A Holographic Glow

Nars The Multiple in Luxor
Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Iceland
Bobbi Brown Pink Lilac Brightening Gloss
Ellis Faas in Holographic Bordeaux
Ellis Faas in Lilac

The notion of kaleidoscopic skin first jumped on our radar after seeing the look Francelle Daly created for the 3.1 Phillip Lim models, when she applied layers of reflective makeup to create a finish she called the "Monochromatic Techno Glow." Yes, please. The effect was subtly futuristic because the products used were all slightly pearlescent, almost holographic (and aren't holograms always emblematic of the future?). Note that Daly didn't confine the iridescence to just a hint of highlighter at the eyes or cheekbones—the whole face can get in on the action. Here's how:

The Skin
If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? Use Daly's universally flattering, pastel pink shimmer stick, Nars The Multiple in Luxor on the high planes of your face, or anywhere you want to draw attention (Amanda Lepore has a good method: highlighting the tops of the cheeks, the tip and bridge of the nose, and the whole forehead—like a prismatic version of Marilyn Monroe's heart-shaped face). And to tip the scale toward the otherworldly, catch extra light by emphasizing all those same places with a bit of the Nars Duo Eye Shadow in Iceland (ivory and ice-green).

The Lips
Dab a spot of Bobbi Brown Pink Lilac Brightening Gloss to the center of your mouth over your lipstick, creating an extra dimension of sheer pink and purple prisms. Or, wear it on bare lips for a pink pearlescence that says, "It's the Millennium: the future is now."

The Eyes
No, Holographic Bordeaux (E305) is not a beverage unfortunately. It is the color of an Ellis Faas Light Pen we are currently very into. When the smoky-maroon cream shadow finds the light and explodes into shades of blue, everyone will think you’re a mermaid. Or, go for a subtler approach and try the Lilac (E304) version, a sheer violet shadow with facets of Easter-egg pink.

Photos by Mathea Millman. 

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  • http://taliashulze.com/ Talia

    Yes! Urban Decay had a really nice iridescent eyeshadow when I was in high school. My 'look' in 9th grade, as well as my friend's look was most likely a white iridescent Urban Decay Eyeshadow, or some inferior Revlon silver shade spread over the entire lid with a wet q tip and then heavy liquid liner and mascara. I think we all wanted to channel Angeline Jolie in Hackers. This is still basically my 'party look' :-/

    • ITGMackenzie


      • http://taliashulze.com/ Talia

        :D :D :D

  • http://nothingspaces.com Carina

    GAH, that NARS Iceland duo has been hounding meeee. So pretty.

  • Nina Zane

    Oh that Bobbi Brown Lipgloss looks good to me :) xx

  • kp

    I've been looking for colors like NARS Iceland. I have to have it! I can't believe it's an older duo. I don't recall ever seeing it.

  • Marlenne

    I have NARS Luxor! I use it when I paler in the winter, it gives a very pretty glow!


  • joannanyc

    I was just thinking that I want this type of look ... I guess I must have been reading your mind!

  • Harlowrose

    I love this for winter. I go for "opal" shades of anything in cosmetics.

  • Teckie

    The NARS Multiple is literally everything. You can use it so many ways.


NARS Duo Eyeshadow
NARS Duo Eyeshadow Compact, Iceland
Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown ‘Brightening’ Lip Gloss Pink Lilac
Ellis Faas
Ellis Faas Light Eyeshadow, E305, Holographic Bordeaux
Ellis Faas
Ellis Faas Light Eyeshadow, E304, Lilac