The Other Type of ’90s Dressing

Kenzo Cropped Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt
L’Agent By Agent Provocateur Danita Satin Contour Bra
Ash Jungle Slip On Sneakers
MAC Lipstick in Heroine
State The Garfield Backpack

I've been tainted by grunge's recent re-proliferation, so now whenever I think of ‘90s fashion, Kurt Cobain, Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis, and a whole lot of angst come to mind. But what about the other trends of 20(!) years past? Just this week, a two-man Jamaican bobsled team qualified for the Olympics, which of course brought to mind the '93 classic Cool Runnings. Then, I realized that The Mighty Ducks is available on HBO Go, and @Vintage_Vogue posted this photo on Instagram [1], leaving me with an undeniable urge to pay tribute to the happier/healthier/more colorful side of the decade that gave me life:

1. Kenzo Cropped Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, every woman should own a crop top. This surf-friendly take on the most flattering cut available feels like a slightly more modern tribute to Rocko's Modern Life.

2. L’Agent By Agent Provocateur Danita Satin Contour Bra: Versace campaign-era Linda Evangelista would have probably had this satiny, curvy piece of contemporary art in her lingerie drawer.

3. Ash Jungle Slip On Sneakers:  This cross between creepers, Vans, and a psychedelic zebra will leave your feet happy and your friends jealous. Remember that zebra print was the '90s answer to leopard.

4. MAC Lipstick in Heroine: 'Radiant Orchid' is the color of 2014 according to Pantone, so consider Heroine its cooler older sister—deeper, but still vibrant enough to avoid treading into grunge territory. And if I needed any more proof that purple lips are where it's at, Cara D. is very convincing. The cult favorite lipstick is now part of MAC’s permanent collection, as well as my own.

5. State Garfield Backpack: Whether it’s for traveling, the gym, or as a stylish work accessory that can actually hold a laptop (the term "carryall" is highly misleading), a backpack is essential. And since I’m regularly sporting an all-neutral ensemble, an easy and practical addition of Microsoft Paint-palette colors is definitely welcome.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • babetpalas

    Yayyy for Mighty Ducks and Cool Runnings! I also love your picks, especially the sneakers.

  • The Dedicated Follower of Fash

    The Fly Girls (In Living Color) are still my 90s style idols.

  • Diana Est

    Patiently awaiting the return of Pop Swatch!


Kenzo Cropped Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt
L'Agent by Agent Provocateur
L’Agent By Agent Provocateur Danita Satin Contour Bra
Ash Jungle Slip On Sneakers
State The Garfield Backpack