Nicole by OPI Modern Family Nail Polish in Luke of the Draw


On the eve of Thanksgiving, let’s take a moment for unlikely collaborations. In the 1620s, it was two independent cultures putting their differences aside to make one bitchin’ meal, and now in 2013 we’ll raise a glass to the strangest bedfellows we’ve ever considered—OPI’s Nicole and the ABC sitcom Modern Family coming together to create our favorite glitter nail polish of the season: Luke of the Draw. Look, Luke and Nicole, we don’t care how this coupling happened; we’re just glad it did.

The gunmetal bedazzler borrows from the Deborah Lippmann theory of setting sparkles of every size in a sheer base (here, silver glitter in black polish), which turns opaque after applying the suggested two coats to create a galaxy effect on your fingers. Stars—they’re just like us our nails. This polish gets bonus points for matching our Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick cases like camouflage. If you decide to partake in the polish, just know that strangers will stop you on the street to ask you what you’re wearing, so you should be prepared for the ‘Who’s on First?’ conversation that will most definitely ensue. (We’ve found it’s best to start with ‘You know the show Modern Family?...’).

Photos by Elizabeth Brockway. 

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  • Arijana84

    I am soooo buying the whole collection. Modern Family is currently my favourite sitcom!!!

  • Taylor

    I am most concerned with that gem of a jewel on your middle finger. I feel like Gollum admiring The Precious. WHERE is it from!?

  • Kelly

    So lovely!

  • merredee

    A very unlikely collab, a very nice polish. Gunmetal is so perfect, not too dark and always edgy.

  • Kleidermaedchen


Nicole By OPI
Nicole by OPI Modern Family Collection Nail Polish – Luke of the Draw
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