Vogue China’s 100th Issue

Shu Qi
Liu Wen in 'Savage Grace'
'A Band Apart'
Sui He in 'Portrait of a Lady'
Sui He in 'Portrait of a Lady'
Sui He in 'Portrait of a Lady'
Sui He in 'Portrait of a Lady'
Xiao Wen in 'The Winter Queen'
Xiao Wen in 'The Winter Queen'
'Grand Masters'
'Grand Masters'
'Grand Masters'

We spent our weekend, among other activities, curled up on a satiny pillowcase with Vogue China’s 100th issue. And let us tell you, editor-in-chief Angelica Cheung really knows how to turn out a landmark edition. For the centennial issue, she used a single photographer to shoot over 150 pages of beauty and trend stories (featuring all Chinese models, to boot). The lensman in question is Mario Testino, who left virtually no stone in Chinese style and culture unturned. The issue reads more like an art tome á la Inez and Vinoodh’s Pretty Much Everything, or a photographer's personal history of China, than it does a major fashion magazine. Can every monthly look like this, please?

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  • http://flavors.me/ofyunjae nyan

    the cover is just perfect. i really like this issue

  • Katie Lewandowski

    Who is the cover model?

    • http://cosmoslyn.blogspot.com.au/ Ailyn Koay

      I think she's shu qi

  • Jane T.

    This is stunning -- wish I knew a place where I could pick up a copy. The makeup in these editorials is very Galliano/Pat McGrath and I love it!

  • Charlotte

    Katie: On the cover is the Taiwanese actress Shu Qi (whom I think is wonderful and very beautiful).

  • Win

    Wow. I need this, too. Where did you get your copy, E?

  • Stephanie

    She is so gorgeous, I think she was in the movie The Transporter with Jason Statham.

  • MyOwnLoves

    Very beautiful. Love Shu Qi xox

  • Liz K

    You don't know how much I need the coat in #13.

  • http://www.friedriceconnoisseur.com/ Joy (FRC)

    Insane project. I wished US Vogue did more fun things like this. I dunno.

  • Clo

    The cover looks really like Vogue April 1950...

  • Marie

    I love Sui He, she is literally perfection

  • Lana

    I love how this issue is both a celebration of culture and fashion!