Romeo + Juliet Shooting: Pool Scene

Congratulations, Leo. Yesterday you became a year shy of over-the-hill (39!!). And, despite being a man of a certain age, you still manage to awaken the young girl inside of all of us. We could attribute our puppy love to your turn as Jack Dawson, or your first big role as a homeless boy who's given a fighting chance by Robin Thicke’s dad in Growing Pains, but when you uttered Shakespeare’s poetic words in Romeo + Juliet, you really won us over. A lot. The fish tank. The elevator kiss. Or, wait, the tryst in the pool! What you and Baz Luhrmann did with the 9th grade Lit staple was nothing short of miraculous (seriously, why did they ever bother to make a new one?). So in honor of the perpetual bachelor’s birthday (yesterday), enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at an iconic moment in Leo's past, and the moment that he officially become a heartthrob. Leo, you selfless, beautifully coiffed man. We’ll be envying Claire Danes and listening to Des’ree’s “Kissing You” on repeat all week. We’ll never you let go.

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  • Heather P.

    I have a strange feeling that I can't go back and re-watch this as a 30 year old. It's one of those movies that's frozen in time for me - completely romanticized by my inner 13 year old (who was, as it were, also a 9th grader when this came out).

    It is always cool to see, though, how some of our iconic movie moments happen - and how it's still a process that isn't perfect.

    Happy Tuesday everyone! Long live Leo!

    • murt

      I know what you mean......... I was 14 when it came out.

      • Prenouveau

        Same here...and I had posters over my bed!

      • Heather P.

        I used to have the soundtrack from the movie too. Hell, I might still have it. Guess that's what I'll be hunting down when I get home later!

    • overanalyzer

      I completely know what you mean. I was 13 I think when it came out. I just don't want to ruin it for myself by watching it again, but I have to admit that I did get goosebumps listening to the song in this clip! I think I saw it 6 times at the movies with my friends. Obsessed!

  • mlle p

    I think Leo is a really good actor, but maybe I was just too old when this movie came out as I couldn't get through it. However, as a young girl, I was completely taken in by the Zeffirelli Romeo and Juliet - Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey - both so beautiful!

  • Chantel

    Happy Birthday Leo =)

  • Harlowrose

    I was around 14 when this came out. It was one of the favorites in high school. I bought the soundtrack cd and wore it out.

  • Janine

    I loved her hair that length...very blonde Angela Chase. The only Baz film I liked. Claire is such a great actress.

  • Nina

    Love this footage! Too bad I couldn't see it when I was completely obsessed with the movie when it first came out. I would have eaten it up! Thank you so much for sharing. Very fun! Exciting to see the process. Acting does not look fun!

  • - Fanny Cortade -

    again and again and again . Baz + Leo and my heart stops .


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