday bra—i.e., molded, nude, and always ugly—in favor of a saucier version. Whether your unmentionables will be on display (lucky you!), or buried under multiple layers of thermal, yarn, and down, I've pulled a few pick-me-up options for trying times like these. Say it with me: We're still hot.

1. Lonely Sabel Underwire Longline Bra: Is it the most practical? No, probably not. But it's summer in the Southern Hemisphere, so just think of your upper torso receiving a warm, sunshine-y hug courtesy of this ultra-sexy New Zealand label.

2. Chantelle Intimates Merci Bra: If you’re feeling slightly less S&M in your daily life, this may just be the black lacy bra for you. Added benefit: the pushup padding acts as an extra layer of warmth for your chest region.

3. Princesse Tam Tam Malicieuse Underwire Triangle Bra: Have we mentioned that we love all things French? Princesse Tam Tam's no exception; this brassière is the perfect marriage of delicate form, with the ultra sexy steel grey lace, and sturdy underwire construction.

4. Ten Bra: Perhaps not the ideal option for those of us of the bustier persuasion, this is the best no-frills, simple-but-not-boring bra that looks just as good under a sheer shirt as it does once said shirt comes off.

5. Stella McCartney Gwyneth Gazing Embroidered Tulle Underwired Bra: Oh Stella, you just get it. Even in her forays into lingerie, the Brit sticks to her signature well-tailored, femininely sophisticated aesthetic.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Carlene Vitale

    Do you know what brand Lara Stone is wearing, I like that one best.

  • Audrey Knox

    Love these. I'm in California, but I'm still going to try them out! ;)

  • Caroline Dehaye

    Rooney is so hot

  • Maria_C

    Check out Bordelle, Something Wicked, and Maison Close for beautiful and crazy sexy lingerie. And don't buy into the Agent Provocateur hype; their sales are good, but the quality of their bras is not on par with their full prices, at all.

  • Rosie von Waldherr

    I think bras are so cute!!! You can dress yourself up and feel good about yourself without anyone knowing! =P

    Rosie's Life

  • larasophia

    the Merci bra by Chantelle is beautiful!


  • joey

    omg bras! wow how novel

  • daphne

    The Chantelle Merci Demi bra does not have any padding. It's see through--just lace....

    • cincin22

      daphne, the Merci collection has a few styles, one of which does have a push up padded bra :)

    • tunie

      Winter is the only time I really wear unpadded lace bras because they are worn under layers with no concern for flaunting the nips...


    Like these !!


  • Casey Shteamer

    I must say, I think a lace bra of the non-push up variety is one of the best ways to sex up an outfit. So chic yet so sexy. Which some many times dont go hand in hand.


Lonely Sabel Underwire Longline Bra
Chantelle Intimates
Chantelle Intimates Merci Bra
Princesse Tam Tam
Princesse Tam Tam Malicieuse Underwire Triangle Bra
Ten Bra
Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney Gwyneth Gazing Embroidered Tulle Underwired Bra