Vika Gazinskaya, Designer


"I’m a fashion designer from Moscow—I’ve been designing my own line since 2006. It’s ready-to-wear but the quality is like demi-couture; the fabrics and prints are very individual. Since I began my business, I haven’t had the time to spend on makeup that I used to. I was in love with MAC campaigns and Pat McGrath’s makeup for John Galliano when he was at Dior. I reproduced all of those looks myself, no matter how crazy. And of course, that wasn’t normal for Moscow. People would look at me like I was crazy. But now I only put on makeup for events or for Fashion Week. I still don’t have a very 'Moscow' look. Everyone there tries to be tan, but my skin is very pale. And I do my makeup very lightly, to get what I like to call a ‘baby face.’

For that, I start with Sensai Kanebo Fluid Finish foundation. I’ve had it for I don’t even know how many years. I love it. For foundation, you should always find one that is lightweight, feels good on your skin, has SPF, and doesn’t block your pores. And I always use Guerlain Meteorites Pearls in Teint Rose—it’s the lightest shade, nearly white. I either put it all over or just as an eyeshadow. I actually rub the pearls on my cheeks, right from the jar. It makes your skin nice and shiny, but it’s only really visible in daylight. It’s not too strong.

On my eyes, I always do a stripe of eyeliner, but the thickness and the colors vary. I’ve been doing my eyes for so long that I’m a professional. [Laughs] MAC Fluidline in Macroviolet is a good one. And I found my favorite mascara several years ago: L’Oréal Telescopic. It almost forms to your lashes like a plastic, but it’s the best one for me. I’m also really consistent with my lip gloss, Lancôme Juicy Tubes, because the color is so transparent. I always go for light pink or orange.

Skin-wise, I’ve been very lucky, because it's easy to take care of, and, so far—I'm 32—I don’t have wrinkles. But I don’t sunbathe, either, because I don’t think it’s healthy. I like to experiment with cleansers, but I think Japanese products are usually the best. I love Kanebo Sensai’s two-step cleansing routine. First you use an oil, and then, depending on your skin type, the second step varies.

I’m a face-mask devotee. I always try new products, but Anne Semonin masks from France are the best. I can’t live without them. I put on the Exfoliating Mask, and then the Mineral Mask. After that, your face is changed immediately. You read about products that say they will change this, this, and this, but it’s usually bullshit. These two masks actually change everything. Just touch your skin after. You will feel like a baby—clean, fresh, amazing.

To moisturize, my favorite cream is La Mer. I really like it. For the winter, I use the original, rich Crème de La Mer, and in the summer and spring, I have the light version, The Moisturizing Soft Cream. I never thought that such a commercial, well-known cream would be good for my skin, but I really think it’s nice.

I’ve actually found that professional styling products don’t work on my hair, either. I get the most mass-market styling products—Wella Wellaflex Mousse and Hairspray. It’s the strongest. My hair is very thin, and I always want to make it look thicker. And, to wash my hair, I use Nioxin Noticeably Thinning Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner. It’s a professional line, and not that well-known. Nioxin’s philosophy is that, for your face, you use a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer, and do masks—and it’s just as important to take care of your scalp. Their products make my hair look noticeably more...voluminous, and they take care of my scalp at the same time.

In terms of fragrance, my favorite perfume since forever is Lanvin Arpège. I think bottle was created by Paul Éluard, Chanel’s last love. It’s a very old-school smell.

And on my nails, I use Dior Prestige Oil, which is meant for the face, but it's really great for your cuticles."

—as told to ITG

Vika Gazinskaya photographed by Emily Weiss in Paris, France on October 1, 2013.

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  • NeenaJ

    Fair warning: if you start using Nioxin, your natural rate of hair shedding may be slowed or even halted. However, once you stop using the products, all of the hair that should have shed in the time during use will shed ALL.AT.ONCE.

    • Gabi

      Thank you for the warning!

    • murt

      Good to know... I've been using Nioxin for the past few months and I love it so far - my hair looks fuller but the best part is that's become so shiny and healthy looking.

    • AsphodelJones

      It's true. I've used Nioxin for about a year now and I love the way my hair looks, but every time I try something else for a few days, I end up going right back to Nioxin. I guess if the worst that can happen is they make a lifetime user of me, I can live with that.

      • Neta

        Think it would be effective to use sporadically- maybe once/ twice a week?

  • Spot

    I'm so excited to see Vika on ITG!

    I discovered her through her amazing 2013 Fall/Winter collection... (Her thick overcoats reminded me of Akaky Akakievich and her hidden-pants were so smart. I especially loved her stuffed-animal stoles and the representation of old-ladies' large costume jewelry in the fashion of old folksy hooked rugs). I think she is one of the most clever and inspired designers. I'm always looking forward to her collections!

    On a beauty note, I think I'm finally going to try L'Oreal Telescopic.

  • Jess

    Love her!

  • The Horticult

    So lovely -- you can practically hear her voice in these words. And...she's 32? ::spits out tea::

  • be

    I like this top shelf, but lately I' ve been wishing you do a top shelf to someone like shailene woodley. I find her natural and do-it-yourself approach to beauty and life really interesting, the contrary not only to those top shelf s with hundreds of different products, but also different from those "natural" "zen" girls who do yoga and drink green juices and talk about their zen life when they still buy industrialised stuff.


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