Rodin Lip Balm Rings


Mackenzie’s love letter to EOS lip balm last week—and the ensuing comments—confirmed what I know to be true: bitches love lip balm. Be it high (La Mer, Nuxe Rêve de Miel), low (Burt’s Bees, Labello), or beside the point (Aquaphor ointment, Homeoplasmine nipple cream), we love touching it, applying it, and, probably, ingesting gallons of it over our lifetimes. Even Cat McNeil—who shuns beauty anything outside of fashion week—admitted to being a “mascara and lip balm girl” when she stopped by for a visit a few weeks ago.

My first lip balms were Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, which, correct me if I’m wrong, sometimes had little bracelets attached to the caps—meaning your lip balm could idly dangle from your wrist like a charm bracelet when not in use, not unlike some iPhone accessories. New York magazine recently reported that some 66% of people suffer from “Nomophobia,” no-mobile-phone-phobia; I’d wager that the number would be comparable or higher if you subbed-in lip balm. So why not keep it on your person at all times? That’s what Linda Rodin—BFF of Laetitia Casta, inventor of Olio Lusso, owner of poodle Winky—thought when she filled up a batch of clear plastic rings with her own pale pink, jasmine-scented lip balm. “I made them as a lark,” she told me via email. “For beauty editors etc. They are fab!” They are more than fab; they are like the grown-up version of the Hard Candy ones from 1999, and you can’t buy them, which of course makes you want them more—no matter that the a full-size is readily available on Net-A-Porter. Cat wanted the ring, but I wouldn’t give her mine, so I gave her the putty-gray She Wolf Tom Ford eye shadow palette she wore for these pictures. Fair enough, right? Eh. I know, no fair. So Linda sent over ten rings, and now I’m giving them to YOU (and saving one for Miss McNeil), because these are just too good not to share. Oh, and feel free to wax poetic on your favorite lip balms in the comments. I'm always on the hunt for more...

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended and winners will be notified shortly. Thanks to all who entered!

—Emily Weiss

Catherine McNeil photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on September 5, 2013.

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  • mlle p

    My favorite of the moment is Fresh Sugar lip balm, but I would love to try out a Rodin ring and not have to delve into the bottom of my purse where that one usually lands!
    p.s. love Linda and her cool style!

  • V

    Ugh, whyyyyyyy aren't they for sale?! #perfectstockingstuffer

  • Anne

    I'm currently completely out of lip balms so whenever I can, I use my boyfriends Purol. It's a verrrry old dutch brand. The salve smells like beeswax which is nice and I believe the main ingredient is petroleum and I still didn't quite figure out if this is a good or a bad thing...

  • Charlotte

    I love the Weleda lip balm, a pleasant vanilla/rose scent and matte yet moisturized lips. If not, Sugar Fresh tinted lip balms are nice, just a hint of color! I also love the Yes to Carrots lip balm, they have SPF and also provided the more matte/moisturized effect.

  • LEP

    Bag Balm. Used on cows way back in the day, but you can use it on your lips, face, anything. And you're left with the cutest vintage-y tin when it's all gone

  • Shannon

    I just entered! One of my favorites is by Caudalie, and the organic one from Origins was ahhhh-mazing until they recently discontinued it.

  • Cathia D. Lange

    Hello and Thank you for the , I need to try this one, I'm a lip balm addict but my lips are so versatile (from Nuxe Rêve de Miel to Carmex), I hope it will like it... I'm so intrigued by Rodin's products, I take my shot. Finger crossed !

  • Talia Shulze

    I'm a really big fan of the Yes to Carrots Color Balm. It's $4, I could get like 5 of these instead of one Fresh Sugar balm. One for every purse! Or just one overall that I frantically move from bag to bag to bag with perverse pride that I'm managing to actually finish a stick of lip balm rather than lose it. :-/

  • Nicky

    Korres Lip Butter sticks

    So good!!!

  • Marleen

    Love the original Labello lipbalm!

  • Heidi

    Homeoplasmine is my favourite, I stock up every time I'm in Paris, where it's only a few euros!

  • allyouneedisblush

    A makeup bag without Fresh Sugar lip balm might as well be empty in my book! I'm dying to try Rodin's lip balm.

  • Sandi

    There's absolutely nothing like a luxury combined with an accessory to turn a grown woman into a 13 year old girl again.

  • nicolecontrol

    My absolute favorite lip balm is Labello with olive oil & lemon. I go to a local little German market and buy it in bulk! Second favorite is Nuxe Reve de Miel in the tube. Also, I'm a hardcore collector of vintage Bonne Bell tubes. I have hundreds and hundreds of tubes that I used to display on my walls back in the day when I was a single lady.

  • kelli

    Woo hoo!

  • Elise

    I still like lip smackers, especially the vanilla and blueberry flavors! But if I had to choose a grown-up one, alba botanica terra tints. They have spf and a hint of color!

  • Brigid Kettenburg

    Burt's Bees Rose Tinted Lip Balm - for lips and cheeks! And I think I had every flavor of those Lipsmackers filling up the front pocket of my backpack in junior high and into high school. The best was Dr Pepper because it gave a slight tint to your lips :)

  • Aubrey Green

    I have about 4-5 lip balms/chapstick/tint in my purse at all times. OBSESSED. For really dry cracked lips I love the mini vaseline lip treament and aquaphor - personally I think they work the best for treating the lips and dry areas of the face/body in general. Currently in my purse I have the mini vaseline treatment, two Baby Lips (cherry and pink punch), Revlon Just Bitten in Romantic and Dr Pepper Lipsmacker.

