“Natural” Winter Makeup


It snowed last week in New York, and we felt so charming with little snowflakes sprinkled atop our lashes, until we realized that our mascara was bleeding down our faces (we don’t pull it off quite like Beyoncé), and our reddened noses were reading more “influenza” than “inner glow.” It doesn't have to be like this! But mark our words: next time we're due for a majestic winter storm, we'll be prepared, arming ourselves with the tools necessary to pull off that cherubic caught-in-the-snow glow. The kind that Macy’s catalog models who stumble upon shiny red boxes containing golden retriever puppies while frolicking in snowbanks have. Or the dewy perfection of Kerry Washington sipping hot cider between takes on Scandal's set. Start with...

Highlighter: Inspired by Franzi Mueller in Schön! Magazine [5], use Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Illuminating Fluid to define the cheekbones and warm the eyelids, and dab MAC Strobe Cream along the brow bone, at the corners of the eyes, on the tops of the cheeks, and in the bow of your lips with your fingers to catch the light. (This is contouring with highlighters, and we think Kourtney Kardashian would be proud.) When you’re finished you’ll look like you’re a real live snow angel with Victoria’s Secret Angel cheekbones. And now you have a faux-magically-well-moisturized base for your...

Rosy Cheeks: Do you ever notice how in movies that take place in the snow, everyone's cheeks are always beautifully pink, their noses totally unaffected by the sub-zero temps? (For example, Felicity Jones in Chalet Girl, the best worst movie you will ever have the pleasure of watching, now streaming on Netflix.) This is, in fact, a Hollywood phenomenon and total impossibility. Unless you apply full-coverage foundation on your nose, that nasal redness is happening. But you can counter Seasonal Rudolph Syndrome with a DayGlo-bright blush. Tom Ford Cheek Color in Flush is neon peach in the container, but when dusted very lightly on the apples of the cheeks in a sideways isosceles triangle (beauty needs geometry, too), it translates to a just-pinched pink somewhere between Ginnifer Goodwin in Once Upon a Time and Keira Knightley running through London in an off-the-shoulder mohair sweater to deliver that game-changing sympathy kiss in Love Actually.

Impact: For dramatic effect (this is the theater called life, right, Evie?), hydrate your lips with God’s gift to lipgloss: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Then, using the balm left over on your fingers, enhance your Strobe Cream by swiping the excess product on the brow bone and the tops of the cheeks. If you want to look extra precious, dab it in the inner and outer corners of your eyes. You’ll look like you were just tearing up because this whole situation is too beautiful for words. Who wants to go sledding?

The Extras: To up the ethereality, you can wear mascara, but go waterproof or go home—seriously, you’ve got black dribbles down your cheeks and you need to wash them off. Thankfully, most mascaras come in waterproof versions, so just go with your favorite. But if you’re looking for suggestions, we have a few ideas. Then brush your brows up like Franzi Mueller and tie your mittens on a string. Our hearts just exploded.

For a night of holiday parties, add a swipe of RiRi Woo. Or for a night in, there's always a hot toddy and a warm bath. Cheers.

Photos by Mathea Millman.

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  • http://www.gemmameansjewel.com/ Gemma Antonia

    I absolutely adore that Chanel Illuminating Fluid, it's so beautiful on the skin (even if it is a pain to get out of the jar)!

    Gem x

  • http://cosmoslyn.blogspot.com.au/ Ailyn Koay

    very nice, but it's summer down under where I am

  • Sonya

    LOVE this

  • Anne

    After weeks of not wearing mascara, I decided to wear some today. It was raining. Dutch winters are awesome, a lot of panda bears can be spotted in the wild!

  • http://taliashulze.com/ Talia

    My makeupbag is lacking in anything that can give my lids the 'wide eyed moonlit ingenue' look I've been hankering for lately. Halp.

  • http://redlipspinkcheeks.blogspot.co.uk/ Georgie

    I love the way this was written. I'm after Chanel's Le Blanc de Chanel as a more subtle version of Strobe Cream. Also, hooray for blush!

  • http://www.vibrantbeautyblog.com/ Jennifer Monforton

    Ah, great picks! I just picked up Tom Ford Flush and am smitten! Love that it looks so electric in the pan, but is so soft and pretty on the cheeks :)

  • MGF

    Oh my... If only make up was enough for me to look like this :)

  • lulu

    Do you know how to do a "natural" winter makeup but for black skin? I like how it looks on Franzi Mueller but I'm skeptical on how it will look on me...

    • ITGMackenzie

      Hi lulu,

      I think it's possible to use the same products. Both highlighters that we mentioned are very sheer, so your skin, no matter the tone, will show through (the Mac Strobe Cream is a favorite of Azza Yousif http://intothegloss.com/2013/03/azza-yousif-fashion-editor-vogue-hommes-international/ ). Rihanna's skin has a really similar look in the new Balmain campaign, below, that could be replicated with Strobe Cream and Soleil Tan de Chanel. Hope that helps.


      • luluisodd

        Thank you so much!I'm definitely going to try it...Thanx again!

  • Danielle Nordahl

    The movie and television shows referenced in this post are everything. Also, so glad you too know about the wonderful awfulness that is Chalet Girl (hello to Chuck Bass' more adorable, British brother).



  • Julie Bogen

    Love this post! I'm looking for an illuminator or tinted moisturizer that blends well with fair, dry winter skin. I feel like the Chanel looks a little too fake brown. Thoughts?

    • ITGMackenzie

      Hi Julie Bogen,

      Emily and I both have extremely pale winter skin, and Soleil Tan de Chanel is the very sheer and face-warming on both of us. You should also check out our highlighter roundup to see if there's something you might feel more excited to try: http://intothegloss.com/2013/10/best-highlighter-makeup/



      • Julie Bogen

        Thank you! I'm happily reassured (and obviously blindly swayed by anything you or Emily have to say). Will be taking your advice shopping with me this week. Xx

  • http://www.cindyslittleblackbook.com/ Cindy

    MAC Strobe Cream is my fav!! I wore it in a Boudoir Photoshoot I did and my face just lit up like a candle <3

  • http://thatszoe.blogspot.com/ Zoe Cayetano

    I would love to try these products! Great post.

    xoxo Zoe

  • Aly

    Do you mean Elizabeth Arden's "Eight Hour Cream" or "Eight Hour Lip Balm"??

  • http://beautyineffect.blogspot.com/ Kylie Sherritt

    I LOVE elizabeth arden 8 hour cream. It is a life savor for the winter!


  • http://thoughtsofglam.com/ ThoughtsofGlam

    I love highlighters but don't use them often enough to go out and buy one. I just did a post on the Urban Decay palettes for less and they have a great highlighting color that works wonders for me.


  • http://www.getmadcute.com/ MADCUTE

    I slather strobe cream all over my face every day!


Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid
MAC Strobe Cream
Tom Ford
Tom Ford Cheek Color Blush Flush
Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream