It’s Britney (In Crossroads), Bitch

It's a big week for Britney...bitch. The ruler of late-'90s and early naughts airwaves, TRL countdowns, Teen People, and YM is now a 32-year-old mother of two with a brand new Vegas show and album to boot. What a survivor—nay a phoenix! Rising from the Chaotic, K-Fed, head-shaving (leave Britney alone!) ashes of 2007. Sigh. Remember when Ms. Spears was just another not-yet-a-woman starring in that delightfully underrated classic, Crossroads? We do.

While the film (yes, film) boasts costars hailing from SNL (Dan Aykroyd as her father), Sex and the City (Kim Catrall as her mother), Orange is the New Black (Taryn Manning as her pregnant childhood friend)and Center Stage (Zoe Saldana as her other childhood bestie), the real star of the movie is Britney and her midriff—unofficial fact: the pop princess refused to wear any shirts that covered more than 2/3 of her torso throughout filming (JK!...kind of). And though there are a bunch of not-to-be-missed scenes from the 2002 classic, our favorite moment comes courtesy of a little bit of "Rock n' Roll." So in honor of her birthday (yesterday) and Britney Jean dropping today, a look at one of her greatest forgotten performances. Also: the fashion. Discuss.

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  • thesixthbeatle

    I love Britney, she is such a fun pop star. And good for her for getting through her rough times, I can identify with that having been through something very similar myself. Lastly, if my midriff looked like that Id have it out all day. Sadly Im in my mid thirties and have had a child, so nope!

  • MoseyM

    Well, no one can say Zoe Saldana didn't pay her dues to be where she is today. I had certainly not forgotten about "Crossroads," though! As if! I'm pretty sure it was the first movie I ever watched over the Internet.

    • yassira

      wauw I was just thinking is that Zoe Saldana