Miley’s Super Sweet AMAs Performance

After her controversial performance at the MTV VMAs earlier this year, America’s favorite 21-year-old’s vocal talents were cast in a somewhat negative light. But if last night's rendition of ‘Wrecking Ball’ proves anything, it’s that Miley’s been hard at twerk on her chords and rethinking her antics. Long story short: girl can sing. Whether it was her raspy Nashville drawl, the powerful Liam-driven heartbreak lyrics, or her unbelievably toned legs, hips, stomach, and arms… her performance was one to silence the haters. And with the ‘90s-esque, Lisa Frank-esque giant KITTEN CRYING DIAMONDS behind her, it's clear that Miley not only knows how to deliver an album that can be played on repeat (we do, and we are. Currently) but a show worthy of what we can only imagine will shortly be millions of YouTube views.  (BTW, Shhh, Miley, I think the cat's trying to say something!) So, Destiny Hope Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus, we’re off to go find our very own impractically oversize Lucite bracelets and triangle earrings. You may be able to pull off the cropped kitten-print tank and high-waisted brief a bit better than us at the moment, but now we have a new goal for the New Year. 

P.S. It looks like she wasn't a huge fan of those bleached eyebrows...

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  • Jen

    Wow, couldn't agree more! Girl can definitely sing.


  • Androbel

    love this. she can sing.

  • Lana


  • thesixthbeatle

    I grant you that her figure is good but otherwis I cannot get onboard with this attention-seeking, tongue-baring, try-hard.

  • Robin

    Almost everyone has the ability to sing. The question is whether they have the ability to sing well. Does Miley Cyrus? No.

  • Emily Knott

    She has a fab voice! I actually really like her music!

  • Eileen

    Yup, definitely very impressed her vocals!

  • G

    Why is it that when a white girl does the exact same shit so many black female artists to all of america goes insanely wild over it, like ok she's confident but uhm nothing special she's just attention seeking.

    • MoseyM

      Seconded. I remember the same thing waaaay back when Eminem got big. Gangsta rap and violent lyrics in hip hop wasn't exactly new, but when a white guy did it and his young heavily white fan base got excited about it, the attention and the outrage, like Miley, were outsized like, whoa.

      • G

        Exactly, it's so annoying when a white person does something a black person has been doing for years everyone gets soooo excited about it, like i'm so tired of ppl praising whites for stealing black originality and getting credit for it. She uses black ppl as props and accessories and is just another girl tired of being normal so she does every insane thing in the book, to look different and cool.

  • adamalpha

    It was weird, and funny. I love weird and funny.

    Astonishes me how many young people love trashing her - her style, voice, body. Makes me root for her even more.

  • Shara

    Oh ITG please don't enable her antics :(

    I know she's young but she's been crossing the line. Imagine, if it hadn't been her who "twerked" first, it it had been one of you guys (or worse, since we're talking about being young, a sister) in some club - nude latex two-piece, finger foam, tongue, the whole thing - would you have cheered it on? Or would you have pulled this person aside and be like "What were you doing? That was disgusting. Get your shit together"? For a behavior like that, "being young" isn't really a valid reason.

  • Paula

    Ahh well at least she can sing!

  • Sharon Macklin

    I don't care how "good" her body we really need to see that much of it? What is "good" about a 21 year old young woman performing in her underwear?
    If she's really that talented, she could perform in anything and be successful. For some reason, she continues to be an exhibitionist. It's gotten very old...enough already.

    • A Karina Zatarain

      And what is "wrong" with a 21 year old young woman loving her body and deciding she wants to showcase it? How is this at all linked to whether or not she's talented? Why does it bother you so much that she continues to be an exhibitionist?

      • Sarah

        Because she uses her sexuality to distract from her lack of talent. Not to elevate it. Either that or she just doesn't have enough talent to pull it off so it comes across as if she is just playing a game/not professional/doesn't really care about the music. I have heard her perform live and she really can not sing very well. She was off key almost the entire performance. Also, most of her fan base is young girls so what kind of message is she sending them? Obviously it isn't just her that is doing these things but she gets more media coverage than most and takes it to the extreme.


    THE KITTEN CRYING DIAMONDS was my favorite :)


  • Folami Small

    Miley definitely has a fantastic set of pipes... It really seems as if she's been spending some time in Tokyo, though... That crying kitten... WTF?!

  • et_moi

    Ugh, this is enough to make me stop coming to ITG. Highly disappointed.

  • Megan

    At least she took a day off from her usual CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.

  • Astrid

    she has good voice and love her song.

  • Loren Scutt


  • Erin

    As a young female who appreciates vocalists like Sinead O'Connor, who shaved her head rather than have her body and beauty valued over her talent, I think Miley Cyrus is un exciting and not worth my thought. She doesn't offer me anything by way of entertainment, and she certainly doesn't meet my criteria to be an idol or inspiration. Though that is the case, I hear many girls on a daily basis praising her, saying that her "I-don't-give-a-fuck" attitude and edgy way of dress is inspiring to them. That is something that worries me and that is worth thinking about. They think that her vulgar behavior is something to be emulated. The sad fact is that many people look up to celebrities, and girls who followed Hannah Montana have now grown, many still following Miley. She is distancing herself from Hannah Montana, her childhood, leading other young women to think they need to do the same, perhaps in the same manner. It's unfortunate that teens are so malleable, but in a world where fame is aspired to and more attainable than ever thanks to the internet, I shudder to think what this new wave will mean. I've already seen Instagram pages of a few girls at my school that feature them in underwear, faces painted, tongues out, and breasts on display. Is that the new normal? Maybe I'm reading into this all too much, but I'm scared by the talk I hear in the halls of high school.

  • lalala

    Oh nooooooooooooooo Miley