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Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2013
Manolo Blahnik BB Pointy Toe Pump
Jimmy Choo Anouk Glitter-Finished Leather Pumps
Gianvito Rossi Metal-Tipped Glossed-Leather Pumps
Alexander Wang Lovisa Point Toe Pumps
Alejandro Inglemo Mariposa Cutout Tie Pumps

For Peter Pan, the sign of maturity was wearing a tie. For the modern woman (well, for me), it’s a pair of simple, clean, and elegantly pointed black pumps. But how to choose? The variations may be subtle, the color may be the same, the shape fairly consistent, but with an extra inch of heel, a lower-cut front (a.k.a. more toe cleavage), or the addition of ankle adornments, your shoe can go from Kate Moss [1] to Princess Kate [8]. So let’s all bite the bullet together, get a little more comfortable with being an adult, and put our best foot forward (in the best shoe):

1. Manolo Blahnik ‘BB’ Pointy Toe Pump: Start with a classic. The man who was basically Carrie Bradshaw's fourth best friend knows how to make a shoe that lands. And with the patent-leather finish, your heels will have just enough shine for the holiday-party circuit (come jeans or gowns).*

2. Jimmy Choo Anouk Glitter-Finished Leather Pumps: The glitter-splashed version of Jimmy’s classic Anouk is what we imagine Dorothy’s cooler little sister would have worn.

3. Gianvito Rossi Metal-Tipped Glossed-Leather Pumps: This, my friends, is the high-heeled answer to steel-toed boots, because even punks have to dress up sometimes.

4. Alexander Wang Lovisa Point Toe Pump: Probably the most comfortable pump on this list due to its padded ankle strap and lower heel height, Wang delivers yet again with his modern take on the classic court shoe, perfect to transition from in-office to après work drinks and dancing.

5. Alejandro Ingelmo Mariposa Cutout Tie Pump: The typical issue with the pump lies in the possible failure to keep your foot safely inside. We’re aiming to avoid a Cinderella-leaving-the-ball moment (though, if Prince Charming and a castle comes with losing our shoes, maybe we should give it a try?). Problem solved with these pumps, which comfortably enclose your ankles while looking pretty damn cool from the side.

—Elizabeth Brockway

*P.S. If patent just isn’t you, or say 4” isn’t high enough, you can now customize your Manolo BB Pump at Neiman Marcus—height, color, fabric, it's all up to you!

Photo via Louis Vuitton.

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  • Andee

    Once in awhile, I am lucky and something actually comes back before I purge it from my closet. My black Jimmy Choo pointy toe 2 1/2" pumps with almost d'orsi sides that I bought at Zoe in Princeton during their twice a year 20% off new merchandise sale are still there after at least 10 years. Perfect toe, comfortable height for a middle aged wanna be hipster.

  • Chrissabella

    Great post I'm dreaming about the Manolo Blahnik ones :)

    Greetings from London,


  • hclsaltaicd

    Must have. I'm looking for one that's not too high though - I'm pretty tall and I want it to be versatile/able to wear in everyday life.

    Anyone know if it's worth investing in a designer pair (Prada, Manolo ...)? Are they really more comfortable and last longer? Thanks!

  • Sara

    I love my patent Mary-Jane Manolos!

  • bluesky557

    I'm dying to know what shoes Eva Chen is wearing in that photo!

  • ren

    Love this post, can someone tell me is it just me or is it just in general that Louboutin Pigalle is the most painful pumps ever?


Manolo Blahnik
Manolo Blahnik 'BB' Pointy Toe Pump
Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo Anouk Glitter-Finished Leather Pumps
Gianvito Rossi
Gianvito Rossi Metal-Tipped Glossed-Leather Pumps
Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang Lovisa Point Toe Pumps
Alejandro Ingelmo
Alejandro Ingelmo Mariposa Cutout Tie Pumps