    Love the model's hair and eyes, she's very pretty.

  • Nomadic D.

    That is hilarious! I am totally phobic about leaving the house without my lip balm, I have one in each purse and pocket, and some stashed in each room in the house. What can I say, I hate dry lips! This was my current stash last year:

    but obviously it's changed since then. Right now my favorites are Fresh Sugar in Rose, and of course, aquaphor. Of course I would love to try the legendary Rodin!

  • emily

    i'm obsessed with aquaphor - like everyone else! - especially for really chapped lips. but i recently fell in love with nivea's "milk & honey" lip balm, which is a dream if your lips aren't super parched, but still need a little love. it smells amazing and feels even better!

  • Aparnaa

    Not fancy, but Blistex Moisture Melt keeps my dry disgusting lips immaculate. Love it.

  • Karo

    The best lipbalm is Dr. Lipp nipple balm :) really excellent!

  • Elenita

    I am 45 but I wouldn't trade my Coca Cola Lip Smacker with anything else in the world

  • Mika

    I love that she made her balm into a ring !
    My fave lip balm is probably from Nivea, in the dark blue cap. I've also been loving the balms from silk naturals.

  • Teresa Mae Leveille

    Fresh Sugar Lip Balm used to be my fave, until I discovered Korres Lip Butter. I always switch back and forth between Guava and Jasmine. I just ran out on my full-size Rodin about a week ago, I kept it at work on my desk! Of course Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is awesome. Homeoplasmine is on my "try" list.

  • loyallyours

    Can't wait to try this lip balm! I love all of the other Rodin products I have tried so far!!!.... I've been loyal to Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm for years and years and Definitely would recommend it.

  • Nina

    Must have one! I'm crazy for rings with either lipstick, gloss, or balm in them. I don't care which, I just want it on my finger at all times! Brilliant idea for Rodin to make one. Please market and sell them! I'll buy!

  • Roberta

    My favorites are the Vaseline especially the Cocoa Butter. I discovered them when i had to trade the Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 with something more affordable

  • Amanda Lou de Perquise

    Those are sooo cute!!! My favorite lipbalm is some weird kawaii thingy i got in Tokyo this summer, the name's "aka chan no kuchibiru" (i think), wich translate roughly as something like "baby lips". Those are perfect: non greasy, smell delicious, and my boyfriend love the taste!But that rign is so tbt, i need it. x.

    • MarieClaire

      I love Dr Lipp (nipple balm for lips), moisturising and plumping - it's THE BEST!

  • Stephanie Veloso

    My personal favorites are Dior baume de rose and the wallet-murdering new eye/lip compact from la prairie...because really what is the point of paying my mobile bill or eating if I'm going to have chapped, unsightly lips or dark circles while I do so?! :D oh and Sisley's little pink jar is damn good too. anyways I just entered ill cross my fingers and smack my lips as I lay in wait! xx

  • Brittnee KAO

    LipSmackers is my all time favorite, too! "Bitches love lip balm!" That probably just made my day.

  • Rosey

    Clarins Lip Perfector. It's the only one that doesn't dry my lips out, and manages to make them look presentable even when I've gnawed them to bits.

  • Anna

    Ah, it's always nice to hear that I'm not alone in my lip balm obsession! I like a little shine with my balm, so I love the Fresh Sugar lip treatment and S.W. Basics lip balm. Suvana Paw Paw & Honey balm is a great on lips and hands both. Acure makes a natural, super cheap, and super yummy balm too (dark chocolate mint--this one is my hubby's fave :)
    When I'm plagued by seriously cracked zombie lips, I always turn to Nuxe (which I learned about from you, Emily--a million thanks!)
    Oh, and my newest obsession is Jane Iredale's "Just Kissed" lip & cheek stain--which probably doesn't count as a balm, but it does provide a decent amount of moisture, and gives the most perfect pop of color to lips and cheeks!

  • Anna

    P.S. that Tom Ford eye palette is divine--another addition to my wish list :)

  • Libby

    I am so in love with lip balm, I get nervous without two - Lucas Paw Paw Ointment and Eve Lom's kiss mix - truly the best.

  • Marsi

    My favorite is just that plain old silly Chapstick, original flavor.

  • Fran

    Common vaseline has served me well. But who doesn't want a Rodin balm ring? The fact that they aren't for sale, totes covetable! If I win one, I'm ditching vaseline for sure.

  • Iris

    I'm a self-confessed lipbalm junkie, I own at least 60+ various lip conditioners and the Weleda Everon lip balm is my all-time favourite (followed closely by Dr. Hauschka). The divine smell, the beautiful matte texture, it lasts for ages and is quite cheap (around a fiver). Go get one (or two, or three,...)!

  • MissDoll

    I adore the body shop balms and at the moment I can't get enough of the Mango flavor

  • Best chapstick

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  • Isabel Kieszkowski

    I need this so badly! I live in Colorado.... very dry weather, my lips could use some TLC (wink wink)

  • Androbel

    tinted lip balms are my favorite. they give lips a bolder, sexier look.

    Belen :)

  • Brennan R

    Homeoplasmine is my all time favorite, but when I'm dying for hydration and a swipe of color, I always come back to the YSL Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy balm in 005 Mouthwatering Berry. It never fails me, and the packaging is chic as hell.

  • atl

    Rosebud Perfume Co. Minted Rose Lip Balm is a life savor.


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